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    Sharingan activation Booboo

    Reason for injury: Sharingan Awakening
    Description of Injury Electrocution/jumped by 4 clones.
    Location:Training Grounds
    Type: Training
    Severity: Very severe near death
    Link to the thread injury occurred in:
    Link to the biography that is injured:

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    Re: Sharingan activation Booboo

    After contacting a doctor I rush into the room of the next patient on my list. Of the injuries received, only the slight burns received due to lightning, as well as the bruises received due to the beating, are apparent. I quickly run up to the patient and then begin to focus aggressive chakra towards my hands in order to kill any harmful bacteria, creating a blueish green glow around my hands. After having done so I approach the patient and place my hands over his stomach, inserting my chakra into his body and then slowly moving it around his body. After the chakra returns to my body I note that the patient has been impaled, a previously hidden injury due to the sheets placed on the patient, and multiple bone fractures caused by blunt trauma. After analyzing the information I exit the room and tell a doctor of the following injuries:

    -Multiple Bone Fractures Caused by Blunt Trauma
    -A Mixture of Severe and Minor Burns due to Electrocution
    -A Stab Wound Surrounded by Damaged Nerves
    -Damage Done to the Nervous System via Electrocution

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    Re: Sharingan activation Booboo

    Pops a calcium pill into the patients mouth and begins healing the flesh wounds while it takes effect

    (Shousen No Jutsu) Mystical Palm Technique
    Damage: N/A
    Description:A basic medical jutsu used to heal another shinobi or the medical-nin after being inflicted a basic outer or internal injury Heals both minor internal and external wounds // Chakra Drain 2% per 3% stamina healed for external injuries // Chakra Drain 2% per 1% stamina healed for internal injuries
    [Up to a maximum of 100% chakra per post]

    once the pill takes effect i heal the broken bones

    Chiyute no Jutsu (Bone Healer Technique)
    Type: Medical Ninjutsu
    Rank: B
    Range: On-Contact
    Chakra: 25
    Damage: N/A
    Description: The user uses the Medical nature of his chakra to influence the osteocytes to start releasing their calcium, which then creates a welded suture between two ends of a broken bone. After that the osteocytes lock the calcium back into their structure and the bone is healed.
    Note: This technique takes 2 turns to completely heal a bone, taking 25 chakra for one turn (making the bone half-way healed) and another 25 the other turn to heal it completely, meaning it actually takes 50 chakra.

    ok, have a days rest and you are free to go

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