Yes, im rooting for Kisame, and yep, apparently the spoilers show Kisame having a tough time, but Kisame had the head start on Bee at the beginning of the fight, now it's bees turn to get the advantage, but that isn't nessecarily the end.

If anything has taught us it is the battle between Sasuke and Itachi was all over the place, the brothers kept getting an advantage to then be at a disadvantage.

I'm just finding it rather annoying that 1 chapter comes out where Bee has the advantage apparently and therefore he's won.

This makes no sense considering Kisame was originally in the advantage and still people think bee had won.

However can someone please show me the picture in question where Kisame is having a hard time? Because all i see is Bee getting owned, and on the floor lying down, and then running away while kisames behind him about to strike...

Or am i looking at the wrong pics?