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    Shrouded In Darkness-Prologue

    Shrouded In Darkness-Prologue

    It was a strange day in Kouju academy, the sun was greeted to the sight of courageous young warriors training; honing their skills. The sound of swords clashing, bells ringing, echoed silently throughout the land. The academy was full of the bravest young warriors, striving to become the best, wanting to protect their home and bring honor back to the land of Kalameet. Mixed emotions plagued the academy and also the land, something was obviously wrong. They people of Kalameet had thought that enough was enough. They had planned a coup d’état on the tyrannous government, but they failed horribly. They knew that the consequences, incase they failed, would be severe; and of course, they were. Most of the civilians and members of the land were brutally killed off, in what was one of the most despicable wars in history. Children, women, men, no one was spared. Some members managed to survive, but that was only due to their unwillingness to participate. The Tenebricus set an example to all the lands in Elixir; no one dared to challenge them.
    The land of Kalameet was one of the 10 sacred lands of Elixir; the home of everything that exists. Elixir was home to many species; elf’s, dwarfs, humans, sorcerers and many more inhabited the lands. The land of Kalameet alone was no where near powerful enough to overthrow the Tenebricus (The ones shrouded in Darkness).

    The land of Kalameet was slowly rebuiling itself after the war destroyed most of the once, great land. The people lived in fear; it overwhelmed them. They had learned their lesson. Most of the crops and shelters in the land were destroyed; the place was almost an abandoned wreck. The Tenebricus continued to rule over Elixir, with their overwhelming power, they showed no mercy. The people in the various lands followed strict orders and were watched closely by the footmen of the government. They lived their lives, clouded in fear, veiled in darkness. Their only purpose was to live meaningless lives by working continuously, earning little pay, barely maintaining a standard of living. All this just so that the people in the capital land of Elsyr could become even richer. Elsyr was the land of the rich; were the Leader of the Tenebricus ruled. It was a heavily guarded kingdom. The people of the land were filthy rich, the structures towered above everything and anything else. The kingdom sat upon a high mountain top, the view was amazing. While all the other lands were located on the ground, Elsyr stood above all, showcasing it’s dominance to every peasant in the other lands.

    The Tenebricus was a group that contained the most malevolent and most dominant warriors from all over the lands, these members were unimaginably strong. They had all unlocked their true forms. These true forms make these members what they are. Everyone has a true form, whether it be a homeless peasant, or a rich person. The chances, however, of unlocking this “true form” are almost non-existent. You would have to be the best of the best to unlock this hidden power that resided within you. You would have had to have gone through tragedies in life that other people wouldn’t have been able to handle, the requirements that allow you to access this hidden power were known to no one; everyone unlocked it in a distinct and special way that was unique to them. Anyone that had managed to unlock this hidden power would automatically be entered into the Tenebricus. Once unlocking your true form, you gain access to immortality, you can only be killed in combat and you never age. This leads people to believe that the Tenebricus have existed since the beginning of time, no-one has managed to defeat them. The power that the form granted was said to be a thing of legend. The amount of members in the Tenebricus are unknown, the members themselves lived a life of hiding. No-one knew what they looked like, where the lived. They just knew that they had to follow their orders.

    The leader ruled in covert, only his fellow members had access to his location. They occasionally held meetings in private to discuss their plans, the location of these meetings is untraceable; legend has it that it is located in the darkest of places, somewhere that no one would dare to step foot in. Each member of the Tenebricus ruled a certain land; some lands were ruled by two members, while some ruled by just one. By doing this, the Tenebricus established their dominance over Elixir, they controlled everything: the economy, the people, the rules, the resources. Everything was under their command.

    Eventually people got used to this dominance, they wanted a revolution, but they knew they were powerless. They didn’t have the guts, or the power to even challenge one member, never mind overthrow all of them. Even if the mightiest warriors from all over the lands planned a revolution, the chances of success would be slim. A change would have to come eventually, but who would be the one to bring it?

    Authors Note

    So this is just a fan-fic that I decided I wanted to write. I had wanted to write one for a very long time; I just needed to make an interesting plot. It's my first ever one, so there probably be some glaring mistakes. If anyone is wondering where I got the weird name Tenebricus from; it's Latin for "Shrouded in Darkness"

    This was the prologue, I'm just giving the necessary back story and information that is relevant to the main plot. The story is fantasy like, but I'm trying to incorporate some real life elements in to it. I have to borrowed some ideas from various manga/video games to help me construct the plot. I don't know when the next chapter is going to be released because I still need to think of the characters and how the story is going to pan out. It may be months before I release the actual beginning of the story.

    So there you go, hope you enjoyed it so far.

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