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    [CLOSED] Gaara Vs. PresidentBush

    It's unofficial, so our Nekura can like kill each other.
    By the way, is it true you've got sand in your junk?

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    I'll use my Killua Zoldyck bio (Nekura) updates on my profile
    Make the first move
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    Re: [CLOSED] Gaara Vs. PresidentBush

    Indeed it is

    Aizen begins by focusing his water chakra beneath you, projecting large amounts of water beneath and causes it to project forward and trap you in an extremely dense orb of water that binds you completely.

    (Suiton: Funshutsu Mizu Kinko) - Water Release: Gushing Water Imprisonment
    Rank: B
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short - Mid
    Chakra cost: 20
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: The user creates a flow of gushing water under the opponent which traps them in a sphere of water. The user can perform an attack while the opponent is trapped. This jutsu is similar to Water Prison Technique, though the user doesn't need to keep his arm in the sphere of water.
    Note: Technique creates its own water source

    I then preform a single hand-seal and a spike of stone erupts from the ground behind you which raises at an angle and pierces you from behind and severses your spinal cord and pierces your stomach, making you loose control of the ability to walk and causing you a great deal of pain.

    (Doton: Domu) – Earth Release: Earth Spear Technique
    Rank: B
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 20
    Damage points: N/A (+10 to physical attacks)
    Description: After performing the Snake hand seal the user will channel their chakra throughout their entire body, which then hardens their skin to a steel-like quality. This increases their defensive power to the utmost limits. The user’s skin also becomes much darker, an almost black colour. The destructive power of physical attacks is increased, making this a great, all purpose technique. But this technique when activated leaves the user vulnerable to lightning based techniques.

    After that he begins walking casually...

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