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    Shinsuusenju = Gedo Mazo?

    I keep updating this thread from time to time as more arguments against my theory keeps comming in.
    i´m doing my best to find out ways that this theory might actually work. Thanks for your time!

    Could the Shinsuusenju have been captured by madara, and then modded into gedo mazo so it could hold the tailed beasts?

    *Is that why it have its hands and feets in chains under madaras/Obitos control?
    *It is roughly the same size. (This statement is wrong, so please read "Uppdate 3")
    *They both seem to be made out of wood.
    *The broken of "Sticks" on the Gedo Mazo could be broken of arms?

    Pic of the Shinsuusenju.

    Pic of Gedo Mazo.

    Update:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Thanks for all the attention and reps everyone! I´m also happy for having people talking against my theory because i can´t say i am 100% sure about this theory but i´m trying to figure it out the best i can

    Ok, people are claiming that the Juubi was summoned from the prison in the moon.
    But why doesn´t the Gedo mazo look anything like the Juubi from the start? Why did it have to transform twice?

    First to a fat monster that doesnt even seem to even have legs.

    And second A skinny looking guy with only one arm and his face all twisted.

    Shouldnt he have looked like the juubi from the start if he was summoned from the moon, in my opinion he resembles the Shinsuusenju way more.
    So, i´m still standing with my thoughts that Madara somehow captured the Shinsuusenju and "Modded" him to work as a tailed-beast container (Adding more eyes) etc.
    Or maybe even created one of his own after he got his hands on the senju DNA (Uchiha can copy jutsus).

    Also, you can´t look past that Uchiha lie all the time in this Manga, so when Madara told tobi that he unlocked the moon-prison he maybe was lying? I can accept that he unlocked the formula to create a Tailed-Beast holder thanks to the rinnegan but i do believe Shinsuusenju is the body of Gedo Mazo.

    UPPDATE 2 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::.

    Okay, people are now writing that it could not be possible because, how could a jutsu by itself produce chackra after decades of its summoner died?

    Well, i have come up with two different explanations to that question.

    First of all: it is NOT an inanimate like a stone golem, The Gedo Mazo/Shinsuusenju is made from wood so it is a living organism, it is also a jutsu that was summoned thanks to the firsts sage mode, so it is a possibility that the gedo mazo is able to gather its own natural energy and store it for Madaras use. (Often when we see it out of battle it seems to be sitting in a meditate-position).

    The second explanation: is the gedo mazo cannot gather its own energy, but it´s rather the Living brain-dead clone of the first hokage that is attatched to that huge flower that the Gedo Mazo is sitting on that is gathering natural energy and feeding it to the Gedo Mazo.

    UPPDATE 3::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::

    Yes, The Shinsuusenju is way bigger then the Gedo Mazo, But i will try to extend what i have written earlier.

    1*Madara could have captured it. And if he captured it it might have been in a weakend state , The Shinsuusenju Might become smaller and less powerfull the less arms it have or the more damage it takes. Or maybe it needs a steady input of Sage chakra to keep its size, And the real First hokage must be way better then the Brain-dead clone.


    2*Madara could have copied the jutsu "Shinsuusenju" with his sharingan and used the jutsu himself after he inserted himself with the First:s DNA. But as Madara dont have any Sage-Mode, The jutsu might have become a much weaker form (No arms, Smaller, Etc).
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