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    Re: Naruto Manga 621 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

    also on manga panda....a really cool flashback fight. Madara covers the nine tails with his %$#@#$%!!!!!!!! Its awesome :D

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    Re: Naruto Manga 621 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

    Quote Originally Posted by ltachi Uchia View Post
    Google translate baby. Madara vs Hashirama recollection
    Madara: "The only thing I have a name ... truly the pillars of ... ...... panting some teeth"
    End reminiscence

    "... Gulp!" Between the pillars
    Between the pillars that hold the head
    "An older brother! Are you okay!" Between door

    Boy with long hair that is not reflected in the mouth and on the pillars between the pillars reminiscence comes out again

    Boy-like "tooth-like legs ... ... ..."
    "In the name of ... you have lunch ..." Hashirama
    End reminiscence

    "That was so ... I see ..." Hashirama
    See who Sasuke
    "... The good each time I want to play before an appointment with Toki ... When I want 10 minutes whether Te ... minutes! Sasuke! 15 ask ..." Hashirama
    I immediately go "Sasuke ... I know ...
    Obliged "the pillars! Out Sasuke!
    Hashirama we'll kill you like crazy
    Orochimaru "in it? ... No good ...
    He definitely come back here you can see the eyes of his Sasuke: "...

    Mara that is the question mark function Susa full body battlefield
    Daily "Damn!"
    Sebum injured shoulder protect Naruto with sword
    "I use the soft decent fist like do what was apparently with this shoulder ..." Madara
    See who Obito Madara
    Madara: "This is a handicap seems there's much you have ... Ya Kyuubi chakra of the opponent and then you ... I is devoted to the control of the tail after Shiro Ten peeled ..."
    "You also dozens of naturally occurring tail transmigration ..." Madara
    Obito "..."
    Obito that Madara glared

    "Old man of Daily!" Naruto

    Madara "...! I said I Daily ...? Either Daily differents ..."
    Naruto & Kakashi & Guy & Hinata "?"
    Daily is looking down on the one hand
    "Do not know the other person ... I'm a good city ... or anyone anymore ... but ... I see ..." Madara
    Madara refers to the Daily
    That 'kill you ...! Reason ... Like it worth? "
    Madara "died ...!"
    Susa sword of question mark function is dropped that toward the Daily
    it's beutifull

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