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    |Akagami| Uzumaki Nagato

    Basic Information
    Name: Uzumaki Nagato
    Nickname: Pain (ペイン, Pein), God (神, Kami), Child of the Prophecy (予言の子, Yogen no Ko), Saviour of this World (この世の救世主, Kono Yo no
    Kyūseishu), Third Six Paths (三人目の六道, Sanninme no Rikud
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Eye Color: Blue Rinnegan
    Clan: Uzumaki

    Nagato was a fair - skinned man with chin - length red hair (a colour which is a trademark of the Uzumaki clan) with his most noticeable trait being his Rinnegan eyes. As a child, his hair would regularly hang off his face blocking the view of
    his eyes; his normal eyes are never seen.

    Nagato was a sensitive, kind boy, prone to crying, and was traumatised by the idea of killing others, even if it was to save his friend Yahiko. Scared and unsure of his place in the world, he desired to help those he cared about, but never knew how. He was consistently respectful and kind to Konan, who he claimed to be his "angel" in Amegakure. He was shown protecting her, without request or hesitation from Jiraiya before his battle with his former teacher. Apparently, she was the only Akatsuki member that addressed him by name. He was
    aware of Konan's feelings towards Yahiko and left them alone to have personal time together. Because Konohagakure was partly responsible for the tragedies in his life, he held a great deal of animosity towards the village. Although Jiraiya's influence improved his opinion of the village during their time together, he eventually came to believe that Konoha profited from the tragedies of others and hated it and his former teacher.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Amegakure
    Village of Alliance: Kirigakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: Kage
    Specialty: Rinnegan, Water, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Chakra Sensing
    Elements: Water | Lightning | Earth | Wind | Fire
    Your ninjutsu: Ninjutsu (A-ranks) | Genjutsu | Taijutsu | Kenjutsu | Rinnegan Techniques | Rinnegan Summonings

    Background Info.

    Nagato was a descendant of
    the Uzumaki clan. During the Second Shinobi
    World War, Nagato lived with his parents in a
    village somewhere near Amegakure. One day
    two Konoha shinobi broke into their home,
    looking for food, unaware that the place was still inhabited. Nagato's parents, believing they
    were going to be killed, attacked the two so
    that Nagato could escape. Having mistaken
    them to be enemy ninja, the Konoha ninja killed
    his parents. In his grief, Nagato awakened his
    Rinnegan for the first time and killed the assailants. He came to consider this incident as
    the first great pain of his life. With his family gone, Nagato wandered the
    country, going from house to house asking for
    food. In time he met a dog named Chibi and,
    later, met Konan and Yahiko, who began
    travelling with him in his search for food. One
    day, Chibi was killed in the crossfire from Hanzō's fight with several Konoha shinobi.
    Nagato and the other orphans later mourned its
    death. When the war ended, the three orphans
    ran into the Sannin and after hearing Yahiko's
    plea, rather than return to Konoha with his
    team-mates, Jiraiya decided to teach the three how to look after themselves. Soon after Jiraiya
    began living with the orphans, Nagato and
    Yahiko were attacked by an Iwagakure ninja.
    Nagato reactivated his Rinnegan to defend
    Yahiko, killing the ninja. When Jiraiya found out
    about this, he decided to train them in ninjutsu. Nagato was very emotional about killing the
    ninja, and asked Jiraiya for help so he could
    protect Konan and Yahiko. Jiraiya's response
    was for Nagato to grow up and to use his eyes
    to find the peace that they both desired for
    the world. Three years later the orphans had become competent ninja, so Jiraiya returned to
    Konoha. Over the years, news of the three's exploits
    would reach Jiraiya which often consisted of the
    death of someone who opposed them;
    eventually he received word that they had all
    died. In truth, Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko began
    a quest to find peace, by forming the organisation Akatsuki with Yahiko as its leader.
    They became full-fledged Amegakure ninja and
    gathered followers who shared their
    philosophies of an end to war. Hanzō, the leader
    of Amegakure, viewed the group as a threat to
    his rule and schemed with Konoha's Root to eliminate them. Claiming to want to discuss
    peace, Hanzō lured Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan
    to an ambush. There he forced Nagato to
    choose between killing Yahiko or Konan. Not
    wanting to force Nagato to make the choice,
    Yahiko impaled himself with a kunai that was placed in Nagato's hand. With Yahiko's dying
    breath, he told Nagato to survive, because he
    believed in Jiraiya's words that Nagato would
    become the world's saviour. This incident would
    become the second great pain of Nagato's life.
    Devastated, Nagato retrieved Konan and Yahiko's body and launched an attack on Hanzō's
    men. With the Summoning: Demonic Statue of
    the Outer Path he was able to kill all but Hanzō.

