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    Konoha's Red Flash Chapter 2

    "So Naruto, are you ready to start your real ninja training?" asked Minato as he grinned down at the now six year old Naruto.

    Naruto dressed just like your average six year old, he had on an orange t-shirt and blue shorts, as well as blue ninja sandals.

    "Of course Dad! I have to start early if I wanna get better than you and take your spot as Hokage!"

    "Whoa Naruto, don't get ahead of yourself. That's still a way away. Now what I want you to do is climb this tree." Said Minato as he pointed over his shoulder at a tree.

    "But how is that ninja training dad?"

    "You have to climb it without using your hands Naruto."

    "How am I supposed to do that?!"

    Minato walked over to the tree and started walking up the side of it as Naruto looked on in awe.

    "Cool how do you do that dad?" said the wide eyed smiling Naruto.

    "You just have to focus your chakra to your feet and use it to stick. Give it a try."

    Naruto walked over to the tree and started walking up the tree. He made it about halfway up before he lost his footing and fell back down into Minato's waiting arms.

    "That was very good Naruto most people don't get that far on their first try. Try again and see how you do."

    Naruto started back up the tree and this time to his surprise he stuck good and made it all the way to the top.

    Well it looks like the books and small exercises we had him do have paid off well. He has the largest reserves of anyone I've ever seen his age and excellent control as well. He'll make a fine shinobi one day.

    "Look dad I did it!" Said Naruto as he started walking around and around on the trunk of the tree.

    "Very good Naruto I'm very proud of you." Said Minato with a smile. "Now come on down I have a new exercise for you."

    Naruto jumped down from the tree and walked over to his dad and said "What is it now Dad, do I get to learn a super-cool new jutsu?"

    "Not yet Naruto but soon I promise. Since you figured out the tree walking so fast, I want you now to try to walk on top of this pond."

    "How do I do that?"

    "Well it's the same basic theory as tree climbing, except the water is constantly changing, so you have to adjust your flow of chakra as such."

    "I think I get it. So can I try it out now dad?"

    "Go ahead son."

    Naruto started walking out on to the water and made it a few steps out before he fell through. He jumped back up and out of the water as his dad said "Naruto you did good again."

    "But I only made it three steps out into the water." Pouted Naruto.

    "It's okay Son, most high level genin have problems with water walking. You did better than I did on my first try."

    "Really? Well I guess I just have to keep at it, and I'll be the Hokage in no time!"

    "You're still a way away from taking your old man's spot Son but you're doing great. Why don't you give it another shot?"

    Naruto spent the next hour or so walking out into the water and falling in over and over but he got a little better each time until he could finally walk, run, and jump on the surface of the water.

    "Good job Naruto, how about we break for some lunch?" said Minato.

    "Sure dad let's go!" Said Naruto as he grabbed Minato by the waist and they disappeared in a flash of yellow light.

    "You've gotta teach me how to do that dad!" said Naruto as they reappeared in front of their favorite ramen stand.

    "I will one day Son, don't get ahead of yourself." Said Minato with a smile as they walked in and sat down at the counter.

    "What can I get for you today?" Said a young girl about 10 years old.

    "We'll have the normal Ayame." Said Minato.

    "Alright it'll be right out" Said Ayame as she walked into the back.

    A few minutes later an older man in his late 30s came out of the back with 4 bowls of ramen.

    "How are my favorite customers doing today?" Said the man as he sat down the ramen.

    "We're doing great Mr. Ichiraku! Me and my dad are finally starting my training to be a ninja." Said Naruto.

    "That's good to hear, you aren't being too rough on the boy are you Hokage-sama?"

    "You know you don't have to call me Hokage, I've been coming here since I was a kid Teuchi."

    "Yea but you weren't the Hokage back then remember?" Said the man, now identified as Teuchi Ichiraku.

    "No I wasn't, but you can still just call me Minato."

    "If you insist."

    "Thanks Teuchi. We better get going and start back on the training." Said Minato as he laid some money on the counter.

    "See you later Mr. Ichiraku!" said Naruto as they flashed away.

    "So what are we going to do now dad?" said Naruto as the appeared back at the training ground.

    "Well, how would you like to know what your elemental affinity is?"

    "Elemental affinity?"

