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    I remember this

    Awards Showcase

    One Piece Ch.565 Spoilers!

    We are getting the rare treat of 2 chapters this week :D

    Chapter 565 - Current events

    565話 オーズの道
    シャボン諸島でルーキー達がそれぞれテレビ中継で戦争の様子を見ている。しかし途中で中継が途 絶える。そし てルーキー達はそれぞれの道へ。
    場面変わってマリンフォード、白髭が壁に攻撃するもびくともしない。そこに瀕死のオーズ、ジョ ズ、白髭で何 かはじめる様子。
    一方ルフィーはジンベエが起こした津波に乗って、処刑台の下まで到達するが三大将が立ちはだか る。青雉「ま だはやい」

    Chapter 565: Path of Oars
    The rookies are in Sabaody Archipelago, watching the war on the TV. But the broadcast is cut off in the middle. The rookies go on their ways.
    Scene changes to Marineford, showing Whitebeard attacking the walls, but the walls stand strong. Jozu, Whitebeard, and the dying Oars plan to do something about it.
    Meanwhile Luffy is riding the tidal wave created by Jinbei to arrive at the execution stand, but the three Admirals blocks his way. Aokiji says "It's not time yet".
    The colored cover is Luffy&co, but without Nami. It may be from the movie 10.
    They are wearing black outfits.

    Additional Nja bits
    At least Urouge and Law seemed to be headed out on their ships.
    The woman (Bonney?) was crying the whole time, perhaps something to do with Whitebeard.
    Additional Nja post
    Law tells his crew to get the ship going, I think hes headed to the war. Urouge just says lets go.
    Drake or Kid, I dont remember which one, said something like Whitebeard would never sell out his people hes the most powerful living legend, he would never do such a thing. Then walked off.
    I dont think Capone was in the chapter. He may have been, but if he did, I dont think he had a line.

    The first panel is too blurry, it's Apoo's pirates talking about the inner conflicts among Whitebeard pirates.
    Keep in mind a lot of the panels are very blurry, so some of this is guessing on my part from the context.

    Apoo: .....Yeah right, no way.
    Pirate: What? You mean that's not what's happening?
    Apoo: What are you stupid? They're not showing us the rest, because they don't want us to see. Not to the "public" and the "pirates"....
    Drake: .....
    Capone: Whitebeard sold out his people!? Rediculous!!
    He's a living legend precisely because he wouldn't do such a thing!!!
    Pirate: Father!
    Urouge: ...... Let's go.
    Hawkins: Whitebeard pirates... chance of annihilation...
    Pirate: Captain Bonney!!
    Bonney: *sob* Shut up! Leave me alone!!
    Law: Get the ship ready, Bepo!!

    The crowd and marines: Did Whitebeard sell out his own people!?
    Please show us the rest!!
    Reporter: Yes, HQ, that's right... there doesn't seem to be any chance of the broadcast being restored....
    Crowd: What's going to happen to the world!!
    Kidd: Marines... how dare they do this.
    Is this the end of the show....?

    Marine: Strawhat Luffy!!
    Additional Pics -

    Chapter 0 - This is a prequel

    Story takes place back when Roger, Gold Lion Shiki, Sengoku and Garp were in their prime, and Roger was captured.
    Back then Roger and Shiki were rivals. Hearing that Roger was captured, Shiki could not believe someone he considered his rival would be captured by the marines, and decided to find out the truth by inflitrating Impel Down himself.
    But Gold Lion was captured. He cuts his own legs off to escape.
    Back then, Sengoku was an Admiral, and the top was Fleet Admiral Kong.
    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP View Post
    Mother?: Oh, how terrible!!?
    A cursed baby has been born!!
    It must be the curse of the Pirate Age!!
    Duval: Bwaaaaahnurabeccha waaahnurabeccha!

    Garp: Here, here sweet little Ace!! It's uncle Garp!!
    Ace: Aaaah! aaahh!
    Dadan?: Oh, hey Garp!!.... I mean Mr Garp, I didn't know you were back!?

    LOL at Duval having silly accents even at birth.
    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP View Post
    Shiki: Jihahahahaha..... Have you seen two of my swords? They are both excellent swords. The Outou, and the Kogarashi.
    Hannyabal: S...s.... seriously promotions!! Oooops, I meant, Shiki!!!

    Kid Lucci and future CP9 training
    Marine: Justice must be strong!! Strong!! It must be stronger!!!
    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP View Post
    Shanks: I came here because I heard a rumor about a man named Yasopp.
    Oh, and... I'm Shanks. A pirate.
    Yasopp: !

    Merry: "Going Merry".... yeah!! I wish I can make a ship like this someday.

    Zeff: The Gold Lion, eh?
    Pirate: They say he's a pirate that can fly.

    Kureha: My child is foaming at the mouth... (rest cut off)

    Gaimon: What the!? Damn!! I can't get out!!! Holy crap, Miracle Fit!!!

    Laboon: BWOOOOO!!!!
    Pics (These are epic )

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