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Madara offers a shocking proposal; Hashirama must kill himself, or kill Tobirama in order to end is quell his hatred! What choice will the two brothers make?!

Hashirama Senju: Kill ... myself? Or ... my brother?

Madara Uchiha: . . . .

Tobirama Senju: I will accept neither! Izuna's death was by his own hands! Instead of surrendering, he refused to bury his pride and keep fighting, regardless of the wounds inflicted to him earlier!!!

Madara Uchiha: I ... don't care. Hashirama ... make your decision, quickly.

Tobirama Senju: !!! Why you little .... [Slashes his sword downward]

Hashirama Senju: NO!!! [Pushes Tobirama away with one hand, sending him flying at incredible speeds, but quickly creates a tree to catch him.]

Tobirama Senju: [Blood mouth] So ... over your own brother, huh?

Hashirama Senju: I know how much Izuna meant to you, Madara. That's why ... we'll try our best to bring him back!

Madara Uchiha: ! What is this treachery you speak of? Bring Izuna back ...? He's dead!

Hashirama Senju: No ... there still might be a way.

Tobirama Senju: HASHIRAMA, STOP!!!

Hashirama Senju: [Turns around] Hey, you Uchiha folk come here and take Madara back to your hideout. We'll meet back here in three days.

Madara Uchiha: . . . .

At the Senju hideout ...

Hashirama Senju: Why not! You almost got it don't you?!

Tobirama Senju: That's not the point here! I began developing that jutsu to try and bring Itama back not my arch-nemesis! Plus, it's an unusually dark technique! I don't even know if it will work ...

Hashirama Senju: I'm not saying that you can't still use it on Itama, but just try try it on Izuna as well.

Tobirama Senju: Why do you care so much about the Uchiha? Father would be turning in his grave right now of you begging to help them out! You even almost killed me to save Madara!

Hashirama Senju: You know I would never intentionally harm you, but you disobeyed a direct order! As for father, he got exactly what he wanted; his death came from an ambush of Uchiha when he was trying to be over-zealous!!!

Tobirama Senju: How dare you ....

Hashirama Senju: No! How dare you ...

As both continue to glare at each other, their Chakra levels rise heatedly! The ground begins to tremble and crack as their energy spiral out of control. It's suffocating and the other Senju begin to quiver, some even fainting.

???: Enough! Both of you!

???: Yeah, y'all both suck at staring contest!

Hashirama Senju: !!!

Tobirama Senju: !!!

Hashirama Senju: Mito and Shinto!

Uzumaki Mito and her brother Shinto appear just as things begin to turn sour ... what will be their proposal? Continue reading Naruto to figure out!