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    Sasuke Chapter 2: Kakashi Hatake

    Alright, I feel like writing the next chapter, this is quite fun actually^^

    Just so you all know, I will mostly go off of the Manga, so no fillers unless I decide otherwise, and I will skip some chapters most likely but if I do, I will probably summarize what happened in it or refer back to it in dialogue or thought

    Alright everyone, Chapter 2!

    Chapter 2: Kakashi Hatake

    Naruto: 'hmmm' Sakura: "Naruto, can't you just stay still?" Naruto: "Why is the sensei of our team #7...SO DAMN LATE!? Geez, all of the other teams are long gone with their teachers and Iruka-Sensei left too..." * Grabs ladder and chalk board eraser and starts fiddling with the door * Sasuke: ? Sakura: ? "Naruto, what do you think your doing!?" Naruto: * Lodges eraser in doorway * " I'm going to teach this guy how to be punctual heehee." Sakura: "Geez Naruto, I have nothing to do with this..." 'I actually love these kinds of things! 1 point for Naruto!'

    Sasuke: "Pfft, like a Jounin is going to fall for such a simple booby trap..."

    Just then, a White, gravity defying haired, face mask wearing cyclops opened the door, taking an eraser to the head.

    Naruto: "GYAHAHAHAHA! YOU FELL FOR IT! TRY NOT BEING LATE NEXT TIME HUH!?" Sakura: "I'm so sorry Sensei, I tried to stop him but Naruto..." 'CHA! THAT WAS BETTER THAN I IMAGINED!' Sasuke: '...This is really a Jounin? He doesn't seem very reliable...'

    ?: "Hmm... How can I say this...? My first impression is... I don't like you guys!"

    On the rooftop minutes later

    ?: "OK, let's begin with introductions." Sakura: "What do you want to know?" ?: "How about... Your likes, dislikes.. Dreams for the future, hobbies, stuff like that." Naruto: "Hey hey, why don't you introduce yourself to us first Baka?! Like why are you so late, and what do you have to hide behind that mask of yours huh?" Sakura: "Yeah, you look suspicious.."

    ?: "Ohh...Me? My name is Kakashi Hatake. I have no desire to tell you guys about my likes nor dislikes. Dreams for the future...? Hmm.. Well, I have lots of hobbies..."

    Sakura: "So...All we learned... was his name?" Kakashi: "Now then, it's your turn, from the right."

    Naruto: "Oh, me? Well, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like cup ramen better than I like any villager in Konoha, and I love the ramen restaurant that Iruka-Sensei buys me sometimes. What I dislike are the 3 minutes I have to wait for the cup ramen to cook and all of the *******s in the village who glare at me wherever I go! My to surpass the Hokage! And then I'll finally get some respect from everyone in this village or else! Everyone will acknowledge and respect my existence!"

    Kakashi: 'He's grown in an interesting way...' Naruto: "Hobbies... pranks I guess." Kakashi: 'I see...' "Next."

    Sasuke: "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. There are many things I dislike, but, I don't really like anything. And my...Dream isn't the right word... My ambition is to resurrect my clan, and... to find a certain man..." Sakura: 'Cool 3' Naruto: 'who the hell is he talking about?' Kakashi: '...I thought so...' "OK.. And lastly, the girl."

    Sakura: "I'm Sakura Haruno. I like...uh... *stares at Sasuke * 'Don't say Sasuke, don't say Sasuke' Not sasuke? AH! I MEAN, well, Um... My d-dream, uh... 'DON'T SAY MARRYING SASUKE!' N-not marrying Sasuke!? GAH! I-I, I dislike... I HATE NARUTO!" Naruto: "HEY!" Sakura: "Sigh, my hobby hobbies...'NAILED IT!'" Kakashi: 'Girls of this age are more interested in love than ninjutsu...'