    History Pain vs Jiraiya
    Jiraiya, Nagato's former master, enters the
    village through a frog. The moment Jiraiya fully
    releases himself from the frog, Nagato feels a
    disturbance in the rain. Nagato then orders
    Konan to search for the intruder, and stops the
    rain. As Konan transforms into many pieces of paper, and folds herself into butterfly-like
    figures, Nagato switches from the Deva Path to
    the Animal Path. Nagato then searches for
    Jiraiya as well. Jiraiya, now hidden inside of a
    body, heads more into Amegakure, and Konan
    catches him. Jiraiya comes out of the body, and begins to battle Konan. Konan ends up being
    covered in oil; unable to battle. Nagato comes
    to Konan's rescue and cleans off the oil with
    foam with his Summoning Technique. Nagato
    then summons a chameleon, and camouflages
    himself. Jiraiya sets off the Barrier: Canopy Method Formation, after summoning the
    "clumsy" toad: Gamaken. Nagato summons again,
    but this time, a multi-headed dog. Jiraiya has a
    very hard time fighting these as it would
    escape most of Gamaken's attacks, and
    somewhat regenerate. Jiraiya finishes off the dogs by trapping them in a toad's stomach and
    digesting them. Nagato then summons a drill-
    beaked bird. The bird follows Jiraiya and makes
    many attempts to kill him, though fails and ends
    up getting burned. Nagato then summons a
    rhino, though it quickly gets finished off by Gamaken. Nagato then summons a giant ox, and
    manages to hit Jiraiya. The shield set off by
    Jiraiya self-destructs, sending the ox flying.
    Soon after defeating the ox, he completes his
    Sage Mode activation and summons Fukasaku
    and Shima. They both easily dispose of the chameleon, revealing the Animal Path. The Preta
    Path and the Human Path are both summoned,
    in order to face Jiraiya. The Human Path
    attempts to kill Jiraiya, though it gets blinded
    by Jiraiya's kick to its head. Jiraiya then
    attempts to burn all three Paths with Sage Art: Goemon, though it gets absorbed by the Preta
    Path. Jiraiya then uses Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan,
    though it also gets absorbed. The Human Path
    attacks once again, and blinded, blocks Jiraiya's
    punch. The Animal Path gets distracted by a
    toad, and gets attacked by Jiraiya's Sage Art: Hair Needle Senbon. The Animal Path blocks the
    attack by summoning a giant panda. Jiraiya
    analyses their attacks, and escapes into the
    pipes. While in the pipes, he concludes that
    genjutsu will give him an opening against the
    Rinnegan. The Paths then followed Jiraiya, and while doing
    so, get caught in genjutsu. Jiraiya then kills the
    paths. As Jiraiya leaves, he lets his guard down.
    One of the Paths manages to sneak up behind
    him, and removes his arm. The other paths come
    together, including the ones that got killed (which were rejuvenated by the Naraka Path).
    Jiraiya manages to kill the Animal Path, though
    ends up being brutally killed by Nagato, through
    the Six Paths of Pain. As Jiraiya sinks into the
    deep depths of the sea, Nagato holds a
    moment of silence in respect for his former master. Capture of Utakata In the anime, after getting a replacement for
    the Animal Path, Pain is shown to have been
    assigned to capture the Six-Tails, which was
    sealed within Utakata, a missing-nin from
    Kirigakure. During his search, the Animal Path
    had his Giant Multi-Headed Dog scout the area, where it found and killed a group of Kirigakure
    hunter-nin led by Tsurugi. When Utakata later
    sought out Tsurugi and his men to turn himself
    in, he instead found Pain; Pain told Utakata that
    he would be needed to create his world, and
    informed the jinchūriki that he would be taking the Six-Tails. The Six Paths of Pain quickly
    captured him.

