guys I was wondering ...if u remember ,before kishi introduced Akatsuki,orochimaru was portrayed as the main villain ...the naruto original anime also pointed out like orochimaru to be the main villain ....nauto even in his 4 tail form couldn't defeat orochimaru ..orochimaru is a villain that naruto wanted to kill ...but sasuke killed orochimaru without a sweat..ok let sasuke get few credits for killing oro

next comes diedara ....while naruto and kakeshi were chasing after diedara ,sakura and the granny chiyo had already made their victory over sasori .....naruto again failed to kill diedara .....offcourse even here sasuke gets the credit by killing diedara

now comes Itachi...naruto was so eager to get Itachi ,so that sasuke need not had to suffer .....once again sasuke was one who fought against what about the true hero of the story naruo?

He did kill kakuzu 's 3 hearts with one strike ........That was astonishing but considering sasuke naruto does seem little incomparable when it comes to either taijitsu,genjitsu=0 and ninjitsu...what do u guys feel.I feel kishi must start focusing on naruto from now on