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    Madara vs Hashirama Battle at Valley of End (part 1 and part 2),

    If you want to see previous battle, click on this link -

    624-626 - Madara Uchiha vs Hashirama Senjuu

    Legendary serious battle to death is about to begin !

    Wind is moving violently around ,where Madara and Hashirama stand in front of each other in respective postures.. Camera moves slowly from feet to head showing Madara and Hashirama with their eyes being still closed. As Camera shows Madara and Hashirama head's with zoom in on their faces, Madara and Hashirama slowly open their eyes. Madara shows eternal Mangenkyou sharingan while Hashirama shows normal eyes filled with courage and serious intent. Madara and Hashirama stare at each other for moment, then we zoom out on them showing Madara and Hashirama full posture. Madara body is unchanged in opossite to Hashirama, who's body is glowing slightly with aura being around his body.
    All Roots connected to Hashirama(head, back,arms, hands, legs, feet) detach from his body slowly dissolve in ground.

    ================================================== ====================================

    With our heroes, hashirama looks concerned, Tobirama show interest emotion on his face, Hiruzen is impressed, Minato is curious about battle, Orochimaru is astonished, Sasuke looks with slightly interest, Suigetsu looks very scared, with Juugo look on simply.

    Hashirama(deep calm voice): Battle of my life, is about to begin for serious...

    Tobirama(serious): hmpf..., let's see it

    Hiruzen(with smile and widden eyes): that was amazing part of fight, so now it is gonna be more awesome...

    Minato(happy expression): I always wanted to see it with my own eyes, this battle.

    Orochimaru(widden eyes, lick his lips): I agree with you Minato on this one, that is simple amazing

    Sasuke(pretend to be uninteressted): hmpf..., I want to see what my predecessor, so called most powerfull Uchiha could do...

    Suigetsu(with mouth dropped to ground almost, and white eyes): No way, so what they did until now !

    Juugo(normal expression): they are monsters..., Sasuke...

    Hashirama(grins, then become serious): Watch it exactly, many shinobi would give their life away to see this battle.

    ================================================== =================================

    Madara and Hashirama stare at each other for about half of minute keeping calm face expression and epic postures, air become heavier and heavier with each second passed, tension is felt in air. Cracks create from Madara and Hashirama are at fast rate expanding in all directions, heat emitting from their chakra is so strong, that it melt some rocks, crush some rocks nearly them. After half of minute on Madara and Hashirama faces appear little smile, as cracking ground become even stronger and on wider scale cause small earthquake to occur.

    Madara(smirks): It is amazing..., (look around) to watches what our chakra alone cause to this area

    Hashirama(little smile): indeed, Madara I ask you last time..., did you really want to fight me ?

    Madara(become serious and mad ): I will kill you here Hashirama..., prepare yourself...

    Hashirama(sad but serious): Madara...

    Madara(mad): Enough talking, fight me !

    Madara's feet take off from ground as he dashes forward, cause dust comming from his feet. Madara swings his war fan with right hand at Hashirama and swings his scythe with his left hand from above at Hashirama, but Hashirama blocks war fan with hammer in his left hand, and scythe with big sword in his right hand. Madara watches his attacks blocked cause him to become even more mad as he swings ferociously his war fan with his left hand and his scythe with his right hand at Hashirama, Hashirama counter Madara's scythe with his sword and Madara's war fan with his hammer. They exchange blows with their weapons without any result. Finally Madara and Hashirama stop and fight to overcome eachother in strength battle as Madara swings his both weapons at Hashirama, which are blocked again with Hashirama's weapons. Madara and Hashirama try to overpower each other while putting all strength in this struggle . Sparks are appearing on scythe in clash with Hashirama's Big sword , with sparks appearing on Madara's war fan in clash with Hashirama's hammer. Some sparks fall down on ground as Madara and Hashirama are shown panting. Suddenly Madara and Hashirama are pushed away from each other by strength of impact Madara's and Hashirama's weapons clash with their weapons thrown away in opposite directions. Madara land on his feet with madara's war fan and madara's scythe impale in ground behind Madara while Hashirama land on his fee in opposite direction with hashirama's big sword and hashirama's hammer crush in ground behind hashirama. Madara and Hashirama stare at each other with serious face's expressions.

