We are back!

In our previous update we kept the forum open but judging by what's happening lately in the forum we decided to give us some peace and work without having the forum open to criticism before our work is done.

A few of the new things we implemented:

-New forum look
-Additional emoticons
-New icons
-Sections reassignment
-Forum cleaning
-New rank icons
-New prefixes

We are NOT done yet. More things and plugins will be installed throughout the day so please don't make threads about it and please spare us your nonconstructive criticism. We don't want to know what you think sucks in the forum or what you think was best before the updates. This is how we choose to run this forum. We don't want to be discouraged anymore, so if you have nothing good to say please, say nothing at all. A big thank you to those who always have supported our work and supported the community as whole. You are the greatest.