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I see your point, but Madara never really gave a f**k about Sasukes emotions. Besides they seemed to be affiliated as Madara mentions their allegience at the Uchiha Massacre. Also, Madara just see's sauke as a spare set of eyes, also Danzo probably can restore madaras eyes using sasukes w/ his seals.

@ Michael the Ruler... I think Oro would have already completely consumed kabuto by now (I hope so, Kabuto is such a weak, clichés character) but knowing Kishi that will have a whole arc explaining itself!!!!!Also, Kabuto was already pretty consumed when we last saw him......

Anyway debating is fun!!!!!

Madara must work with Sasuke though because he said that the statue that absorbs the tailed beast could only be summoned by Pein, but hes dead, now he said sasuke can summon it so i dont think he will want sasuke to turn on him