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    625 Prediction

    I found this on the internet and thought to share it with you guys..I hope you enjoy

    Hashirama : I can't kill my brother......But I can kill my self.

    Tobirama and rest of the senju: !!?

    Hashirama : We will leave you here..

    In the house of senju.

    Hashirama : For the peace I will do that

    random member : If you do that we will kill that bastard Madara and whole uchiha clan.

    randommember 2 :Even if you kill yours self there is no guarantee that Madara will accept the truce.

    Tobirama : Brother I have found a way.....It is secret

    After period of days....
    Hashirama : This is insane Tobirama...... this technique I am sure this will be exploited by others plus it need a sacrifice

    Tobirama : If we can revive the Izuna. I am sure Madara will be satisfied and we won't loose our lives.May be Madara will become sacrifice.Even if Izuna revived he will not be as strong as Madara and by Madara became sacrifice he will gone from our enemy list.It is actually one stone and two birds...

    Hashirama : I don't want any dirty plays Tobirama !!!!

    Frightened on look on tobirama's face.

    At the meeting place...

    Hashirama : Madara we have found a way for to our problems....We will revive your brother from death by kinjutsu developed by my brother Tobirama.

    Madara : A jutsu that revive the dead one from death ? Now you are really talking rubbish...

    Hashirama : I didn't stopped Madara... for this technique to work we need a human sacrifice to attach the soul of the your brother. But still it will not be your actual little brother and the body don't have the same property's of human one.

    Tobirama : Prepare a human sacrifice for that Madara ( after saying that a malice smile appeared on Tobirama's face )

    Hashirama : Now it need a human sacrifice and even if you are talking the truth my brother will find me as weak if I do that .Incapable of acknowledging Izuna's death.My brother will feel pity about me and you said your's self that it will not be my actual brother and a human will die for that sacrifice then what is the point in this Hashirama ?

    Tobirama : so you are not going to accept this ?

    Hashirama : I thought this will happen.We wasted our time.

    Madara : We are still in the battle field.....

    Tobirama : If you want to fight you will taste my new jutsu

    Hashirama : ( in mind ) So you are going to use edo tensei

    Tobirama use some hand seals and a coffin appears in the battle ground.


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    Re: 625 Prediction

    according to madara, edo tensei was meant to clear the battlefield, but could also be for this too, the thing is, if izuna do come back is he sealed now?? that would kinda suck .-. if izuna were to ever come back,

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    Re: 625 Prediction

    nice one .................

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