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    Kishi's Inspirations part 1

    This will be part of a series. Possible inspirations for Mr. Kishimoto.

    BASILISK 1958

    Many jutsu's, and KKG's can be found in this manga as well, for instance: Suigetsu's waterbody, Zetsu's merging with the ground, and wood, Shino's control of insects, Jiraya's manipulation of his hair Kidomaru's spider threads spitting from his mouth.

    some examples:

    Your typical jumping through the trees panels:

    Sucking up victims: Kamuii(the brutal version everyone talks about)

    And what would a ninja manga be without powerful eyes to manipulate the opponent?

    All in all, this is a great manga(only 34 issues). Naruto for adults, as it contains quite some nudity, and even rape attempts...

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    Re: Kishi's Inspirations part 1

    The power pole and Rasenshuriken - Dbz

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