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    Naruto manga 626 Hunt for the biju.

    Madara walks away from Hashirama and disappear .

    Hashirama : ( in mind) Two powers ? what does he meant ?

    Hashirama looks on to the stone monument ...

    Hashirama : I can't read this....

    Hashirama to Sasuke. : At this nakano shrine everything started.....

    Tobirama and Hashirama come to uchiha clans area.

    Hashirama : I wanted some one to decipher the code in the stone monument

    Uchiha member : Sorry we can't do.What's written in the stone monument belong to us.

    Tobirama : What ! Hey man this is important.Madara leaved he village and he going to do some thing bad. We need the information from this stone monument.

    Hashirama : Calm down Tobirama. We really need the information.I will not spill the secrets in the tablet to any one not even to tobirama.

    In nakano shrine

    Uchiha member : Sorry this is my limit.I can only read this much

    Hashirama : Tailed beasts ?

    Hashirama come out of the nakano shrine and go to hokage's room.

    Hashirama : I have a got a bad feeling about this .Tobirama gather all the jounin and sensor type ninjas. We are going to do our first mission of the leaf village. We are going to hunt down all the biju's

    Tobirama : Hunt down all the bijus ? Is that necessary ?

    Hashirama : Yea .For the sake of village.

    Scene changes to Hashirama and Tobirama with a bunch of ninja's which are skilled in the art of sensory and healing trying to taking down the biju.

    Hashirama : This is more difficult than I expected. My wood element can absorb the biju but can't controll it

    Tobirama : Brother I wanted to tell you some thing...

    Hashirama : what is it ?

    Tobirama gaves a scroll to his brother.Hashirama reading the scroll.

    Hashirama :Uzumaki clan ?

    In konoha

    Ninja : Hokage sama we have got the message from uzumaki clan they willing to become our allies and help to hunt down the bijus with one condition.The 9 tailed fox is their property .

    scene changes to Mito and hashirama with a bunch of nijas taking down all the bijus..

    Mito : Now only 9 tailed fox...
    Hashirama : Yea

    Then Hashirama and Mito laughing together

    Scene changes to Hashirama and Tobirama

    Tboirama : Brother I have got an information about Madara and its reliable. Madara is now in control with 9 tailed fox.And he is heading for the village.

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