    Madara: You are very strong, no doubt... *Damn, I put all my strength in this struggle, still if he put more strength it would be bad *

    Hashirama: You are strong as well... *He used all strength, I still hold back some strength*

    Madara: Defend yourself now !

    Hashirama: !

    Madara take off from ground, as he charge at Hashirama with sunshin. Madara try to strike Hashirama with kunai, but Hashirama blocks with his own kunai. Madara and Hashirama exchange blows with kunai, as sparks appear on both kunai, from their clashes. Madara try kick Hashirama in stomach with his left foot with swirl but Hashirama block Madara's kick with his right hand. Madara and Hashirama engage in taijutsu battle, as they exchange kicks and punches. Madara and Hashirama swirl around as they clash with kunai again. Suddenly Hashirama sense Madara focus his chakra in his left eye. Hashirama lower his head, avoid eye contact with Madara. Madara smirks as he narrows his left eye with eternal mangenkyou sharingan at his kunai clash with Hashirama's kunai, cause Madara's Eternal Mangenkyou sharingan to reflect at shuriken, shuriken blaze for moment as Hashirama eye's almost meet with Madara eye's reflection from shuriken.

    Madara: You fall for it !

    Hashirama: No way ! *He is gonna use this powerfull genjutsu !*

    Madara: Tsyuko ?!

    Hashirama: I don't let you !

    Hashirama's eyes meet reflection of Madara's eyes on kunai, as Madara is about to use Tsyukomii, Hashirama weave one handsign with his left hand free, cause root to extend from Hashirama's body at Madara, send Madara flying in ground. As Madara is send flying, he weaves through few handseals then he take deep breath as he blows huge stream of fire at Hashirama, Hashirama spot incomming stream of fire, as he weaves through few handseals, cause water begin to move and splash in river, creating few streams of water blocking stream of fire from left and right sides, cause water and fire streams to cancel each other as cloud of dust create from impact. Madara land on feet as try to keep his standing posture, but hashirama weaves through few handseals already as he slams his both hand in ground, cause ground to move at Madara in shape of spikes. Madara unleashes huge fire ball at incomming earth spikes in last second. While Madara destroy incomming earth spikes with his huge fire ball, Hashirama already weaves through many few handseals, cause many roots sprout from ground and heading with great speed at Madara , still destroying earth spikes with his flame release technique. Madara notices huge amount of incomming roots at him from all sides, then he jump up high in sky try to avoid them, but roots follows Madara movement. Madara narrows his eyes at Hashirama trying to use Tsyukomii on him, but Hashirama weaves through two handseals, clap his both hand together shouting

    Hashirama: Genjutsu: Bringer of Darkness !!
    Madara: ?!

    Suddenly Madara find himself surround by darkness from all sides, as he can’t use Tsyukomii, Madara looks with schock and anger, while Hashirama try to overhelm him with all incoming roots, force Madara to dodge, make jumps from one root to another and jump up again high in sky.

    Madara: What the ?! * shit he uses this powerfull genjutsu, only this can counter Tsyukomii, bastard !*
    Hashirama: don’t underestimate me, Madara *looks like I rendered his left eye useless for quite time*

    Madara(schocked): Damn ! *I have to use this !*

    Hashirama(focused): I don't let you get away ! *?!, he focus his chakra in his right eye now, he is gonna use it !*

    Madara(with blood comming from his eyes, pouring down on his face then fall down on ground): I don't let you win !

    Hashirama(widden eyes): *it is comming !*

    Madara: Amaterasu !

