( ) : Actions
[ ] : Thoughts
SFX : Sound Effects
A long one this time.
MANGA 628 : The Awaited Hell
(on the battlefield at various places)
SFX: Gyahhh!!
SFX: Gyahhh!!

(Madara is shown, on the ground, with his hands raised in the air)
(Rinnegan active. Eyes wide open)
(surrounded by his two clones in a punch delivered position)
(Obito standing on the Juubi and panting)
(Huge meteors are shown heading on the battlefield like hell of a rainfall)
(Some in the air while some landed crushing many shinobis under it)
(kyuubi chakra cloak fades away from the dead shinobis)
(Naruto in KCM)
(Naruto is thrown away but somehow withstands the punch)
(while getting pushed, takes a look at the surrounding)
NARUTO : You Bastard!!! (dashes towards original Madara)
(Clone Madara smirks)
(Madara clone dashes towards Naruto)
NARUTO : Shadow Clone Jutsu!! (creates two clones)
(Naruto's clones dashes at 0 and 180 degrees away from each other)
NARUTO : (stops) (creates Rasenshuriken) I'll handle these clones!! Take care of the real one!!
(Naruto clones cuts a semicircle in a zigzag manner and passes ahead of Madara clones while Naruto throws the Rasenshuriken)
MADARA CLONE : Same goes for you. (smirks)
???? : Don't make me laugh!!!
NARUTO : Never show your back to your enemy.

(one of the Naruto's clone in Kyuubi cloak mode grabs the Madara clones and hold them at their place. Leaves and branches starts growing out of the wood clones rapidly while the Rasenshuriken cuts through the three of them and bursts into a huge sphere)
NARUTO : Your wood is similar to the Captain Yamato's who has First Hokage's DNA.(remembers the growing wood, leaves and branches on the Yamato's jutsu while training to control the Kyuubi)
(The other clone in Kyuubi cloak mode attack head on)
(Madara watches the exploded land due to Rasenshuriken throwing out dust all over the place behind the approaching Naruto Clone in KCM)
(The clone gets hidden into the dust)
MADARA : (lowers his hands after summoning huge number of boulders) (makes a seal and several spiky woods emerges out of the ground and approaches the dust) You're Clever. (runs into the dusty area)
SFX : spinning with high intensity.

(Rasenshuriken cuts through the dust)
(Madara blocks it by his fan and gulps up the blast)
(turns his eyes to one side)
(shadow emerges from above within the dust)
(madara twists his fan towards the shadow and blocks the rasengan)
(The wood attacks clone Naruto before he lands. Naruto cuts two of the branches with kunai)
(grabs one of the branch and lands on the ground)
(simultaneously, original SM Naruto approaches from front and throws a punch at Madara's face)
(lowers himself to dodge the punch)
(clone Naruto delivers a side kick while Madara lowers)
(Madara holds his leg)
(Madara pulls him towards himself and attempts for an elbow hit into the clone's gut)
(Naruto blocks it by chakra arm and gets pushed on the ground)
MADARA : Not enough to crush a clone?
(Madara widens his eyes)
SM NARUTO : ?! (jumps back)
MADARA : Shinra Tensei!!
(A huge crate is formed as the jutsu pushes the clone into the ground. The clone bursts)
(Dust clears)
(Madara gets up and stands into the crate looking at Naruto)
MADARA : You're still an incompetent kid. The difference in our experience is exponentially high. I've fought with Hashirama.
(A vertical kick travels along his right shoulder to the ground)
MADARA : ?!!
SM NARUTO : But you still lost to him.
(runs towards Madara) I won't lose.
ROCK LEE : Naruto!! Now!!
(dodge sideways after the kick)
(Madara's right arm disperses in air. He leaps back to avoid Naruto's attack)
MADARA : (while regenerating his right arm) I should switch to Sharin- ?!!
(The chest part bursts out in front while Madara's head and legs passes through Sakura who just punched him)
SAKURA : A Substitution?
NARUTO : ?! Bushy brows. Sakura!! Watch out!

(wood emerges out from the ground near the two and attacks them while Madara comes out from the ground racing out the wood from his left arm while his right arm regenerates)
(The wood cuts Lee's back vertically while grabs Sakura)
ROCK LEE : Gyahh.
(Blood spills and falls on the ground)
(Sakura easily break through the wooden cage)
MADARA : Hmm. That brutal strength. You remind me of your dead Hokage.(an image of Tsunade cut in half is shown while Madara leaves the location)
(Naruto turns to normal)
MADARA : Your Sage chakra is worn out.
(Naruto makes a handseal)
(And his eyes turns to sage eyes)
SAKURA : [ He made his clone to gather sage chakra without notice. That time ] (remembers)
(Naruto's Rasenshuriken cuts through the cords connecting the Juubi while Lee kicks through Madara's body)
(Obito and Madara lands back facing Naruto, Lee and several other shinobis)
SHIKAMARU : Kakashi sensei...Time to put forth the next step. Sakura.... you and Lee both know what to do. Go ahead and join with Lee. Lets separate them.
SAKURA : Right!!
INO : Informed Naruto.

(Kakashi and Sakura reaches near Naruto)
KAKASHI : Naruto. Lets go. We'll take care of Obito. Madara is all yours.
NARUTO : Roger!!

