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    Sakon and Ukon

    "You're gonna die kid, wipe that grin off your face"

    Basic Information

    Name: Sakon & Ukon

    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Clan: Soma no ku
    Bloodtype: AB
    Birthdate: June 20th

    Looks:Both Sakon and Ukon had dark bluish-grey hair with long bangs that covered each different eye their bangs were on opposite sides (Ukon's being on the left, Sakon's on the right). Each of the twins wore turquoise lipstick,and brown eye-liner,which made their appearance more feminine. They wore brown tunics with long black wristbands(which are mistaken for being part of their sleeves), black skin-tight shorts, and purple ropes tied around their waists.

    Sakon wore a dark-red, beaded necklace around his neck and a giant scroll behind his back. Both of the twins have a cursed seal planted on their foreheads which are covered by their bangs. At most appearances, Ukon is usually shown with a smirk on his face, and his head slightly tilted down. To further help distinguish between the two, Sakon wore beads around his neck and Ukon had a somewhat deeper voice.

    Personality: Sakon enjoyed bad-mouthing the opposition, and, like the rest of the Sound Five, he constantly referred his enemies as "trash". Orochimaru noted Sakon to be the fastest and strongest member of the Sound Four, traits Sakon was very proud of. When in battle Sakon liked to prolong the fight by toying with the opponent and use unnecessarily powerful techniques. This tendency of Sakon's caused him to slow down the rest of the group whenever he got interested in an opponent. Ukon was able to counteract this flaw by being more impatient and hasty than his brother, forcing Sakon to quickly end his battles. He and Ukon also both had their own perception of morality, like several other Sound Four members.

    Village Info

    Village Of Birth: | ???
    Village Of Alliance:

    Rank/Chakra Info

    Ninja Rank: Sannin
    Specialty: Katon | Soma no Ku (needs training) | Curse mark

    Lightning Release | B-rank
    Fire Release | Mastered
    Wind Release | C-rank
    Water Release | D-rank
    Earth Release | C-rank

    Your Ninjutsu:

    Genjutsu | D-rank

    Rank :A
    Chakra Cost:30
    Damage Points:N/A(-5 per turn to target if they us it and target can be self)
    Description:This jutsu creates a seal that gives its target more chakra and more strenght.(Curse Mark of Heaven: +10 Nin - +5Tai. Curse Mark of Earth: +5 Nin - +10 Taijutsu)
    Note: Level 2 is double the gain and the damage to the one with the seal)

    Background Info

    Sakon and Ukon made their first appearance with the rest of the Sound Four, erecting a barrier to keep others from interfering in Orochimaru's fight with the Third Hokage. They later escorted Orochimaru when he fled.

    The Sound Four escorts Sasuke Uchiha when he decides to join sides with Orochimaru. While resting along the way the Sasuke Retrieval Team caught up to them and the Sound Four are caught by Shikamaru's Shadow Imitation Technique,leaving them unable to move. Ukon however attacked Shikamaru and broke his hold. Jirōbō and Kidōmaru at different points stayed behind in an attempt to delay the Konoha ninja, but each time members of the Retrieval Team are able to catch up.

    On one such occasion, Sakon and Ukon were separated from Tayuya by Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru when a paper bomb went off and knocked them all off a cliff. They then begin to fight Kiba and Akamaru and reached their second state after pounding them. Kiba and Akamaru then use a new jutsu they have learned to attack them. They hit them and appear to rip them apart until it is revealed that they had just split up.

    When Kiba and Akamaru attack again, Sakon and Ukon used their strongest defense Summoning: Rashōmon, to block them, but they dent it, impressing them. Sakon and Ukon then attacked, Akamaru however, takes the hit for Kiba and pees in Sakon's eyes, only this time made it an acid. Ukon meanwhile used his ability to share a body to invade Kiba's body, while Sakon went and washed his eyes in the nearby river. After explaining what he was going to do, Kiba drew a kunai and stabbed himself in the stomach, guessing Ukon would feel it too. Ukon yells in pain, and before Kiba can kill them both, exits his body and tells him that he hadn't inflicted a fatal blow. Kiba then threw the Kunai at him and exploded some smoke bombs to allow him and Akamaru to escape, leaving a decoy to fool Ukon. When the smoke cleared, Ukon looked for him, but saw the decoy and approached it saying Kiba was pretty cold blooded. When he got too close, it exploded and sent several kunai at him impaling him several times. He then became angry that he fell for that trap and returned to Sakon to rejoin his body to heal, saying if he found them to keep them alive and he would kill them when he woke up. Sakon agrees saying they will kill them together.

    After Sakon tracked them to where they jumped into the river, he found Kiba's jacket and gave it to Ukon, who had already woke up, to use it to sneak up on Kiba. When they found them, Ukon tried to kill them, but was stopped by Kankurō. Kankurō then engages Ukon, but is caught by Sakon, who came back when Ukon didn't return. Kankurō then revealed he had grabbed a puppet when he emerged from a pack on its back and impaled Sakon with several blades on the puppets arms. Ukon reached the second stage of his cursed seal and rushed over to shield Sakon from any further attacks. Sakon returned to his normal form and entered Ukon's body to heal. Ukon then commented that it's hard to move like that since he wasn't usually the one who was the main body. After Ukon insulted his puppet, Kankurō with both his puppets, Crow and Black Ant, engaged Ukon and trapped him in the Black Ant's belly, the very puppet he had insulted. Ukon then yelled and told him to let him out. Kankurō then prepared to kill him and Sakon. Ukon then shouted for him to let him out or he'd kill him.



    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: -
    Lost: -

    And with this I'm not making any bios till' April (besides updates) Ill be dropping hideki in my signature
    I think thats it Kukuku look at my profile and you'll know why I made this bio
    Template made by -Nagato- hes awesome ^_^

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    Re: Sakon and Ukon

    Very nice bio.

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    Re: Sakon and Ukon

    Nice bio bro! Would you mind checking out mine?

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    Re: Sakon and Ukon

    Sweet bio, saan!

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    Re: Sakon and Ukon

    bad ass bio

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    Re: Sakon and Ukon

    Awesome bio, from my favorite arc! Sasuke Retrieval Arc

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    Re: Sakon and Ukon

    good bio man I really like it

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