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    Naruto's Chocie Chapter 5 Gedo Arc Part 5

    Part 5
    Naruto Tsunade And Itachi Are out Side Sakura's Hospital Room
    Tsunade - Naruto Want Do You Want
    Naruto - The Parasite Can't Be Removed From Sakura With Killing Her
    Tsunade & Itachi - What
    Naruto - But This Parasite I Like A Tailless Bijuu It Has A Version 1 & 2 State But Using It's Power Parasite To Much Could Let the Parasite Control Her Again
    Itachi - Then Do You Want Us To Do About It
    Tsunade - Why Can't She Use It Didn't Supress It Can't You Do It Again
    Naruto - Yes Could But I Had To Beat Her Up To Do That
    Tsunade - You Put Her In That State Not Th Parasite
    Naruto - No Me And The Parasite Did That To Her
    Naruto - But Now She Has Fast Healing Like Me And The Other Jinchūriki's But Or Bijuu Heal Us With There Own Chakra But The Parasite Will Heal Her But It Steals Her Own Chakra Then Will Heal Her
    Itachi - Ya Speaking Of Steal Chakra While She Was Using The Parasite Power She Was Able To Steal Almost All Of Chakra And Able To Use All Jutsu's Including My Sharingan Jutsu's As Well
    Tsunade - What ???
    Naruto - Yes But The Parasite Can't Absorb Bijuu Chakra It Was Kill It
    Tsunade - Then Give Sakura Some Of Your Bijuu Chakra
    Itachi - Do It So Sakura Can Be Free
    Naruto - I Can't
    Tsunade - Why The Hell Not
    Naruto - Because By Doing So It Would The Parasite And Killing The Would Killer Sakura
    Itachi - What Do You Mean
    Naruto - All There Vital Organs To Put In Easy Terms The Parasite Dies Sakura Dies
    Tsunade - So That Thing Will Be In Her For Ever
    Naruto - Yes Afraid So
    Shizune Come Out Of Sakura's Hospital Room
    Itachi - How Is She
    Shizune - She Need Rest But She Will Fine
    Naruto Itachi And Tsunade - That's Good
    Tsunade - Naruto I Want You To Train Sakura To Control The Parasite's Power
    Itachi - Wait Are You Nuts
    Shizune - Wait What
    Naruto - I'll Try
    Naruto's Mind
    (Kurama) - ( That May Not Be A Good Idea Naruto)
    (Naruto) - ( Yes I Know That But I Need To Try)
    (Kurama) - ( Very Well I'll Help You Naruto Train That Girl Called Sakura)
    Real World
    Itachi - Earth To Naruto
    Naruto - Huh
    Tsunade - Will You Train Sakura
    Naruto - Oh Yes Me And The Nine Tails Will Do Are Best
    Tsunade - Good To Hear
    That Night All The Jinchūriki's Are At A Dumpling Shop Eating
    Gaara - Is She Crazy
    Naruto - Ya I Know But If I Don't Grany Tsunade Will Have My Head
    Killer B - If She Loses Control I'll kill Her Fool's Ya Fools
    Yugito - Oh B Shut Up
    Han - Brup
    Roshi - Who Farted
    Yagura - Hey Roshi Come Here And Pull My Finger
    Roshi - No
    Fu - You Stink
    Utakata - I Think I'm Going To Be Sick
    Scene Changes Next Morning
    Sasuke - Can I Take These Bandages Off
    Obito - Yes
    Sasuke Take Off His Bandage Off
    Sasuke His To Show Off His Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan
    Sasuke - How I Must Go
    Obito - To Where
    Sasuke - To Konaha To Save My Brother And To Kill Everyone Else
    Obito - No Your Not Ready Yet
    Zetsu - Let Us Train You To Use That New Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan
    Sasuke - Fine
    Zetsu Summons 100 Zetsu Clone
    Zetsu - Ok Sasuke Lets See How Strong You Have Gotten
    Obito - This Should Be Interesting
    Sasuke - Bring It
    Scene Changes To Konaha Train Field
    Sakura - Naruto I'm Scared To Use The Parasites Power
    Naruto - It's Ok I'm Hear To Help
    Itachi - Yes I'm Hear To
    Sakura - Itachi Kun
    Gaara - Your Not Alone
    Killer B Gaara Yugito Han Yagura Roshi Fu And Utakata - Bijuu Skill - 8 Layer Bijuu Barrier
    Naruto - Let Get Started
    Sakura - Yes
    Scene Change Back To Sasuke
    Sasuke (Panting)
    Zetsu - All But 1 Clone Remains
    Obito - You Have Gotten Stronger
    Zetsu - But Must Get Stronger
    Sasuke - I Will Get Stronger
    The End

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    Re: Naruto's Chocie Chapter 5 Gedo Arc Part 5

    Hm... Interesting

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    Re: Naruto's Chocie Chapter 5 Gedo Arc Part 5

    abt time i almost take my gun out bro.

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    Re: Naruto's Chocie Chapter 5 Gedo Arc Part 5

    Parasites always bring trouble

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    Re: Naruto's Chocie Chapter 5 Gedo Arc Part 5

    impressive work. mark a true genious

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