    Hashirama weaves through few handseals, cause incomming root to connect with each other forming Wall of woods, covering completly Hashirama body behind, protecting him from Madara's field of vision as Madara focus his right eye at Hashirama , create black flames two second after wall of woods forms. Black flames appear on wall of woods in instant, expanding in all directions, slowly burns this wall made of woods.

    Madara(huffs): ?! damn, you Hashirama !

    Hashirama(serious and concerned): these black flames..., they are really dangerous !

    Madara(mad and serious): do you really think, that wall made of woods gonna stop me !

    Hashirama: ?!

    Madara(focus his right eye at one place in wall of woods): Amaterasu !

    Suddenly even more mass of black flames appear at wall of woods, temperature raise up in very short time, cause black fire to burn through Hashirama's wall of woods, create small hole. Madara focus even more chakra in his right eye, as he unleashes huge amount of black flames again, include through hole in wall of woods where Madara spot Hashirama. As Black flames appear and cover wall of woods, part of it get through hole straight at Hashirama, appearing on Hashirama body in instant. Hashirama begin to scream for moment in agony, as he stare with anger at Madara.

    Hashirama: argh!!!

    Madara(half of face from eye to chin almost covered by blood) : Gotcha ya !

    Hashirama: cursed black flames, Damn you Madara. *These black flames, are even more powerfull and potent than before...*

    Hashirama: but you don't get with me with this

    Hashirama focus his chakra as he tries to extend in shape of roots comming out with parts of his body covered by black flames, but Hashirama can't even move these flames as they stop Hashirama wood release. Hashirama look impressed and schocked as he scream in pain but all injures, damages done to his body by amaterasu are healed fast by his great regeneration. Hashirama turn his head to Madara, who has maddnes in his face expression as he laughs maniacally with his ems glowing very reddish, Hashirama with serious and concerned face expression spots him through hole made by Amaterasu, as wall of woods disintegrate into nothing.

    Hashirama(dissapointed , then serious): *he is filled by great amount of hate....* do you really think you won, Madara ?

    Madara(evil smirks): There is nothing you can do, hashirama. You overstimate your own abilities, that will be your end!

    Hashirama(weaves through handseals): Let's see then, Senjuu Hidden jutsu: Genesis of life !

    Madara: ?! *what he is up to ?*

    Hashirama weaves through handseals with stopping at one, while he smiles keep being calm. Hashirama's body begin to glow, as black flames being on Hashirama begin slowly to change their color to normal fire color. Madara looks with schocked expression and disbelief at change in black flames. Hashirama begin slowly to extend parts of his body With Amaterasu on.

    Madara(widden eyes): Impossible ! *how can he ?!*

    Hashirama(confident with smile): Nothing is impossible, if you have strong will, Madara !

    Madara(disbelief and mad): your speech is garbage, I don't care... *anyway, I have to know how ?!*

    Madara narrows his EMS at Hashirama, as he seems schocked with wide open mouth, as he watches Hashirama body filled with so much positive energy in white color clash with very negative energy in black color comming from Amaterasu..., both energies nullifies each other, as they fade away. Suddenly Madara notice that Hashirama body is no more covered by black flames but by normal flames, which Hashirama extend from his body as he push them in water then come back to body.

    Madara: Damn you !! , what did happen to black flames, Hashirama !

    Hashirama: you read your Uchiha Tablet, didn't you ?

    Madara: yeah, and what about it ?!

    Hashirama: I read Senjuu Tablet as you read Uchiha, black flames are simply fire which is filled with Uchiha hate visualized by dark energy, more dark energy is put in black flames, they are stronger. Senjuu love is visualized by positive energy, more positive energy Senjuu generate more power of creation in opposite to your power of destruction.

    Madara: Damn..., *I was right, back then about Amaterasu genesis*

    Hashirama: Senjuu ancestor leave us Sacred Senjuu Temple hidden behind Mountains where Hokage's faces will be created, but don't bother yourself, you can't enter it, only Senjuu or Uzumaki clan, Destorying is impossible as well.