    "Yes, chakra can be converted into one of five different kinds of chakra, to perform different jutsu. You can perform a jutsu without having the affinity for that element, but it won't be as strong and will take more chakra than someone who does have the affinity. The five affinities are Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning, and Earth; each country specializes in one of the elements mostly but can have all types. For instance, we are the fire country, so we have a lot of fire style users, but we also have the other kinds too, like me, I'm a wind user. Most people have one or two elements to begin, but can work to get more as they get older. Rarely, people have three or more affinities early on."

    "So how do I know what kind I am?"

    Minato took a card out of his pocket and handed it to Naruto.

    "All you have to do is channel your chakra into this card and it will tell you."

    Naruto channeled his chakra to the card and to Minato's surprise, the card split in half down the middle, and one side crinkled up while the other side became soggy wet.

    "Wow Naruto…" said a dumbfounded Minato.

    "What is it Dad?"

    "Remember how I said it was rare to have three affinities?"

    "Yea, so what did my card say?"

    "You have wind, water, and lightning affinities. That's amazing Naruto, I'm the Hokage and I only have 4 affinities."

    "What are your's Dad?"

    "Well my primary was wind. Shortly after I became a genin I developed an affinity for fire, then as a chunin I got water, and finally just a few years ago I developed the lightning affinity."

    "Wow Dad you're the best!"

    Not really son, you have three elements at the age of six, and if im right the Kyuubi in you will allow you to use fire as well, so you're almost as good as I am in that area already. thought Minato.

    "So Naruto, how about I teach you a jutsu now?"


    "Yes I think you're ready for it already. It's called shadow clone jutsu."

    "Shadow clone? That sounds awesome!"

    "It is a very useful jutsu son, but it is a forbidden technique that most jounin can't use efficiently. But with your chakra reserves I think it should be fine. If my theory is correct it may also be a good tool to train with, which is why I'm teaching it to you so early."

    "Wow Dad you really think I'm ready?"

    "Yes I do Son you've did really well this past year on all of the smaller thing so you've earned it."

    "Cool! What do I have to do?"

    "Just do the cross hand seal and focus your chakra into making copies of yourself. Now you have to be careful, the reason many jounin can't do this jutsu is because it takes a lot of chakra to make more than a few clones. Go ahead and give it a try."

    Naruto placed his hands in the seal and concentrated for just a second, and and then once again Minato was

    utterly shocked at what happened.

    Standing before him was almost 1000 clones of Naruto.

    "Wow Son you have surprised me again."

    "Did I do something wrong?"

    "Oh no of course not this is great. You have the chakra to make a thousand clones and you don't even look tired."

    "So that's a good thing?"

    "Yes, I don't even think I could make 1000 clones Son."

    "Wow really?! Your job is getting closer all the time dad!" Said Naruto as he laughed

    "How about we take the rest of the day off and go see what your friend Shikamaru is up to?"


    And again they disappeared in a flash of light and reappeared right outside the Nara compound. As they walked up to knock on the door of the main house in the compound, the door opened and Shikaku Nara walked out.

    "Ahh Minato, do you need something?"

    "No we just came by to see if Shikamaru could play?"

    "Sure I think he is out back, go ahead Naruto."

    "Thanks !" Said Naruto as he ran off towards the back yard.

    "Hey Naruto how are you doing today?" Said a young man about Naruto's age with black hair tied up in a pineapple shape with black pants and a mesh tshirt with a tan coat over it.

    "I'm good, me and my dad just finished some training, how about you?"

    "We just finished training too, it was so troublesome."

    "Look at the bright side, if you train hard you'll be a good shinobi one day"

    "I'd rather just watch the clouds go by."

    "You're so lazy Shikamaru. How about a game of shougi?"

    "Troublesome" Said Shikamaru with a grin as he ran inside to get the game board.


    Inside, with Minato and Shikaku.

    "1000 clones? Really? Damn Minato you've got yourself a handful. He's going to be just like you when he's older."

    "Yea it makes me proud as a dad that my son shows such potential, but you can't act like Shikamaru isn't just like you too."

    "Yea you're right about that, he's not the strongest but he sure is bright."

    "Like father like son."

    "Yea you're spot on there."


