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    Naruto Revolution #7# Sickness

    *Two months later, in Konaha Hokage office*

    Naruto: *doing some paperwork* (Man..all this freaking paperwork...this is some bulls*** -_-)

    Sakura: *Panicking* NARUTO!! TURN ON THE TV!!

    Naruto: huh...why? there's nothing on the TV right now..just some boring shows...

    Sakura: YOU BAKA!! *hit Naruto on the head*

    Naruto: OWWWWWWW WHAT THE HELL SAKURA!! Okay Okay!! I'll turn it on!! sheesh...*Turn on the TV*

    News reporter: We just have a special report that the Kazekage of the hidden sand village have suddenly collaspe and in the hospital as we speak,we do not know much about of the Kazekage current condition but reports currently say he may have a illness, we will bring more updates to you as we get more information so stay tune!

    Naruto: The Hell....Gaara...just collapse...(this is bad, i mean really bad) Sakura!! Get Ino and be prepare!! We going to Suna in ten minutes! I need to tell Hinata, i'm going be gone for a few days...

    Sakura: Got it Naruto!! *left*

    Naruto: Gaara....what happen to you...

    *In Suna Hospital*

    Aki: You couldn't find out what wrong with him?

    Doctor: We doing the best we can Lady Akina, but with all the test we done to Gaara, we still don't know what wrong him...

    Doctor 2: So stay calm, Ms. Saihara, He will be alright

    Aki: I hope so...

    Luna: *crying* Mom...what going to happen to Daddy....

    Aki: *hug her* Don't worry Luna,...D-Daddy going be see..

    Aster: (I-I can't cry...)

    Aki: *hug him too* It's okay Aster, cry all you want, its okay....

    *Then Aster starting to cry really hard, As Aki hold both of her children knowing the pain Luna and Aster feeling right now as she think to herself " Luna....Aster...Daddy will make it...I know he will" then suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and she turn around only to see Naruto by her side*

    Naruto: Aki....don't worry, Sakura and Ino is here, one of the best medical ninja in the village you have nothing to worry about *turns to Sakura and Ino* You two know what to do so go ahead

    Sakura: Yes Naruto. *then turn to Aki* Don't worry Aki, we will do the best as we can do *left*

    Ino: I'm going to talk one of the doctors around here, find out more about Gaara condition

    Naruto: That's a good idea Ino, do that

    Ino: Right Naruto *left*

    *Meet Ino Yamanaka well.... Ino Akimichi, She marry Choji a couple years back after the war and have a son, she become a very successful medical ninja and up to par with Sakura for the title as best medical ninja*

    Aster: *crying*

    Naruto: Aster....*put his hand on Aster head and smile* Don't you worry, your father going be alright, I promise!

    Aster: *stop crying* O-Okay....Uncle Naruto....I believe you

    *after that moment, several hours have been pass, and they have heard nothing about Gaara condition, they was a little worry but not that worry, Naruto take the kids to the diner to get some Ramen then take them to a festival as Aki wait in the waiting room, seeing if their any news about her Husband then she start thinking about something.....something that bother her for a very long time about her and Gaara then Naruto arrive with the kids and kinda surprise her of how Luna and Aster came back with a smile on their faces then a few hours has pass and Ino appear*

    Naruto: Sooooooo....Have you learn anything about Gaara condition? we all know he collaspe, but is there a reason for him to collaspe? Overwork? Exhaustion? Anything?

    Ino: No...none of those are his conditions, which is very weird....

    Naruto: oh....i see...

    Ino: wait there's more...

    *Naruto and Ino went somewhere private*

    Luna: *tired* long.... are we suppose to wait for daddy *yawns*?

    Aki: Soon Luna,....Soon...

    *then Naruto appear in front of Aki*

    Naruto: Its getting late Aki, take the kids home and get some rest,we may find out more about Gaara condition tomorrow okay

    Aki: your right naruto....i'm sure the kids are tired...*They both watch as Luna and Aster start dozing off a couple times*

    Naruto: Aki.....

    Aki: Yes....

    Naruto:We will take care of Gaara, so don't push yourself too much that make you sick...alright

    Aki: I will....

    *Aki take both Aster and Luna hand and walk them home as Naruto seeing them off....He suddenly clench his heart with his right hand and wondering about Gaara and Aki...knowing them two have a special bond for each other...He still have a feeling that something......or someone....will reveal themselves from the shadows....*

    *In Gaara Mind*

    Gaara: ughhh....*waking up* i....

    *then a person with a completely black attire, the same one from seven years ago have appear*

    ???: Your in the Midway gate between Heaven and Hell...

    Gaara: Am i going to die....

    ???: No...not yet...but very will be...

    Gaara: *a little shock* what....

    ???: it's true....

    Gaara: But.....why?

    ???: help a person well...a women cheat death...

    Gaara: Cheat....Death? but who?

    ???: it's....your made her escape that special ritual...we angels do to keep our Bloodline strong as ever....

    Gaara: What....special Ritual?

    ???: Sacrifice....

    *Gaara was very shock as he heard that then he snapped*

    Gaara: That's a LIE!! THAT'S A F****** LIE!?!

    ???: Think back...was she acting weird somehow....

    Gaara: well.....maybe...that one time....


    Gaara: Hey Aki, I'm about to get some you want somethin...

    *He realize that Aki is crying...really hard*

    Gaara: Aki!! *run up to her and hold her* are you alright?!

    Aki: Gaara....would you still love me if i went away....

    Gaara: why you said that? of course i will still love you if you went away....

    Aki: Gaara....*then she kiss him*

    *flashback ended*

    Gaara: she said something like that....but i didn't know she mean ......."that"

    ???: So...i guess you finally understand now....

    Gaara: you know all this stuff...and who are you really.....

    ???: I'm....

    *Then the person remove the hoodie that cover the person face and Gaara was very very the person is the women that was at his Inn room eight years ago....she have the same face, hair color, nose and mouth as Aki...but have a Red eye color....she look exactly like Aki right now*

    Maki: I'm Makina Homura.....Aki fraternal twin sister

    To be continue.....

    Next Episode: #8# Awakening
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    Re: Naruto Revolution #7# Sickness

    Hmmm.....I'd say work on your spellings.....this was nice.

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    Re: Naruto Revolution #7# Sickness

    Thanks and i will really work on that

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    Re: Naruto Revolution #7# Sickness

    very interesting indeed

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