    Madara: same with Uchiha Temple can enter only Hyuuga and Uchiha clan, but I don't care about Hyuuga anyway

    Madara: Nevertheles, you will die, Hashirama !

    Hashirama: don't be so cocky, Madara !

    Hashirama weaves through handseals as he spit great amount of water from his mouth at Madara, Madara spot this so he uses Amaterasu to burn this great mass of water. As Madara narrows his eyes at mass of water, black flames appear in instant, but slowly they fade away to Madara schock and disbelief. Light white Water and dark black fire cancel each other. Madara is awake from schock as he notice hashirama comming behind him to attack him. Madara focus his chakra in both eyes, as he create ribcage of Sussano around himself, stopping Hashirama

    Hashirama: You lower your guard !

    Madara: no way !

    Madara(protected by Sussano ribcage): you were wrong ?!

    Hashirama's clone attack him with grand piercing roots, cause ribacage to cracks. Madara notice this as he expand it to full skeleton form. Hashirama increases amount of chakra as he create cracks in Full skeleton from of Sussano too, Madara expand it to second stage of Sussano(armored form), with piercing Hashirama in few second with Sussano sword with smirks on madara face, as Hashirama dissappear in poof, shocking Madara completly. Madara turns around as spot another Hashirama comming at him at just sprout root from ground.

    Madara: khh...*strong as always Hashirama*

    Madara: ghh... *I have to expand my Sussano to another level !*

    Madara(pierce Hashirama with Sussano sword): Die, Hashirama !

    Madara(schocked): damn it can't be !

    Hashirama(voice comming behind Madara back): you get stronger Madara, so and I.

    Madara(turn around as spot Hashirama): I see, that why you didn't use it in our fights before.

    Hashirama: That right, my wood clone no jutsu, it take me some time to develop this...

    Madara in his Second Stage of Sussano face off Hashirama standing on one branch, as he weaves through handseals, then huge roots sprout from ground form huge tree around Madara's Sussano, which is enevloped by tree, cause Tree to crashes Madara in Sussano stage 2 under great pressure

    Hashirama: Grand birth tree of life !

    Madara: ?!

    Madara try to stop it and maintaim Sussano, but power of crashing tree is too strong forcing Madara to evolve his Sussano to complete Sussano(third's form) to free himself from greeat tree, as he cut all branches with his all four respective swords in Complete Sussano form.

    Madara(worn out with closing eyes): Damn *i used much more than half of my amount of chakra, I have to conserve it now*

    Hashirama(little panting): You became very powerfull Madara, but it seems amount of stamina is still your weakness again me *smiles*

    Madara: You are right..., however

    Hashirama: Give up, Madara ,it is end, don't prolong it, it will be no use !

    Madara: I still has more than enough ace in my slave !

    Hashirama: ?! *what he is gonna to do !*

    Madara weaves through handseals, as he dissolve Sussano cause him to fall down on ground, as he slams his hand with seal appearing on ground, then great and wide puff of smoke create, cause Hashirama to widden his eyes with schock and fear as he spot huge nine tails fox waving it tails, while staring danderously at Hashirama.


    627- Furious battle of Konoha village future - comming soon
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    Re: Madara vs Hashirama Battle at Valley of End (part 1 and part 2),

    i stopped reading when you were talking about hiruzen and the fourth being able to see the fight :L

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    Re: Madara vs Hashirama Battle at Valley of End (part 1 and part 2),


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    Re: Madara vs Hashirama Battle at Valley of End (part 1 and part 2),


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    Re: Madara vs Hashirama Battle at Valley of End (part 1 and part 2),

    what's up with Madaras eyes bleeding, is this before he got his EMS? cuz i'm pretty sure he got EMS before he fought Hashirama

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