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    Uzumaki Nagato

    Nagato Uzumaki

    Nagato (長門, Nagato) is a descendant of the Uzumaki clan. Nagato lived with his parents during the Second Great Ninja War where two Konoha shinobi mistakenly attacked and killed Nagato's parents believing them to be enemy ninja. This led to Nagato in his grief, to unwillingly use the Rinnegan's abilities for the first time and killed the assailants. He then became an orphan of war, and traveled around searching and begging for food. He collapsed in search of food and was found by a puppy dog called chibi. Eventually he would come to meet a pair of orphans Konan and Yahiko who would unite together to help search for food. Sometime later chibi was killed in the cross-fire of a battle between the Ninja of Hanzō of the Salamander and the soon to be Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade. The Rain orphans would then seek out the three for the single purpose of teaching them Ninjutsu. Rather than return to Konoha with his team-mates, Jiraiya decided to teach the three how to look after themselves. Sometime later during their training Yahiko would be attacked by a Iwagakure ninja and Yahiko would then be saved by Nagato who killed the assailant with his Rinnegan. When jiraiya arrived to the scene with Konan much to his surprise he saw Nagato and his rinnegan. This would later in a conversation between Jiraiya and Nagato prompt him to say that Nagato would be the key to bringing peace to the ninja world. After three years of training Jiraiya deemed the Amegakure orphans to be competent enough to survive on their own and thus he bid them farewell and left them. Years had passed since the sannin's departure and the Amegakure Orphans would come to be a strong force within Amegakure and thus creating the founding of the Akatsuki who had grown to many members with Yahiko as their leader. Their Power prompted the Amekage Hanzō to become wary of their actions and sought a meeting with the group. Yahiko and Nagato met up with Hanzō who was with a large group of Amegakure shinobi and a group of Hidden Leaf shinobi lead by The Anbu Root Leader Danzo. Hanzō would then reveal that he held hostage Konan and made Yahiko and Nagato have to fight each other or Konan would die, this would prompt Yahiko to sacrifice himself by grabbing Nagato's arm who wielded a Kunai given by Hanzō and thus stabbing him which lead to Yahiko's death. His death would then enrage Nagato and Hanzō orderd his suborbinates to kill him. The resulting battle would cause Nagato to sync with the Gedo Mazu statue, saving Konan. Later in the series its revealed that Nagato's Rinnegan was in fact, originally, Madara's own Doujutsu.

    • Has all the basic abilities and Paths of the Rinnegan, including Outer Path and 500 Chakra points.
    • Has access to Rain Ninjutsu
    • Has a permanently active Rinnegan, unable to deactivate it
    • Able to activate up to 2 paths at any time.
    • Nagato, due to being an Uzumaki, is capable of creating S and Forbidden ranked Fuuinjutsus should the user have Fuuin permission but these cannot be taught.
    • Nagato is also able to create custom Paths should he obtain DNA and have Moderator permission. These Paths cannot have any KG or abilities outside of the Path abilities for them.


    • To have an Nagato Uzumaki Bio, a member must be at least S-Class Rank and a member for at least 4 months.
    • Must gain permission from Two Roleplay Moderators to undertake a battle test to showcase mastery over basic 5 elements and the Rinnegan
    • After the user has gained a Nagato bio for more than 2 months, he gains the ability to activate paths without spending a move passively, but can only activate a max of 2 per turn

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