    Kakashi: "OK! That's enough of that. We will start our duties tomorrow." Naruto: "FINALLY SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE! What are we have planned Cyclops-Sensei!?" Kakashi: "...Right, well, first we are going to do something with just the four of us." Naruto: "Well out with it! what are we doing!?" Kakashi: "Survival training."

    Naruto: "Survival training?" Sasuke:... Sakura: "Training? We did enough of that at the Academy didn't we?" Kakashi: "I'm your opponent, but this is not normal training." All: ? Naruto: "What? Then whats so special about it huh!?" Kakashi: "...He, hehehe..." Sakura: "Hey, what's so funny Sensei?" Kakashi: "No..Well...It's just that.. When I tell you this, you guys are definitely going to flip." Naruto: "Like literally flip or my sensei is hours late and I found out he made me wait for nothing flip?"

    Kakashi:"Of the 27 graduates, only 9 will be chosen as Genin. The rest will be sent back to the Academy. This training is a super difficult exam with a failure rate of over 66%!" All: * Go into collective shock and Silence * Kakashi: "Haha, I told you you'd flip ^_\"

    Naruto: "WHAT THE ****!? YOU CAN'T DO THAT! WE WORKED SO HARD! WHAT WAS THE POINT OF GRADUATING THEN!?" Kakashi: "Oh...That? That's just to select those that have a chance to become Genin." Naruto&Sakura: "WHAT!?" Kakashi: "Anyway, tomorrow you will be graded on the training field. Bring your Shinobi tools. Oh, and skip breakfast, you'll throw up tomorrow."

    Sasuke: 'One step forward, two steps back, no...I can't fail here, tomorrow, I will give it my all and then some, I'll leave Kakashi in the dust. He is just another obstacle between me and my brother!'

    Kakashi: "The details can be read on this printout. Don't be late tomorrow." Sakura: 'But..If I fail this, I'll be separated from Sasuke-Kun, and I'll never earn his respect as a Konoichi!' Sasuke: * Looks it over and crushes the paper * Naruto: * Reads repeatedly *

    The following day on the Training Fields... Hours after appointed time...

    Kakashi: "Hey guys, good morning!" Sakura&Naruto: "YOUR LATE! AGAIN!" Kakashi: * Sets up an alarm clock * "OK, It's set for noon..." Team#7: ? Kakashi: "Here are two bells. Your task is to take these from me before noon. Those who cannot get a bell by noon...get NO lunch. I'll not only tie you to one of those stumps, but I'll eat right in front of you." Team#7: 'So this is why he told us not to eat... Damn...' Kakashi: "You only need to get one bell. There are only two, so, one of you will definitely be tied to a stump. And... The person who doesn't take a bell fails. So, at least one of you will be sent back to the Academy." Team#7: !...'It won't be me...'

    Kakashi: "You can even use your Shurikens. You won't succeed unless you come at me with the intent to kill me."Sakura: "But you'll be in danger!" Naruto: "Yeah! You couldn't even dodge a chalk-board eraser! We'll kill you!" Kakashi: 'Calm down, calm down' "In the real world, those with no talent often bark the loudest. Well, ignore Mr. Dead Last and start when I say..." Naruto: 'Dead Last' "Dead Last, Dead Last, DEAD LAST! I'LL SHOW YOU DEAD LAST YOU ONE EYES BASTARD!" * Charges Kakashi with a Kunai * Kakashi: * Counters Naruto and places Kunai behind Naruto's head * "Slow down... I haven't said start yet." Sakura: 'No way... I couldn't even see...' Sasuke: 'So, this is a Jounin, hn...' Kakashi: "Wellit seems like you're prepared to come at me with the intent to kill. So you've finally acknowledged me as a threat then? Hehehe, it seems like... I'm beginning... To like you guys. OK, let's get going... Ready... START!"

    P.S. I think i will change the name to Team 7 Intro, what do you think?

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    Re: Sasuke Chapter 2: Kakashi Hatake

    Loved it!

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