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    Naruto Revolution #8# Awakening

    *Just a quick reminder to all of the people who reading this fan-fiction story, The seventh chapter has been finish so if you haven't read it yet here's the link:*

    *Gaara was shock as the person who was in his inn room eight years ago, is Aki fraternal twin sister and begin question himself "why didn't Aki told me, she had a twin sister?" then he stop that thought and begin speaking*

    Gaara: Y-You're Aki twin sister?

    Maki: Yes....i am...

    *Meet Makina Homura or Maki for short, She is the younger twin sister of Aki Homura who only separate by a minute apart, her past is a terrible one...for anyone to suffer*

    Gaara: my god...t-this is think Aki have a twin sister.....but why? Why didn't she tell me?

    Maki: To hide the fact, that i'll tell you everything about the Angels history, the sacrifice and....other stuff that can completely change everything

    Gaara: So then...why are you inside my mind....when you are alive it a Justu? a trick? or something else?

    Maki: *shake her head* no...none of them....I'm half dead, half alive....

    Gaara: *confuse* Half dead.....Half alive? is it like a zombie? only you can't eat people and have control over your mind?

    Maki: *smiles* sorta like that....but with the state i'm in right now....I can't go to Heaven or Hell....i just roam through the world like a normal human being....

    Gaara: but....why are you like that? their have to be a good reason for you to be like that?

    Maki: I was sacrifice.....well not really....

    Gaara: *confuse* not really?

    Maki: well....let me say this Gaara.....Back then, i was treated like a monster.....* touch her stomach* for something i hold deep inside of me....then when i was about to get sacrifice...I....I.....I was thinking of how my death be the lost of my people...and guess what...i couldn't think of one....I will be the one that haven't existed in this world....someone who is just a puppet for people entertainment and games and tell myself....."Who am I...why have i been born to this world only to know pain from the people and my Father"......then i remember something....something that made me fight back before i die and be forgotten from this world....

    Gaara: what is it?

    Maki: *turns around and didn't say nothing then she say something else* We running out of time....You will be waking up in 20 seconds....


    Maki: Good bye....Gaara....

    *Before Gaara disappear, he notice Maki face....she was crying.....angrily....then Gaara disappear from the Midway*

    *Three days later*

    Gaara: *waking up quickly and breathing hard* (MAKI!?!)

    *Then he start to notice Aki who was sleeping by the edge of the hospital bed*

    Gaara: *relaxed* ( have been at my side all this time...huh....*start stroking her hair and feeling her cheek then she woke up*

    Aki: Gaara......*Realize he awake* GAARA!!! *hug him*

    Gaara: I'm....*hug her back* awake...Aki...

    *Then Gaara was hug by two unknown people and realize it was Aster and Luna who was hugging him, and they was crying and keep saying "DADDY!!" then Gaara felt a hand on his shoulder, only to see Naruto by him crying of joy and said "'re awake now" then he broke down...*

    *Two Hours later, in the press conference hospital room*

    Gaara: People of not worry...i'm fine....just continue to your regular life and two months recovery, i will be back

    Reporter: But Kazekage, who will lead the village while you recovering?

    Gaara: Normally it will be my older brother Kankuro, but as i heard he at a mission right now....So Naruto will lead the village


    Gaara: *smile* I'm kidding Naruto....

    *the whole room was laughing*

    Naruto: Don't do that Gaara!!! You almost give me a Heart attack!!!

    *A Few days later*

    Gaara: ('s time to tell Aki about "That") *Then he open the bedroom door only to see Aki, reading a book* Aki, *hesitate* I-I want to talk to you about something....

    Aki: what is it Gaara? *continuing reading the book*

    Gaara: Why didn't you tell me you was offer as a sacrifice and have a twin sister?

    *Aki look up and drop her book dramatically, shock on how Gaara know about this*

    Aki: *shock* H-How....did you know....*then started to get really worry*

    Gaara: I met your sister.....Makina Homura...she explain a little about the angels,your sacrifice and herself and i got to say....i'm a little shock and confuse about this....and i was wondering...why haven't you tell me any of this....i'm your husband suppose to trust me...but i you trust me aki....

    Aki: *start crying* I...I do Trust you Gaara...I really do...but I...I...

    *Then Gaara stop her and hug her*

    Gaara: It's okay....I think i kinda understand what are you saying....You was scare....that if i learn about this....i would leave you.....but I won't...I will stay by you always Aki....

    Aki: Gaara.....

    *Then they..... make out and start taking off each other clothes while doing it and have.....lets just skip that part shall we, no way in hell we would show THAT kind of scenes on this story*

    *By the Door, Aster heard everything what Gaara and Aki said....then he left to see the documents in the internet, Yes they have internet in the ninja world, and saw Makina Homura in the documents, and saw she was living by the border between the Leaf and Sand and also it said she have a daughter one year older than him name Moonlight Homura and Aster was very curious on how would someone name their child Moonlight then he made a decision to visit his Mom sister or his Aunt to found out whether his parents is telling the truth*

    *the next day*


    Gaara: ughhh....*waking up* what is that noise.....

    *then Aki rush through the door yelling*

    Aki: G-GAARA!!....Aster....ASTER IS GONE!!!

    To be continue....

    Next episode: #9# Answers
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    Re: Naruto Revolution #8# Awakening

    I want more more please!!!

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