    Invasion of Pain
    With only the Nine-Tails and Eight-Tails
    remaining, Pain and Konan set out for Konoha.
    After eliminating the border guards upon their
    arrival, they infiltrated the village and
    dispersed, with each of the six Paths having a
    specific task: the Asura, Preta, and Animal Paths served as diversions, while the Deva,
    Human, and Naraka Paths looked for Naruto, with
    Konan aiding the latter team. While exploring
    and laying waste to the village and its
    inhabitants, the Deva Path was confronted by
    Kakashi Hatake. The Asura Path came to its aid and together they overwhelmed Kakashi and his
    allies, but the Asura Path was destroyed. Across the village, the remaining Paths
    continued their tasks, fighting whatever Konoha
    ninja they came across. The Deva Path met with
    Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, who refused to
    reveal Naruto's location. Elsewhere, the Human
    Path used its unique interrogation technique on Shizune to learn that Naruto was at Mount
    Myōboku. Declaring that he would teach
    Tsunade the pain that Konoha had been so
    ignorant of, Nagato had the Deva Path use
    Shinra Tensei to obliterate the village while
    Konan and the other Paths withdrew. As the smoke cleared, the Deva Path found that
    Naruto had returned with his toad allies. In
    retaliation for the village's destruction, Naruto
    swiftly crushed the newly-restored Asura Path
    and began his fight with the remaining Paths of
    Pain. The Animal Path called upon its summons to attack Naruto, who parried them with the aid
    of his toads and proceeded to defeat the
    Preta Path. Soon afterwards, Naruto eliminated
    the Human Path with his Wind Release:
    Rasenshuriken, and then teamed up with
    Gamabunta to defeat the Animal Path. With four of the Paths gone, the temporarily
    powerless Deva Path protected the Naraka
    Path, which restored the Preta Path. The Preta
    Path absorbed a second Rasenshuriken, but it
    had only been a diversion to give Naruto an
    opportunity to finish off the Naraka Path. The Deva Path, its power returned, detained Naruto
    so that the Preta Path could capture him and
    absorbed his chakra to immobilise him. Doing so
    caused it to absorb senjutsu chakra, which had
    the side effect of turning it to stone. Naruto
    escaped its clutches, but was seized once again by the Deva Path, who pinned him to the
    ground with chakra disruption blades. The Deva
    Path lectured Naruto about the chain of hatred,
    pain, suffering, and war that the ninja system
    brought to the world, and how he planned to
    use the tailed beasts' power to achieve peace and end conflict. He asks if Naruto can think of
    a better solution, but Naruto does not
    respond.Before the Deva Path could take
    Naruto away, Hinata Hyūga came to his defence.
    When she is apparently killed, Naruto became
    enraged and entered his six-tailed form, with which the Deva Path could not compete in its
    current condition. The Deva Path retreated to a
    location closer to Nagato, who had secluded
    himself nearby in order to control the Six Paths
    of Pain. This allowed the Deva Path to use
    Chibaku Tensei, trapping Naruto in a massive orb of earth and debris. This victory was short-lived,
    as Naruto soon progressed to an eight-tailed
    form and broke free of the Chibaku Tensei.
    Realising that he would have to make the
    sphere larger, it suddenly began to crumble and
    Naruto, reverting to his normal form, emerged from the ruins. Reflecting on the earlier lecture, Naruto
    demanded an opportunity to speak with Nagato,
    but was denied and attacked by the Deva Path.
    After failing to use Wind Release:
    Rasenshuriken twice, by taking advantage of the
    five second gap between the Deva Path's ability, Naruto was able to defeat it with a well-
    timed Rasengan. He removed one of its chakra
    receiver and inserted it into his skin to track
    the signal back to Nagato. Naruto goes to see
    him, but when he arrives Nagato fires another
    chakra receiver at him to try and control him. Naruto resists it despite his close proximity to
    Nagato. Although angry with Nagato for killing
    Jiraiya and destroying Konoha, Naruto asks how,
    as a fellow student of Jiraiya, he could have
    strayed so far from their master's teachings.
    Hoping that Naruto would come to agree with his solution for peace, Nagato told him his past,
    of his two great sorrows and how he came to
    believe pain would save the world. Although
    Naruto agreed with Nagato's ultimate
    conclusion, he rejected it for differing with
    Jiraiya's ideals. In doing so, he answered Nagato's earlier question about how to attain
    peace: by "breaking the cycle of hatred". He
    decided not to attempt to kill Nagato, as that
    would only perpetuate the cycle of revenge.
    Amazed by Naruto's resolve and remembering
    Jiraiya's teachings, Nagato decided to put his faith in Naruto's answer. Nagato used the Outer
    Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to
    revive all the Konohagakure citizens that had
    been killed during his invasion.

    Water: Due to his high affinity for All Elemental tech, Nagato is able to use all elemetal jutsu with faster handseals handseal.

    Chakra Rods: Nagato mainly uses chakra rod(s) as weapons. They can easily slide from his
    sleeve (cloak) and into his palm.


    Young Nagato

    Youthful days in akatsuki

    Fading Nagato

    Theme Song and Background Music:
    Alive - D'truth


    Permissions from Passion and Scorps

    Droping Nel once approved.

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    Re: |Akagami| Uzumaki Nagato

    nice nice nice :D

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    Re: |Akagami| Uzumaki Nagato

    Nice bio ^__^

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    Re: |Akagami| Uzumaki Nagato

    i thought you failled the test? ,,btw bio is cool

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    Re: |Akagami| Uzumaki Nagato

    Didn't you just failed the like two days ago? You suppose to ask for permission over again and wait a month to post and ask for permission.

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    Re: |Akagami| Uzumaki Nagato

    I don't think Passion is a mod anymore O:

    anyways good luck on the test.

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