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    Re: How kishi should give redemption to Sasuke!

    Even if Sasuke is forgiven, I dont see him returning to the village.
    Mayby he will save the day by bringing the hokage's to the battlefield, get into an epic final fight with ( not naruto ).
    Survive the 4th SWW.
    Mayby By the end of the war go "MIA".
    He will go around the world incognito, meeting Naruto (only one who knows he is still alive) every (year) few years.
    (Mayby Naruto leaving the village in secrecy meeting with Sasuke will be the series ending.. Future thingy)

    By the end of the war the uchiha-name will have been cleanessed from its bad name.
    No one knowing there still is one breathing uchiha
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    Re: How kishi should give redemption to Sasuke!

    naruto accepting sasuke's eyes and implanting them, sorry but that's probably a no go, it's not like naruto to do a thing like this, he is proud of his own power and does not want to have the sharingan, so that part about him evolving them to rinnegan and reviving sasuke after killing him doesn't seem fitting. (besides naruto doesn't kill)
    as it is now I think the revived hokage are going to recognise naruto's power and ability and are not going to take over the fight, but they are going to play more like a suporting role. (his claim to surpass them all). probably hashirama might want to save the other kage and tsunade so he might go there aswell (but I'm not betting on that)
    as for naruto and sasuke, I think these two are going to realy work together this time to defeat madara and obito. a victory from that pair might make some of the shinobi think diferently about sasuke but there will still be those that feel anger towards sasuke.
    and in the end naruto and sasuke are going to have their fight, but it's going to be a fight among friends, just to test eachothers ability and growth.

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