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    Sasuke Chapter 3: Survival Training

    From now on, I will try making the chapters longer. So, I am combining "Carelessness is your worst enemy", "Only for Susuke...!", "And That's Why You're DQ'd & "Kakashi's Conclusion" to form...

    Chapter 3: Survival Training!

    The second Kakashi called start, all vanished and prepared for their challenge. We find Kakashi standing in the clearing near the river. Team 7 are all hiding in the brush and... wait, wheres Naruto?

    Kakashi: "The basics of a Ninja involve hiding oneself well." 'Good, they have all seemed to have hidden well... they may have some hope ye-' Naruto: "COME AND TAKE WHATS COMING TO YOU LIKE A MAN! I'LL BEAT PUNCTUALLITY AND MANNERS INTO YOU CYCLOPS!" Kakashi: "...Your a bit off, you know that..?" Sasuke: * Watching from the brush * 'What a total moron..'Naruto: "The only thing off is your hair cut!" * charges but suddenly stops when he see's Kakashi reaching into his back pouch * 'Is he going to use a weapon?' Kakashi: "Ninja fighting lesson #1, Taijutsu. I'll teach you about it..." * Pulls out a form of reading material titled, Icha Icha Paradise? * Naruto: !? Kakashi: "What's wrong? Hurry and come at me." Naruto: "But.. Hey hey! What's with the book huh!?" Kakashi: "Why? Well, because I want to read what happens next. Don't worry about it, it won't make a difference against you guys..." * Proceeds reading said book * Naruto: ... "OH IS THAT HOW IT IS HUH!? I'LL TEACH YOU TO UNDERESTIMATE NARUTO UZUMAKI!" * Charges again sending a back hand at Kakashi who simply catches it while still reading his book. Naruto then however follows up with a spinning kick for Kakashi's head, to which Kakashi simply ducks under. Naruto tries to catch Kakashi off guard with a left punch for Kakashi to... Disappear? * "What the ****?" Kakashi: * Appears behind Naruto crouching forming the Tiger hand seal* "A Ninja isn't suppose to get caught from behind idiot." Sakura: 'What? His hand position.. Is that the Seal of the Tiger? Huh? No way! He's going to use a Ninjutsu against Naruto!?' Sasuke: 'No way.. Is that seal for fire... That bastard isn't going to just run around?' Sakura: "NARUTO! GET OUT OF THER! YOU'RE GOING TO GET KILLED!" Naruto: "Huh!?" Kakashi: "To late... Hidden Leaf Ancient Taijutsu Supreme Technique A THOUSAND YEARS OF PAIN!" * Kakashi then, jabbed his fingers directly into Naruto's rectum sending him flying in pain * Naruto: "GYAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

    Sakura: ..."What... That's not a Ninjutsu... Supreme technique? That was just a super powerful ass poke..." Sasuke: ..."Two total morons..pft"

    Naruto: * Lands into the water trying to gather himself after what he had just experienced * Kakashi: * Blushing at his book... what kind of book is that? * Sasuke: ... Sakura: 'That strength isn't fair... What can we do?' Naruto: 'DAMN IT! THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO...' *Throws two shurikan at Kakashi's head from underwater only for them to be caught in Kakashi's fingers while he giggles and blushes at his book... shocking Sasuke and Sakura really * "BLAM IP!(DAMN IT!)" Sasuke: ... Sakura: 'He's reading and laughing... He's just toying with Naruto...' * sweat *

    Naruto: * Crawls out of the water coughing only to be greeted by a waiting Kakashi * Kakashi: "Hey, what's wrong? If you don't get a bell by noon, no lunch." Naruto: "I know that!" Kakashi: "You sure are weak for someone who's going to surpass the Hokage." Naruto: "I can still fight on an empty Stomach damn it! I will prove you and those bastard villagers wrong! Everyone hates me for something that is out of my control and you are obviously no better than them you arrogant bastard!" Sasuke&Sakura: grrrr...I'm starving, but, what's Naruto talking about? I wonder...'

    Kakashi: * Taken back by the comment * "Hmm, you are just upset because you got careless. Didn't you ever hear that carelessness can be your worst enemy?" Naruto: 'Ugh, I'm so hungry, But I have to get one of those bells! I swear, they will all acknowledge be one day, starting with this *******!' * Suddenly a hoard of clones jump out of the water at Kakashi * 'I WILL BECOME THE STRONGEST NINJA EVER!'