(Madara and Obito seems confused)
(Naruto and colleagues dashes forward while some of them throws smoke bombs at the two villains)
(Everything covers in purple smoke while the shinobis advances towards them)
(Madara and Obito separates out from the smoke while Naruto and his clone emerges out of the smoke and pushes them to get separated)
MADARA : (standing in the centre of the trio) As expected.... You tried to separate us to cut half your opponent's strength.But the case is different here. Without Obito I can still dust you into the ground.
NARUTO : We'll see that.

(All three of them drags Madara in physical combat)
MADARA : You want to dance. (smirks)
(scene change to falling meteors)
KITSUCHI : Earth Style Users. Get ready.
KANKURO : Sai! Go!!

(Sai approaches the Earth Style Users by flying on his ink bird with a scroll in his hand and moving his painting brush on it fast)
(flies close to the ground)
(makes hand seals)
(several ink birds pops out from the scroll)
(The earth style users in a group of 4 to 5 gets on each bird and take off towards the falling meteors)
(The birds reach high above the meteors)
(Kitsuchi, Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi are riding on separate birds)
(Every group jumps off the birds directly over the meteors)
(while in the air, makes handsigns)
(Handsigns completed)
(Lands on the meteor)
(slams their hands on it)
SHINOBI : Earth Style : Ultra Light Weight Technique!!!
(The high speed heavy meteors turns light gradually and its speed reduces)
(Sai signals the shinobi struggling to destroy the meteors as the earth style users jumps off from the meteors)
DARUI : Everyone attack with your long range attacks!! (makes handsigns) Lightning Style: Laser Circus!!
(pierces through a meteor which is about to crash)
(Crack advances as the Laser circus pierces through but not enough to crush it)
(a shinobi is shown lying on the ground covered in sweat turns to look at the incoming meteor)
SFX : Piercing.... Crackling......BOOM!! BOOM!!!
(100s of exploding kunais blasts the meteor)
(Kankuro uses water scroll of Sasori's puppet and with high speed water stream, slices the meteors into multiple rocks)
(They are destroyed by explosive kunais thrown at them)
WIND STYLE USERS : Wind Style: Wind Net!!
(The wind compressed in between the high speed meteors gets sucked up by the jutsu)
(A huge, sharp and strong wind net is released onto a meteor which cuts the meteor into fine rocks)
(Akatsuchi jumps off from a meteor after making it light. While in the air makes handsigns. His legs gets covered with rock into form of legs)
(lands on the ground thus crushing the land and opens up his mouth while holding the hand sign)
(Rock comes out from his mouth and shapes into a giant golem)
(The golem grabs the meteor with two hands, pierces its fingers into it, Turn towards the Juubi who is creating Bijuudama and throws at him with full strength)
(Every shinobi is viewing the whole scene and cheering)
(Obito, Gai and Kakashi are in combat)
(Gai lands a powerful kick on Obito)
(Simultaneously Obito is about to stab Kakashi with a wood spike into his heart from front while Kakashi thrusts a lightning covered kunai into Obito's chest)
(a simultaneous attack)
(Gai's kick phases through Obito)
(Kakashi's kunai phases through Obito)
(Obito's wood spike pierces through Kakashi's shoulder)
(Blood spills out)
OBITO : (smirks) You really need a clone of Naruto. Too bad I busted him out. [ lowered your body at the last moment. ]
GAI : Kakashi! [ Obito kept his hand solidified and made his remaining body intangible ]

(after the kick, grabs Kakashi and pace out from Obito)
GAI : Are you alright?....?!!
(Kakashi's wound gets healed completely and the last remaining kyuubi chakra gets used up)
KAKASHI : I'm fine Gai.
OBITO : ?!! [ I must kill him. ] ?!!
(looks at the incoming meteor thrown by Akatsuchi)
(The Juubi who was holding himself with the mountain's support, crashes on the mountain after getting hit with the meteor)
(The bijuudama disperses before getting concentrated)
(The whole body of the Juubi shakes)
(Everyone on the Juubi tries to balance themselves)
(Suddenly the juubi roars madly)
(The screams of the Juubi spreads through the field like a wave)
SHINOBI 1 : ?!!
(closing his ears) What is happening?
(Lee holds Sakura kicked by Madara. Her head is bleeding. His eyes is half closed. He also gets beaten up. The chakra cloak is vanished. As the wave passes, widens his eyes)
(Naruto and Madara stops their combat and looks at Juubi)
(several waves are released out)
[u]HACHIBI :[u] Bee. I'm ready now. Lets go.
(In rapping pose) Wheeeee!! (transforms)
(a transparent layer surfaces on the Juubi's body and expands)
GAI/KAKASHI/OBITO/SHINOBI : ?!! (gets lifted up)
(Hachibi releases multiple bijuudama on the Juubi)
(Juubi turns his eye to the attack while screaming)
(The bijuudamas tries to make their way through the layer but the layer expands rapidly and throws everything away from it like an elastic)
(the bijuudamas blasts at a distance from the battlefield)
(The shinobis are thrown away like a fly. Gai, Kakashi and some shinobis manages to land on the ground safely away from the field)
(Obito teleports on the land near Madara)
(The tough skin of the Juubi starts peeling off and the ground is crushed due to the force exerted by the sphere)
SAI : That is. (remembers Naruto's transformation at the Tenchi bride while fighting Orochimaru)
OBITO : It is similar to that time. (remembers Naruto's transformation during his battle with Pain)
MADARA : This living hell is about to turn into heaven. Juubi's transformation is about to complete.
OBITO : ........
NARUTO : ?!!

(The last panel shows a strong breeze of wind flowing away from the transparent sphere which is turning black covering the Juubi with its final roar)
(The Final Transformation!!!)