you can assume the role of a transformer except:

the Primes Megatron, Primus (a.k.a. Cybertron), Unicron and bases (such as Metroplex, omega and Trypticon).

Must be approved Char
The Predacons, Dinobots, Triple or six changers, monsterbots, Insecticons, Seacons an Terror cons

to be able to know the specs of your char, you can download an app on your android or apple device.

just type in the search bar:
for autobots "Transformers(Autobot)"
for Decepticons "Transformers(Decepticons)"

this will give you all the chars from a particular series(sorry not to sure which one but), this app basically has all the transformers there.

after a number of people have joined the any of the two factions (min of 10 per faction)

i am also loooking for someone that will be able to help moderating.

moderating will include changing the odds for the players (e.g. auto bots are fighting the decepticons to stop the awakening of an ancient decepticon beuried deep within the side of a mountain, and after a number of posts, the mod can say something like "the fighting continued and as it continued, bots being thrown, the rubble began to fall", and iff the decepticon is awakened, the decepticons win, and the autobots retreat.

so if your interested, jump on. if anyone experienced in rp, can help me with organizing, please do as this is my first one