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    Pt.1 Gaara was a Beast

    I just watched the Naruto/Sasuke vs. Gaara fight again.

    Gaara beat Sasuke, and then Tied with Naruto.
    Two of the main Characters were manhandled by Gaara...
    Gaara solo'd Sasuke. Sauske had to hide behind a Tree 80% of the fight like a Punk.
    Naruto got smacked around for 50% of the ground fight, and then he finally started fighting back.
    Then they used their summons which ended up as a tie, but Narruto broke Gaara's Bijuu.
    Then they finished off on the treetops with a tie.
    I liked that fight.

    *It seemed like Gaara was the strongest Pt.1 Genin. What do you think?
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