Welcome to the November version of the NB profile contest!

As many of you know already the purpose of this contest is too see who can create the best profile.
The profiles will be judged by selected staff members of NarutoBase fairly, a poll is not needed because we want to prevent turning this into a popularity contest.

The profiles will be judged based on:
►Use Of color
►Pleasing to the eye

The rules are just simple
  • No copying other people
  • It has to be your work, do not get other people to help design your profile
  • Be polite to the other contestants
  • Keep this thread clean, no spamming, double posting or offtopic content
  • Remember this is just for fun!
  • Entering this contest with multiple accounts is forbidden
  • Decisions of the contest judges are final - no substitutions will be available
  • One entry per person

  • That are sexually charged or suggestive,
  • That depict acts of violence or cruelty,
  • That attack or disparage or present in a false light ANY individual or group of people as such,
  • That are otherwise vile, nasty or otherwise uncivil...

..are forbidden.

Disobeying the rules will get you disqualified


1st Place
~ Temporary larger avatar
~ Temporary name color change
~ A chance to change your username if you wish

2nd Place
~ Temporary larger avatar

3rd Place
~ Temporary larger avatar

Anyone who wishes to enter the contest must post [ I wish to take part ]
Submission time ends 31 November 2009.

Good luck everyone :p