    Later that night, at the Namikaze home.

    Minato was in his study looking over some scrolls while Naruto was in his room also studying some scrolls.

    Tsunade had just finished cooking supper and was setting the table.

    "Minato, Naruto, Jiraiya, supper is done."

    No sooner than she said that a yellow flash appeared at the head of the table, though he was only a hair faster than the speeding Naruto who found his place.

    They are so alike its scary. Thought Tsunade as she giggled to herself.

    A moment later Jiraiya came walking down the stairs and found his place at the table, and they all started eating.


    About one year later

    Naruto awoke to the familiar sound of his alarm clock buzzing as he started to crawl out of bed.

    He took a shower and started down the stairs to get some breakfast before heading out to train, but as he reached the bottom of the stairs his dad walked up and said "Happy Birthday Naruto!".

    "Oh yea I forgot it was my birthday today." Said Naruto as he rubbed the back of his head, just like his dad always does.

    Jiraiya sweat dropped in the kitchen as Tsunade laughed.

    "So how does it feel to be another year older Son?" said Minato with a grin.

    "I'm another year closer to taking your job dad." Said a smiling Naruto.

    "Well how about some breakfast for now instead, and Hokage in a few years?"

    "Sounds like a plan to me Dad."

    They gathered around the table and started eating while Minato and Jiraiya looked at each other and nodded.

    "So Naruto, how about I teach you a new jutsu for your birthday?"

    "Really?! What jutsu is it?" said Naruto smiling ear to ear.

    "You'll see." Said Minato with a grin.

    "Okay when do we start?"

    "After breakfast I've got some work to do at the office, but Jiraiya will get you started and I'll join you when I'm through okay?"


    They all finished their breakfast and Minato flashed away to the Hokage tower while Jiraiya and Naruto walked out back to the training ground.

    "So what jutsu are you gonna teach me Uncle Jiraiya?"

    "It's called the Rasengan, your father's own creation."

    "Cool! Where do I start?"

    "Well you know about nature and shape manipulation already right? The Rasengan is the ultimate form of shape manipulation. While it is technically incomplete for now it is still a very powerful jutsu."

    "How is it incomplete?"

    "Well like I said, your father made the jutsu. It took him 3 years to get the Rasengan down, however his intentions are to add nature manipulation to it, which he is still trying to perfect."

    "I see. Maybe if I learn it I can beat him to it!" Said Naruto as he jumped up and down.

    "Setting a big goal for yourself aren't you kid?"

    "Of course, the Hokage has to be the best in the village so I'm starting now."

    "Okay then, sounds good to me." Said Jiraiya as he pulled out a water balloon and tossed it to Naruto. "First thing I need you to do is gather your chakra inside this water ballon and spin it to make the balloon pop. Don't be disappointed if it takes a while, remember, it took your dad 3 years to make, and it took me a whole year to learn it from him."

    "Okay" Said Naruto as he started rotating chakra in his palm.

    Naruto kept at it for about 2 hours until finally the balloon started twisting and swelling up and finally it exploded.

    "Wow good job Naruto you got the first step in only 2 hours. It took me weeks to pop the balloon."

    "Cool what's next?"

    At that time Minato came walking out of the house.

    "How's it going?"

    "I already got the first step done Dad!"

    "Really? Good job Naruto, will you show me?"

    Jiraiya tossed Naruto another balloon and in a few seconds this balloon exploded in Naruto's hand.

    "Good job son, are you ready for the next step?"


    "Okay then now you'll need to do the same thing to this rubber ball. In order to pop the rubber ball, youll need to use more chakra and keep the same rotation."

    Again Jiraiya tossed Naruto a rubber ball and he started trying to pop it. After a few hours of trying Minato stopped Naruto and decided to break for lunch.

    As soon as they finished they ran back outside and started again, and in a couple more hours Naruto exploded the rubber ball.

    "Good job Son! At this rate you'll have it down by the end of the day. Let's see it again."

    Minato tossed Naruto another ball and in just a couple of seconds it exploded in Naruto's hand.

    "Okay are you ready for the last step now Son?"


    "Okay, this time, you need to combine steps one and two. You need to pump a lot of chakra into this balloon while spinning it and keeping the form good enough not to pop the balloon.

