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    naruto shippuden episode 302 review (noni1997)

    Hello everybody, i hope you all enjoyed this episode and i hope you enjoy this review.

    Well it was better then the previous i was glad to see Gaara get great screen time, and the battle was done pretty good, I felt though it could have been better but i think that way with both manga and anime in this fight. I wished they could have put something for Naruto though, they did a good job at the end to show everything in the map and how the battle's are going around i felt like it was a nice touch .

    Good point:
    1.Gaara showing his abilities and worth as a Kage, i enjoyed it very much. His intelligence and quick thinking in the battle was showed great in the Anime.

    2. The ending and how they showed how everybody is doing in the battle was a nice touch.

    Bad point:
    1. Like the others it was not the fastest, how can i say...slower then the raikage battle but faster then the Mizukage fight with those shinobi's.

    Did you gain any respect for Gaara in this episode?
    How did you like the Mizukage ending?

    3/5 Average episode not much really went on in here, but it was enjoyable none the less.

    Thanks for the read guys :D

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    Re: naruto shippuden episode 302 review (noni1997)

    rating -24/2

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    Re: naruto shippuden episode 302 review (noni1997)

    I liked it Garra has always been a smart fighter since he's thinking clearer..My respect has grown he's resilient under such harsh conditions. The Mizukage was bad ass and proved why he was a beast when he was alive.

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