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    Johann George Faust VIII (ファウストVIII世)

    Basic Information

    Name : Johann George Faust VIII (ファウストVIII世)
    Nickname : Faust VIII | Fausto | The Doctor | Boneman
    Gender : Male
    Age : 33
    Clan : N/A


    Faust VIII has a number of traits in his physical appearance that makes him stand out from the others. For example, he has discolored lips and permanent bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. He is also extremely thin due to malnutrition. Since Eliza passed away, Faust barely ate and have told Yoh during their first fight that he eats only the minimum necessary to stay alive. Along with his height, these lend him an intimidating presence. Another very noticeable trait is the different color skin sutured onto his chest and torso. This doesn't appear to inconvenience him in any way, but, only makes him look more scary.
    Faust has his own battle uniform. It consists of a white, half-torn shirt with a pointy collar and manchetes. He wears black pants which is cut off at the knee, with a pouch filled with medical supplies strapped to each thigh.
    When Faust is not fighting he wears a white top hat with an orange flower and an orange scarf. His white coat is usually fastened.


    Faust is usually a very detailed and patient person who thinks scientifically unless the matter concerns his beloved Eliza. He does not tolerate interruptions while working, and even less any criticism, insults or threats directed at Eliza. Despite this, he doesn't get upset when someone insults him.
    Faust is the embodiment of dedication; he has given up everything for his wife and is willing to do anything to protect and take care of her. It is this single-mindedness and selflessness that gives him his great strength in the Ninja World. Beyond all the mental instability, emotional suffering and somewhat gothic moods, his greatest strength comes from his pure heart; pure because he knows that he only lives to love and protect his dear Eliza.

    Faust is an insane but incredibly brilliant medical doctor who delights in saving lives. Naturally, his work reveals facets of his personality. He cures his opponents' wife after defeating them, despite many other doctors having previously given up on the woman. During the time in between missions, he is usually reading medical books, and feeds himself breakfast, lunch, and dinner through an I.V. line.

    Village Info

    Village of Birth : Amegakure | Village of Alliance : Sunagakure

    Rank//Chakra Info

    Ninja Rank : Sage [Posts]
    Speciality : N/A


    WIND - Completed
    WATER - C~Rank
    LIGHTNING - C~Rank
    FIRE - C~Rank
    EARTH - C~Rank

    Basic E~Rank
    (Bunshin No Jutsu) - Clone Technique
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:A clone made of the user that can move but(cannot use any jutsu)This clone is merely an illusionary projection of the user.
    Note:The clone jutsu can be made with different elements and is a D-Rank jutsu under its own element(Mizu/Water Tsuchi/Earth Sumi/Ink)

    (Bikoku Ninjutsu) - Shadow Stealth Technique
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:This jutsu lets the user follow the target covert by concealing the users presence.

    (Henge no Jutsu) - Transformation Technique
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description: Henge no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique, which every ninja learns at the Ninja Academy. Henge allows the ninja to transform themselves into any person or object. This allows the ninja to move with stealth or to trick their opponents.

    (Gokan Sakusou) - 5 Senses Confusion Disorder
    Chakra Cost:N/A
    Damage Points:N/A
    The user throws an explosive kunai at their target and the mist spreads threw the air.This jutsu causes the opponent to be hit by attacks even though they think they dodged it or countered it.This effect lasts for 2 turns.

    (Kawarimi no Jutsu) - Change of Body Stance Technique
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description: Kawarimi no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. When in danger the ninja will quickly substitute themselves with another nearby object. This can be a block of wood or even another person. This allows the ninja to quickly flee and hide while the original object takes the brunt of their opponents attack.

    (Nawanuke No Jutsu) - Escape Skill
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:Using chakra the user can escape from being tied down(only works with non-chakra ropes).

    (Kakuremino No Jutsu) - Magic Cloak Of Invisibility Technique
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:The user will pull out a cloak that is pre designed for their use.Then by using ninjutsu they make the cloth blend into the background(Konohamaru used this to follow Naruto in episode 2 and got caught because he was holding the cloak wrong).Skilled ninja can see through this jutsu(Rank c and above)

    Background Info

    When he was young, he met a girl named Eliza who was a patient of his father's but had an incurable illness. Because she was the only one outside of the family who ever showed care for him, Faust worked to his greatest potential to become a doctor and find a cure for Eliza. He succeeded, becoming a master of the medical field (Not Ninjutsu) and Eliza was cured. They fell in love and were married, and ran their own medical clinic.

    Faust got a beautiful mansion near the seaside, and it seemed that his life with Eliza could not be more perfect. Unfortunately, one day while Faust VIII was out in town, a burglar broke into his house where Eliza was home alone. The criminal shot her in the forehead, killing her. Faust arrived at home and saw this horrible scene, and tried all of his medical skills to save Eliza, to no effect.

    He became obsessed with bringing her back to life, and thus delved into the practice of Medical Ninjutsu. He even dug up her skeleton to at least be with her. For eight years Faust worked in this art, never progressing, never sleeping at all, which is why he has dark shadows under his eyes and purple lips. He hopes to train under a master in Medical Ninjutsu so that he may get somewhere.
    Faust meets on his journey a boy called Yoh Asakura and his friend, a civilian named Manta. Manta said that what Faust was trying to do for his wife was stupid and that made Faust mad, saying it was an insult to his Eliza. So Faust went crazy and captured Manta who he tortured and Yoh could not save Manta until Ninja from Konoha intervened in which Faust fled.
    Faust then met with Yoh again and teamed up with him and Bokuto-No-Ryu on missions throughout the Ninja World. Faust now works with Ryu in the Funbari Hot Spring in Sunagakure, his job being a Clinic.



    Faust Carries a big axe on him.

    Background Music and Theme Song


    Won : None.
    Lost : None.

    Dropping : The Doctor

    ~Approved~ remember you are not a med ninja
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