    Naruto: "Now for my special move!" * Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!(multi shadow clone technique) * "You can't afford to get careless anymore unless you want to die!" Sasuke: '1,2,3...8? What jutsu is that?' Sakura: 'What? those aren't illusions, they're, real?' Kakashi: "Hn, those are not normal clones, those are shadow clones, that skill is no illusion, those are multiple real bodies of yourself..." 'So, this is the forbidden skill he used to take down Mizuki...' "With your ability, you will probably only be able to hold this up for a minute. No matter how many you line up, you're still Naruto. You can't beat me with that Jutsu." !? "What!? Behind me!?" * Kakashi suddenly gets grabbed by one clone from behind catching him off guard while the other clones charged and his teammates watched in awe, Sakura even held a hint of a blush either out of hunger or amazement at Naruto's new found skill *

    Naruto Clone Grabbing Kakashi: "Weren't Ninjas not supposed to get caught from behind you hack!?" Naruto: "Using the Kage Bunshin I sent a clone out of the water to sneak around and get you from behind! My ass still hurts but I shall avenge it here and now!" Sakura with a sincere smile and blush across her face of admiration: 'Naruto! You're actually pretty good! Who knew!?' Sasuke grinning with respect: 'that was actually a pretty nice plan loser.'

    Naruto: "DIE!" * Naruto then let a kunai slip from his sleeve and went to slice Kakashi's throat, getting shocked expressions from his team, especially when they saw Kakashi disappear and in his place, Naruto with a sliced out throat gushing blood * Sakura with honest concern: "Naruto...?" Naruto: "Sensei! Is that you? Did you use a Henge-" * He was suddenly cut off when his clone with the cut throat dispersed * 'Hmm, if that was a clone.. where did he go... Is he under a Henge as one of my clones...? better play it safe...' * Naruto dispersed his remaining clones getting ready to lunge at any fake, to no avail as they all poofed away with smoke * "What, what happened? I don't understand..."

    Sakura: 'Few, it was just a clone, wait, WHY DO I CARE!? I don't...' Sasuke: 'That was Kawarimi no Jutsu idiot, if he replaced himself with the real you, you'd be dead right now...'

    Naruto: * Scans the area for Kakashi and keeping his guard up see's a bell laying under a tree * "AHAH! He must have dropped a bell escaping through all of that chaos!" * He runs over and bends down to grab said bell when his foot get's snagged and he is pulled up hanging from the tree by a rope * "OH SON OF A ***** WHAT THE **** IS THIS SHIT!?" Sasuke: 'A trap obviously... But that Jounin, even when playing with Naruto, has no openings...'

    Kakashi walking up to pick his bell back up: "Think before using a Jutsu or it will get used against you. and also, don't fall for such obvious traps, Idiot. A ninja must be able to read whats underneath the underneath." Naruto: "That goes for you too you condescending ****er!" * Cuts the rope and wraps it around holding Kakashi holding firm for obviously won't be long * "NOW SASUKE!" Sasuke: ! 'He's right, he left me an opening!' * Throws six projectiles directly into the side of Kakashi's head * Naruto: "YES! YOU GOT THE BASTARD!" Sakura: *GASP!*

    Kakashi: * Substitution-Log * Sasuke&Naruto: 'Damn it!' Kakashi: 'So that's where he is...' Sasuke: 'Damn it! He set that up! Now from the trajectory of my weapons he knows where I am!'

    Sakura: 'Oh no! he's going to go after Sasuke! where is he!?' * Searches for Sasuke, hopefully to get to him before Kakashi when she spots Kakashi reading his book and stops in the brush * 'Phew, he didn't notice me..' Kakashi: "Behind you..." *And there was Kakashi staring her down when she turned to look *

    Naruto: "Damn him! I REFUSE to fall for another one of his damn tra-" * Naruto was suddenly cut off when he took one step and another rope hung him up to dry * "OH COME ON!"

    Unfortunately for Sakura, she turned around just to fall into a Genjutsu, Curtsey of Kakashi. In her new world, she finds a severely impaled Sasuke Crawling to her for help...The huge scream alerted Kakashi that he may have gone a bit to far, not that it stopped him from reading his smut in a tree.

    Sasuke: "That scream... Sakura..." Kakashi: "Shinobi Fighting lesson #2, Genjutsu. Sakura fell for it easily..." Sasuke: "Genjutsu, a form of hallucinatory hypnotism... Yeah, she'd fall for that, but... I'm not the same as them." Kakashi: "Say that after you get the bell... Sasuke-Kun."

    Kakashi: " The strength of the village's #1, the Uchiha Clan... This should be interesting..." * Kakashi had to suddenly dodge a barrage of Shurikan * "Such obvious attacks are pointless!" * Then he saw the smirk across the young Uchiha's face and heard a rope snap * 'A trap!?'

    Kakashi then jumped into the air to avoid a dozen Projectiles launched at him from the bushes only to be block a kick sent at his head from behind courtesy of Sasuke himself. Kakashi grabbed the leg that delivered the previously blocked kick as Sasuke pushed himself up in the air and tried delivering a punch to Kakashi's face allowing his fist to be caught as well. Sasuke followed up with a kick from above with his free leg to which Kakashi blocked with his fore-arm. With Kakashi's arms fully occupied, Sasuke swiped for a bell, barely managing to touch it before being thrown off. Kakashi surely enough was impressed that he had to actually put his Icha Icha Paradise away to counter Sasuke head on.

