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Just thought I'd post up a quick and fun prediction after this epic chapter! I'm sure a lot of you are excited to see the Kages join the fight, and so am I! I hope you guys enjoy!


Naruto Chapter 628: "Confrontation"

Every era has its battles.. but this will be the last war!! Let's go!!

The strongest soldiers are ready!

Orochimaru: Release! (releases the kages from his control)

Tobirama: Finally, my will has been returned. Now, how to get to the battlefield if I have no destination seal.

Minato: I know of one. I adopted your technique and incorporated a seal into my son when I sealed the Kyuubi inside of him!

Hashirama: Wow! What a smart one he is!

Hiruzen: Indeed Sondaime, in his time he was the renowned 'Yellow Flash' for his adaptation of Tobi-San's technique

(Minato scratches head in humbleness)

Sasuke: Yondaime.. Naruto is your.. son..?

Minato: Sure is! And I can feel that he's already mastered the Kyuubi's chakra, I can't wait to see how strong he's gotten

Tobirama: I'm flattered 4th, let me see the greatness of the renowned 'Yellow Flash'!

(Minato smiles, and then focuses. He takes out his special shuriken and readies for the technique. He turns back to look at Sasuke and company)

Minato: Right.. Get ready!

Scene changes to the battlefield where Madara and Obito just got separated from the Juubi

(Juubi is roaring and immediately hurls Obito, Madara and Naruto and Rock Lee off of it and starts to rampage)

Obito: Shit..!

Madara: This is getting to become more troublesome than fun.

Naruto: Shikamaru!

Shikamaru: Right! Everyone, you know what to do!

(The Alliance gets prepared to attack and execute the plan)

Shikamaru: -Thinking- Step one, separate their control of the Juubi, complete.. Step 2, separate the targets from each other..

Madara: Enough playing around Obito.. I'll handle this now. (as he is reanimating) Get control of the Juubi.

Obito: Tsk.. (Obito quickly dashes up toward the Juubi)

Kakashi: ?! They're splitting up on purpose..?

Shikamaru: Alliance!

The Sand and Rock Village Shinobis: Earth Release: Earth Core Shift Jutsu! (starts to shift the earth around the Juubi moving it away from Madara and Obito)

Killer Bee: Yo say Ho!! ( He is shown distracting the Juubi, shooting TBBs at it as it drifts away)

Sarutobi Clan: Fire release: Flame Bombs Jutsu! (Shoots fireballs at Obito)

Wind Users: Wind release: Wind Hurricane Jutsu! (Creates razor sharp winds aiming to throw Obito off course)

(Other shinobi are shown throwing kunai at Obito)

(Obito is shown making a break towards the Juubi while dodging and phasing through a flurry of attacks)

Shikamaru: Phase two.. complete.. Phase 3.. pressure the king

(Madara reanimates and is shown staring down the ninja alliance)

(Obito is shown within close proximity to the Juubi and Rock Lee and Naruto are shown chasing him)

(Madara reanimates and is shown staring down the ninja alliance)

Madara: I've had enough of this.. SUSANNO! (summons his perfect form Susanno)

Kakashi: Shit this is bad!

Gai: Lee!

Shikamaru: Naruto hurry!

(Naruto focuses and bursts to catch Obito but just as he is about to grab him..)

Madara: I'll show you a glimpse of my real strength.. ALMIGHTY PULL

(Naruto and Lee are shown being thrown backward as Obito reconnects with the Juubi)

Rock Lee: Naruto !!

Madara: I will show you.. Ambition is futile!

(The Almighty Pull begins to be enhanced on a giant scale)

(panels are shown with the groups of shinobi panicking and being dragged towards Madara with is Susanno attacking Ninjas as they are being pulled in)

Naruto: ?! Shit! Kurama we need to protect them!

Kurama: I don't have enough chakra to transform into my full scale mode!

Madara: Now.. Kyuubi, you are mine once again!

(Naruto gets pull in and is shown staring up at Susanoo as it gets ready to strike him!)

(At that moment a huge FLASH appears)

(Naruto lays on the ground dumbfounded as the smoke clears)

(He looks up and finds that Sasuke is standing there blocking Madara's attack with his own Susanoo)

Sasuke: After all these years, you still need me to save you.. Naruto

Madara: ...

(Naruto looks up in complete shock as the final frame shows Hashirama, Tobirama, Minato, and Hiruzen lined up in front of Orochimaru and Taka)