Hai ~!

My UN is xCrystalChidorix, but you can just call me Crystal.
I've been signed up for this site for almost a month, but I wanted to catch up on the manga before getting involved in the forums.
So I started all the way on chapter 245 and read to 620 in about 3 and 1/2 weeks. I'm glad, but disappointed at the same time. Now I'm in the "hmm...since that's done, what do I do with my free time now?" stage.

Reading the manga has really given me a lot more respect for both Naruto and K. Masashi. :worshippy:
It's definitely my favorite anime now.

I especially love how he takes alot of inspiration from DBZ, because that's the first anime I ever saw.
Like in chapter 568...

When the Four-Tails said his name was Son Goku (especially since he's an APE), I completely lost it for a solid 5 minutes. Kudos, Masashi. Kudos....

If you asked me to pick my favorite character from Naruto, I couldn't. There's just too many amazing people.
I can tell you my favorite Bijuu though.......the one inside Naruto.
Right now my favorite Hokage is a tie between the 1st and the 4th. I'm really interested in finding out more about the 1st.

Well, anyway, I'm babbling too much.
I'm looking forward to future chapters, as well as being apart of the NB community!
So hi everyone, and see you around the forums ~