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    where there is hope, there are
    still chance for miracle to
    happen...keep believing and
    rise...there will be end of
    night and dawn will come...:)

    Naruto Manga 625 prediction...KONOHA

    Naruto 625 : konoha

    Madara : i know will not chose between these options....

    Hashirama: NO..i will find way to make you trust me..but spare other uchihas who do not want fight...

    I convince him to create peace.other Uchihas understand that i want to stop the war.They came to us.I tried to convince Madara and assured him that I will find way to resurrect his brother.somehow he agree to my point. Tobirama was working on the reanimation jutsu which i do not want him to develop as its risky.

    Madara then join us and we started to gather other clans by sending peace talks and win their trust.I also bond with UZUMAKI clan and get married to Mito to win their trust.I also gather trust from all other clans and formed a VILLAGE.

    "KONOHA" and transfer the WILL OF FIRE...As we have so many clans in village, we needed a leader, Uchihas want MADARA and senjus and other clans want me to lead.

    Madara and I then again met at the same place where we usually meet.

    Madara : you have made your dream come true....yet my dream is not completed...i will also make it happened..

    Hashirama: will you be with me, i want you to guide this village but villagers want me to lead.

    Madara : No other clan is going to accept me but you...and i do not want to be under you....

    Hashirama : so what is your decision ???...

    Madara : I want to fight you and whoever will win ..he will lead the village and others will obey..

    After that we fought and i win the i thought Madara was not ready to accept me to be his leader and always act independently in village for Uchihas. But other Uchihas do not agree with him and no one co-operate with him.I also try to convince him but he kept asking for revenge on us for killing his brothers and want to kill Tobirama and me.but he failed.Everyone then do not trust him in his he left village.i try to stop him...and that was the fight at the valley.

    i coud not stop him..that day...

    Madara : hashirama, this time you will not win and i too cross the other side..

    hashirama : you still remember that days...

    Madara : I have my plans and i could not waste it in this village and i cannot be like you.

    hashirama: i know how you feel ..i too lost many as you..i know that pain but this is not the way..

    Madara : forgive me.....COMPLETE SUSANOOO....appears..

    Hashirama : what ??...when did have become much strong...Madara...

    Madara : i crush you....

    Madara attacks with sword with kyubi but i block every attacks with my thousands of hands.I got injuries but i know healing techniques so i heal fast than him.

    Madara was getting weakened after a long fight...that was the second time he was laid down and this time he was not able to move and completely exhausted.I cried to him and told him to understand...

    Hashirama : Madara..stop this and come back can not win against never want this..

    Madara: huh...i will rather die but will not come to village under you..

    Hashirama : i do not want our comrades getting hurt by you and i can not kill you so i have decided...

    Madara : what ??

    Hashirama: i will let you go but you will not come back to village ever again and never even try to attack...

    *Madara punches to Hashi...Hashi got injusred on hand some small portion was out..madara again laid down hand ...*.

    Madara: ..that was last one...

    Hashirama : *with tears...*...then good bye my friend...i will declare you dead soon...

    That was last time, i was with him...then after he never returned or attacked.

    Then i as Hokage stable the village..i fought with many other ninjas who attack my village , kakuzu then different tails..i capture all tails and all were in my Possession.

    Every country that time feared by LEAF village.But to bring peace, i distribute the power to end the war.but instead of using tails beasts for good, they used them for acquiring and attacking other wars goes on.

    MITO Sealed Nine tails inside her.then after i died when everything was stable and give possession to Tobirama.

    next episode....answer for Sasuke BY Hashirama....
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