Here is One Piece Chapter 563: “One man, one heart”
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[TN: That's a Japanese saying. The meaning is along the lines of one for
all and all for one. Or so...]

Marco flies to Squad, where he explains his reasons. During the fighting
he came in contact with Akainu. Sengoku and Whitebeard had an arrangement
not to kill Ace and Whitebeard’s men and in return the New World pirates
and their crews would be annihilated. Squad’s own pirate crew was destroyed
by Roger.

The marines knew this and told Squad about their plans. Besides, it was
made public that Ace is Roger’s son. It seems Sengoku announced Ace’s connection
to Roger for that reason and he knew how reckless Squad is. The real reason
for the Kuma army to be dispatched was only to defeat the New World pirates.
When Whitebeard heard all this, he says “Even so, they are all my sons!”
Marco and all his friends try to reach out, but see the fairly beaten Whitebeard
and their believes are weakened.
Whitebeard sees this and says: “No one is the strongest for ever. One man,
one heart.”
Then Whitebeard’s anger at the dirty marines explode. Sengoku prepares himself,
too. Once more the war begins