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    The fourth great ninja War [fanfic]

    As the war is at its end...
    Madara:Hmmpf...Stronger than i expected,but not strong enough...

    Naruto:*pant Pant,It is not over yet...
    Kakashi:Naruto... its no use,they are too strong.
    Kurama:Naruto,I recommend you to run,if they get you it could be the end.

    Madara Sprint towards naruto.
    Madara:TIME TO END THIS!!!
    Naruto: Ghah....
    [sfx]Metal kling

    Sasuke: I will be the one who is going to kill naruto...not you...
    Madara:Don't get cocky.
    Sasuke and madara activate Ems synchronised

    Sasuke Kicks Madara's leg
    Madara Punches Sasuke's cheek.

    Madara:good combat skills....But not good enough.
    Sasuke: Fire Style:Grand Fireball jutsu.
    Madara:hmm Fire style:Grand FireBall jutsu.

    The fireballs clash.

    Sasuke: Amaterasu!
    Sasuke fire's amaterasu at madara.

    Madara Activates his susanoo.

    He dissapears
    Behind sasuke and kicks his back.
    Sasuke Flies away.

    Sasuke: ghaah

    Naruto:I...I can't let this happen... GHAH*coughs blood*
    Kakashi: Naruto!! Don't...Just wait until sakura comes...
    Naruto: N..NO!!

    Naruto sprints towards madara while madara is kicking sasuke's ass.
    Naruto: Shadow clone jutsu!
    Naruto: Sage Art:Giant rasengan barrage!!

    Naruto goes with al the speed he has,but its too late.
    Madara's susanoo pierces sasuke...

    Naruto: sasuke...
    Madara: Hmpf...

    Next time:Naruto's revenge.

    I hope you liked it!

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    Re: The fourth great ninja War [fanfic]

    i do not get it for what you add and why and where ???...seems just imagining some random chapter which you want to see...its good but its not relate with current manga .....

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    Re: The fourth great ninja War [fanfic]

    well made story

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