    Just then, Sakura was waking up from her Genjutsu daze, only to remember what she saw and run off to try finding and saving Sasuke, if it wasn't already to late...

    Naruto was thinking of a game plan when He saw two bentos on a stone behind three training stumps. Naruto: "Look underneath the underneath huh? Oh, I got it now Cyclops. Nihihihihi" * Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!*

    Kakashi: "Well, I will acknowledge that you are different from the other two." Sasuke: "That's an understatement." * Goukakyuu no Jutsu!(Powerful Fireball Technique) * Kakashi: 'What!? A Genin shouldn't have enough chakra to be able to use that jutsu!' After the huge flame clears, Kakashi is no where to be found '! He's gone! To the side? No, Above? Where!?' Kakashi: "Below you." * Doton! Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu!(Earth Style, Inner Decapitation Technique) * "Ninja Fighting lesson #3, Ninjutsu. Well, you're already heads above the others in this area. But hey, they say an exposed nail should be hammered in...Hahahaha..." Sasuke: "I loth you so much right now..." 'Damn it, There's that large of a difference...' Mid-thought, Sakura arrived to see Sasuke's head on the ground and was trying to process what she was looking at. Sakura: "AHHHH! HIS SEVERED HEAD!" * faints * Sasuke: "Wha-what? Well, I might as well get out of here and wake her up... Huh?" Naruto: * Grins and offers Sasuke a hand *

    Now we find our young Uzumaki about to dine when A very un-welcomed guest arrived on the scene. Kakashi: "Hey buddy." Naruto: "Hn, oh no, it would seem as though you caught me, what ever shall I do?" Kakashi: ? Naruto: "No Cyclops-Sensei, this isn't a trap, you see, I am but a humble Kage Bunshin left here to tell you, you better go save your other two students before it's to late and you lose your team |]" Kakashi: O_\ *Runs back towards Sasuke and Sakura* 'Naruto, you wouldn't!...Would you?'

    Kakashi arrives to the Field to find an unconscious Sasuke and Sakura tied up in wire in the center of the clearing with Naruto no where to be found. Kakashi: 'I either made it in time or this is a trap...' That's when he heard a creaking sound in all the trees around him. Naruto: "HEY *******! YOU BETTER HURRY AND SAVE THEM BEFORE THEY GET CRUSHED! DO IT BOYS!" Just then a huge amount of Kage Bushins pushed down the trees that they had previously chipped away at in Kakashi's absence, making them fall towards the center, threatening to crush the team.

    Kakashi ran as fast as his legs could take him, everything felt like it was going so slow, and he was having, visions, of a haunting past, before he managed to grab them, and just before they were all crushed, he shunshined on top of the fallen trees and set them down. Naruto jumped out of the tree brush just then and grabbed for the bells only to be hit by a punishing knee to the gut breaking a rib or two and an elbow to his back. After Naruto coughed up some blood and got his breath back, his throat was forcibly grabbed and he was pulled up to eye level with Kakashi.

    Kakashi: "NARUTO! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU COULD HAVE DONE JUST NOW!? DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ALMOST TOOK THE LIVES OF YOUR TEAMATES FOR A PAIR OF STUPID BELLS AND TWO BENTOS! IN THE NINJA WORLD, THOSE WHO BREAK THE RULES ARE TRASH! BUT NARUTO, THOSE WHO DON'T TAKE CARE OF THEIR COMRADES ARE WORSE THAN TRASH! I WASN'T LIKE THE OTHER VILLAGERS, BUT NOW I SEE, YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A DEMO-!" Naruto glared at Kakashi as he was lowered to the ground. Kakashi turned to see a completely healthy Sasuke and Sakura holding a bell each and giving him a questioning look as-well when Kakashi looked to see them tied up, they poofed away. Kakashi: "...Kage Bushins..."

    Riiing, Riiing, Riiing Naruto: "Pretty clever huh Cyclops? You see, at this point, I was just so sick of you, I didn't give a **** about the damn bells. I am the prank master, so I got tired of your little games, toying with me, making me fall for those stupid traps, I just wanted to get a reaction out of you, get your face out of your smut and make you acknowledge me. And hey, why not help them while I was at it? They get their bells, and I get the pleasure of watching you squirm, you see, even though I lost, I win, oh, and if you ever finish that last sentence of yours, I will kill you =^_^=" Kakashi: …..'I don't think he's kidding either...' "look, Naruto, I'm sor-" Naruto while walking away: "Shut up and show me to my stump Kakashi-Sensei." Kakashi:...