    "Okay" Said Naruto as he took a balloon from Jiraiya.

    Again Naruto spent several hours straight working on the final step. It finally got dark and they decided to call it a day.

    "Good job today Naruto. You made it farther today than I expected. Maybe tomorrow you can finish up."

    "Okay dad" Said Naruto as he walked into the house to eat supper and study his medical jutsu with Tsunade.


    Later that night

    As Naruto was upstairs asleep Minato and Jiraiya sat in Minato's study talking.

    "I can't believe he got that far on his first day" said Minato.

    "You're telling me. It took you 3 years to develop and a year for you to teach me." Said Jiraiya.

    "Yea, Naruto is special. He is going to be a great ninja one day."

    "Yea and he has his goals set high already, he wants to be the Hokage, and he said he wants to beat you to adding his nature to the Rasengan."

    "Well I really think both of those dreams will come true. If he works hard he could add his element to the Rasengan in just a few days I'm sure. Would you keep working with him while I'm at the office?"

    "Of course, we'll have the Rasengan complete before you get home tomorrow" Said Jiraiya as he laughed.

    "Thanks Sensei." Said Minato.


    The next morning, on the training field.

    "Alright Naruto, let's try again." Said Jiraiya as he handed Naruto another balloon. Naruto spent the next hour popping one balloon after another before finally, he got the balloon to swell up but not bust. Jiraiya smiled and said "Naruto." as the balloon popped in Naruto's hand. "Okay, we know you can do it, but you've gotta be able to keep it up if you're distracted, so that's what we'll work on now.


    Naruto took the balloon and swelled it up with the chakra inside and was keeping up well, then Jiraiya threw a rock at him and he messed up and popped the balloon.

    "See kid you've got to concentrate even in the heat of battle to form techniques so you'll have to do this while being pelted with rocks" said Jiraiya with an evil grin.

    So for the next two hours Naruto made the incomplete Rasengan as Jiraiya threw rocks at him. Shortly after 2 hours Naruto had it going while running and dodging the rocks Jiraiya threw at him.

    "Good job Naruto, now all three steps are done, you have to do it without the balloon."

    So again Naruto spent a while forming the Rasengan without the balloon while dodging rocks. After another 2 hours he had formed a perfect Rasengan.

    "Good kid, now take and push the Rasengan into that tree and see what happens."

    So Naruto formed a Rasengan and ran it into a tree in the back yard. Splinters and leaves went everywhere to Naruto's surprise.

    "Wow did I do that?"

    "Yep, you've mastered the Rasengan kid."

    Just then Minato appeared in a flash beside Naruto and looked at the mess in the yard.

    "Looks like you got it figured out. Good job Naruto. How about we go out for lunch to celebrate?"


    And with that Minato, Jiraiya, and Naruto disappeared in a flash.

    Thanks for reading, hope you all enjoyed it. I'd appreciate all reviews, they help me to better myself. I know most of you don't like the long chapters but it is what it is. I personally like this chapter better, but then again each one i do seems better than the last. Anyways as long as the readers like it I'm happy.

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    Re: Konoha's Red Flash Chapter 2

    This is kinda like a Sasuke - Itachi relationship.

    But I like it.

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    Re: Konoha's Red Flash Chapter 2

    Amazing! Nice few chapter! It makes you truly wonder what life would be like if Naruto's parents had survived.

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    Re: Konoha's Red Flash Chapter 2

    Damn that was long read...... but totally worth it

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    Re: Konoha's Red Flash Chapter 2

    Writing is pretty good. But I feel like you should be incorporating some more original ideas into it

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    Re: Konoha's Red Flash Chapter 2

    Oh and watch your details more closely, in the beginning you said naruto was 6, then said he was 5 when he did the affinity test

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    Re: Konoha's Red Flash Chapter 2

    Wasted time... 5 for that.

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    Re: Konoha's Red Flash Chapter 2

    That was a damn long read ... totally worth it in the end.
    5 for the chapter

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    Re: Konoha's Red Flash Chapter 2

    That was a good read it feels a bit rushed, is he in school, are there missions going on in the village, is jman not traveling around the world writing
    But I still liked it good work

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    Re: Konoha's Red Flash Chapter 2

    I want more more please!!!

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