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    The Curse of Hatred

    Ok after I read the new chapter, I began to wonder about which of the 4 Uchiha had the most love. Tobirama said that they have more love than the Senju, but cannot acknowledge it and thus turn it into hatred. So do you guys think it is:

    Madara: Loved his brother dearly, but even before then displayed love for Hashirama, and told him that they wouldn't be able to be friends because of their circumstances.

    Obito: Obviously loved Rin, and seemed to sort of love everyone else too....Then he hated everything

    Itachi: The only one who didn't turn to hatred, loved his whole clan (especially Sasuke), but not as much as he loved his village

    Sasuke: Loved his family, then when they died had kind of a weak hate, then after learning the truth, loved Itachi and directed his hate at the Leaf

    Others: Shisui, who Itachi held in great regard, or Izuna, about whom not much is known

    Also another thing that I noticed reading the chapter was that Madara acknowledged that Hashirama was stronger than him. With all the Naruto/Sasuke parallels between the two, I realized that Sasuke would obviously never admit inferiority to anyone. Do you think this could hint at the outcome of Sasuke's emotional turmoil or hint at I guess what I mean is how do you interpret this?

    Also does anyone have any idea as to what Tobirama's S/T technique does? I couldn't really guess anything from just that one pic lol

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    Re: The Curse of Hatred

    Either Itachi or Madara.
    Edit: nvm I think it was Itachi and Obito.

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