    10 Minutes Later

    Kakashi: "Alright, you all look very hungry, well, eat up, you deserve it!" Naruto: "So what? I tie myself up here? Do I go home? Whats the deal?" Kakashi: "No, you can eat with your teammates because... You all pass ^_\" Team #7: "WHAT!?" Naruto: "But they were the only ones who got the bells! Those were YOUR RULES! No bells no pass! What's the meaning of this!?"

    Meanwhile with Iruka and the Hokage

    Hokage: "What is it that you want to ask that you'd invite me to lunch?" Iruka: "The Jounin for Naruto's Team #7, what kind of Sensei is he? Is he strict?" Hokage: "About Kakashi... You're worried? Here, this is the list of his past students and their records." Iruka takes it and reads through: ! 'This...This is!

    Team #7

    Kakashi: "Why do you think you were divided into teams and are doing this training? You showed me that you understood the answer to this test, even if you didn't realize it." Naruto: "The answer?" Kakashi: "Yes, the answer that helped you pass this test." Sakura: "So...When are you telling us?" Naruto: "YEAH! SPIT IT OUT ALREADY DAMN IT MY BRAIN HURTS!" Kakashi: "Haha, the answer, was teamwork..." Team #7: ! ! ! Kakashi: "The three of you working together is what gave you the bells." Sakura: "Hey, wait a second!Teamwork!? Even if we worked together from the beginning, there were only two bells! By your rules, one of us would still have failed!" Kakashi: "Of course! This test was purposely set up to make you fight amongst yourselves and put aside your own good to successfully work together to complete your mission under these designed circumstances. Sakura, Even though Naruto was right next to you, all you were thinking of was Sasuke who was farther away. It's good that you were worried for him though, and it makes sense in that he was the farthest away if he needed any help, but there was a teammate right in front of you who needed help, this worried me at first. However, When Naruto cut himself down to grab me and allow Sasuke the opening he was waiting for at the risk of his own health, my faith in you slightly raised. The duties are done by the team. Of course superior individual ability is important to a ninja, but what's even more important is team work. Individual play that disrupts the team can put your comrades in danger and even get you killed. Naruto, this is what almost made me give up on you and fail you all, however, more importantly is what I said earlier. Yes, working together would have broken the rules, but you were supposed to, just as you were supposed to eat this morning. though, I did not tell you not to, I merely suggested it. There will be times when you are away on missions for a long time and you will need your energy, we have soldier pills for that however now, but there was still a point to be made. Those who break the rules are trash, however, those who don't take care off their comrades are lower than trash. Naruto, I am sorry for what I almost said to you before, but when I realized I was fooled and your comrades were fine, I had to pass you for your great teamwork skills. It isn't easy to pull one over on a Jounin like me like that yet you pulled it off flawlessly.

    Back with Iruka and the Hokage

    Iruka: "N-No way..." Hokage: "Kakashi's test might be a little too difficult since children are obedient..." Iruka: "Yeah but... These are... all zeros..." * sweat * Hokage: "Yup, Kakashi has never passed anyone. They all failed..."

    With Team 7

    Kakashi raising a big thumbs up: "That ends the training. All of you pass! OK! Starting tomorrow Team 7 will begin it's duties!" Sasuke smiles to himself: 'Hn, do you hear that brother? I am on my way...' Sakura: "I can't believe we did it Sasuke-Kun!" * Hugs Sasuke * 'CHA! I DID IT! I HUGGED HIM!.. wait...' * Notices Naruto's solemn face walks over to him and gives him a sweet hug * "Thank you, Naruto-Kun..."

    Naruto is taken back by the sudden embrace, but returns it and smiles before wincing at the pain of his broken ribs: "Ah, Sakura, that hurts" Sakura immediately apologizes to Naruto and he just waves it off and gives her and Sasuke a look then aims it at Kakashi. Kakashi: ? Naruto: "Dog pile!" Naruto and Sakura grab Sasuke and they all tackle A surprised Kakashi down to the ground.

    "OW! MY ****ING RIBS!"

    AN: Well, I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it, see you all next time, thank you for reading, goodnight ^^

    P.S. Here, have some Naruto Emotes I made^^

    Characters: =^_^= ^_\ ^-^ -/_\- */_\* (\ -|^ /) '*;-;*' / ';-;' ( ^ ) ( * )

    Villages: ( ) ( | | | | ) ( ||| ) ( ZZ ) ( -s ) ( Nn ) ( * )/( ) ( ) ( ~ ) ( }{ ) / ( || ) ( |W| ) ( \ \ \ ) ( ,& ) / ( 忍 )

    Clans: )=( o-

    Other: (' ; ¥ ') / (' 油 ') =o

    (I cannot figure out how to edit the poll, so there is supposed to be a + after the 10 as an option, so just put + in a comment to count it as a vote ^^" )

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    Re: Sasuke Chapter 3: Survival Training

    Loved it!

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