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    Naruto 625 Prediction (Dark)

    (Scene shows Hashirama Shocked over Madara's word)

    Madara: Kill him! and i will change and trust u senju..

    (Scene shows Tobirama looking at Hashirama)

    Tobirama: you let this evil fool you brother??? I pity you... if you'll ask me, ill kill him fast.

    Hashirama: Stop it tobi... Madara, you know that's impossible. I know you love your brother well, so do i with Tobirima.

    Hashirama: We already warned you regarding the treaty, but you declined. The war goes on and on upto Izuna's death.

    Tobirama: Tsk. Its non-sense brother, we cannot convince him let him die for peace.

    (Scene shows Madara coughs blood)

    Madara: Kill me now Hashirama, now is your turn. To lead this world to true peace. Our ideals, maybe yours...

    Hashirama: Lets go tobirama, Lets all go home....

    (Scene shows Hashirama and all the Senju leaves Madara behind. Also, Hashirama left a pill that stops wound bleed)

    Madara: Heh, Hashirama you will regret this for sure... (Madara ate the pill) (and gone away quick)

    (Scene shows flash forward)

    (Scene shows Madara standing on a tree near konoha)

    (Scene shows Madara saw the appointment for hashirama as 1st hokage)

    Madara: Hashirama, 1st hokage. This Uchiha Dogs turned their backs on me... (Thinking)

    (Scene shows Madara spoke to other Uchiha members in a hideout)

    Madara: We can take-over Konoha if you will trust me and my plans... the senju can underestimate us no more...

    (Scene shows Uchiha mens nodding their heads and ailing)

    Uchiha Setsuna: no... it will just trigger war with the senju and we all know what it costs for us... we cant afford to lose more men this time.. we need to rebuild the uchiha clan. its dignity and the respect from others.

    (Scene shows Uchiha clans turn their back and all of them gone away and leaving Madara behind)

    Madara: You will all see!!! Uchiha will again reign supreme!!! (Activates EMS)

    (Scene shows Flash forward)

    (Scene shows Madara and Hashirama fight on Valley of end)

    Hashirama: I tell you one more time my friend, you cannot defeat me, we all know that.. stop this madness go home!

    Madara: You are not my friend, in this valley... this is the end for one of us or both.... (madara charges at hashirama)

    (Scene shows Madara summoned the nine-tails)

    (Scene shows Hashirama summoned the wooden dragon)

    (Scene shows fighting between the two best ninja of their time)

    (Scene shows Madara down on his feet, Nine tails has been compressed and partially sealed by the wooded dragon)

    Hashirama: My friend. fighting will solve nothing... come home and start a new life. I know Izuna will do that too.

    Madara: Stop it... dont even say that name.. your not worthy to say that as his killer... Senju killed my brother!!!

    Hashirama: hmm.. I will say its the terror that war brought us.. Izuna died in battlefield..

    Madara: (Coughs blood) Kill me now or else I'll find a way to destroy your village again..

    Hashirama: Everyone needs a second chance.. Your my friend.. Please be gone Madara.. Not just the senju are looking for you but also Uchiha wants to assasinate you any time because of your threat for another war.

    Madara: you brainwashed them I know!!!

    Hashirama: stop this madness, Ill go along and foretold your death to them... just be gone my friend..

    (Scene shows Hashirama flews away)

    Madara: You will definitely regret this Hashirama (holding a test tube full of blood, blood of hashirama)

    (Scene shows flash back)

    (Scene shows Madara studies Hashirama's DNA)

    Madara: No wonder Hashirama Senju has unpredictable healing power and with no seal required..

    (Scene shows Madara activates Rinnegan)

    Madara: I new power!!! Ugh.. Ugh.. (Scene shows Madara coughs blood and fainted)

    (Scene goes back to Sasuke and Hashirama)

    Hashirama: Its my fault, I lied to Konoha that i killed Madara. He's my friend and I will definitely give him another chance.

    Hashirama: The only thing i didnt imagine is that Madara will be a burden for the future generation.. i should have..

    Tobirama: Its ok brother, its your own will anyway.. But thanks to this Hiruzen's brat and we're brought to life and we can settle this thing once again. I hope you will make a better decision this time.

    Hashirama: ahahaha!!! Tobirama... I guess you're still no match for Madara so you definitely need me ahaahah

    Suigetsu: (thinking) are they really brothers??? the greatest ninja of all time is nothing but a jerk... hmm..

    Orochimaru: Its my pleasure 1st to be acknowledge...

    Sasuke: Hmm.. I also need to speak with Madara to know the Uchiha side.. i guess i already knew the senju side..

    Hiruzen: We must rush to the battlefield to help them... lets go

    (Scene shows Orochimaru prevented them)

    Hashirama: Not this time Orochimaru! (Charges at Orochimaru)

    (Scene shows Hashirama holds Orochimaru on the neck)

    Sasuke: 1st Hokage. I would like to ask two more question... if i got the answers, i will join you on the battlefield to settle my judgement..

    Hashirama: Surely Uchiha Kid (Throws Orochimaru away from him) orochimaru, you dont know this jutsu's weakness so please dont get in our way.

    Orochimaru: (thinking) kukuku Hashirama Sama is strong... I will later for sure study more about him... my plan are going well i guess.. thanks to Kabuto's intel..

    Sasuke: (looks at minato) Fourth Hokage, I want to know the story behind Konoha's destruction by the Kyuubi that time..

    Minato: .... I guess its my turn this time...

    END.. hope u all enjoyed..

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    Re: Naruto 625 Prediction (Dark)

    cant happen because madara and hashi agree to kohana

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    Re: Naruto 625 Prediction (Dark)

    Nice Prediction , keep it up :D

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    Re: Naruto 625 Prediction (Dark)

    It can't happen because Madara and Hashirama agreed for Konoha...
    But still Hashirama will fight Madara anyways :D.

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