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    鹿野 修哉 Kano Shuuya | The Golden Yuki

    基本情報 | Basic Information:
    Name: Kano Shuuya
    Nickname: Kano | Light | Blonde Yuki
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Clan: Yuki


    Kano is a boy with blond hair and yellow "cat-eyes" as described by Shintaro. He wears a dark brown hood, with three white dots at each side on the head part, over a light brown shirt. Also he wears blue jeans and dark brown boots. Kano is about 5'5 and is very skinny weighting 110 lbs. Kano is normally seen with "specially" modified boots, those that he use for the fighting style ZX buster. They look like normal boots, though they can exhort chakra.


    Kano is from the same orphanage as Seto and Kido. He has an unfocused, aloof personality and always has a smile on his face. He hardly ever seems to take something serious. He often gets on Kido's nerves, sometimes prompting her to punch him. Because he teases Mary and Momo a lot, he's often considered to be a flirt, but when it counts, he's worth relying on. Kano can be very playful yet serious. When it's for the sake of the mission or the village, he will make it his top priority. Nothing will go unseen.

    村の情報 | Village Info:
    Village of Birth: Amegakure | Village Hidden in the Rain
    Village of Alliance: Amegakure | Village Hidden in the Rain

    チャクラ情報 | Rank/Chakra Info:
    Ninja Rank: Unofficial Sage
    Specialty: Water | Taijutsu | Toads
    土 Earth » Mastered
    火 Fire » Mastered
    水 Water » Mastered
    電 Lightning » Mastered
    風 Wind » Mastered
    冰 Ice » Mastered
    雨 Rain » C-rank
    燥 Arid » Needs Training

    Your Ninjutsu:
    忍 Ninjutsu » Mastered
    幻 Genjutsu » Mastered
    体 Taijutsu » Mastered
    剣 Kenjutsu » Mastered
    冰川 Glacier Style » Mastered
    功 Kung Fu » Mastered
    巴 ZX Buster » Mastered
    繩 Hojōjutsu » Needs Training
    の Summons Kites|Toads

    基礎的な情報 | Background Information:

    Born in the Village Hidden In the Mist, Kirigakure, Kano was born into a very powerful clan. This clan went by the name of Yuki. This clan was said to be pure cold, yet this worm boy was born into it. At a young age, Kano's parents were killed so he was forced to live in the lowly orphanage of Kirigakure. I was a very depressing place yet Kano made it through. At age 10, he developed his KG and eventually froze the whole orphanage or that's what they thought. It was actually a genjutsu that he placed on everyone in the orphanage allowing him to escape. Kano then spent the next 6 years in the village hidden in the Rain where he picked up a few things. Even the elements known as rain.

    More to be added later.

    その他の情報 | Other Info:

    器 Weapons:

    Kano carries an assortment of weapons on his person. He carries several kunai, senbon, flash bombs, explosive tags, wire, and shuriken are in the two pouches he carries on her both left and right hip. He also carries a gas mask in his pocket. Kano always has the Hyorinmaru on his back. He also carries a modified Amegakre Umbrella in his Taka cloak or "Hoodie:

    • Senbon Shower: releases a hailing "shower" of senbon. It cannot be dodged by moving away since the needles cover a wide area in all directions, controlled by chakra. Although the needles are said to be able to pierce a five millimeter thick steel sheet, they can still be blocked by a powerful enough shield. Medical ninja can dip their senbon with poison to increase their lethality.

      (Jouro Senbon) - Sprinkling Needles
      Rank: C
      Type: Attack
      Range: Short-Mid
      Chakra Cost: 15
      Damage Points: 30
      Description: After hurling their umbrella into the air, the user will unleash a torrent of needles. Using their chakra they can guide these needles towards their opponent.

    • Shield: The cover of the umbrella is made up of metallic threads, capable of defending against weak physical attacks and projectiles.

    • Added Modification: Wires, the rib-cage of the umbrella could be modified to shoot out wires from the end. This could be used to bind targets.

    Hyourinmaru – Ice Ring
    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: N/A
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: A sword that has been passed down through Yuki clan for ages. It was broken before, in the war where the Yuki Clan almost became extinct. The sword is said to be made out of the heart of a special meteor that fell in the village. The meteor was as cold as ice, and had all the properties of ice. The Yuki Clan took the meteor, and forged a sword out of the core of this heavenly rock. As the sword was formed, it gleamed heavily and continued to send out a soft blue light. The user of this sword gets a +5 damage point boost on every Ice Release jutsu used, as well as slowly freezing anything it comes in contact with. Of course not the wielder, considering it must be one of the Yuki Clan to wield this. The sword also comes with a most secret technique. Once per battle, the user can channel Hyouton chakra through the sword and let a spear extend from it, up till mid range (much like Chidori Eiso). The second way to channel Hyouton chakra through it gives the user the ability to send out a wave of ice from the tip of the sword. (The same as Hitsugaya when he swings his sword in Bleach) This wave can be used as a shield from incoming jutsus.

    Note: The spear is formed as rapidly as Chidori Eiso, but can only be used once per battle.
    Note: The "Wave of Ice" can only be used twice and defend up to A-rank attacks.
    Note: The "Wave of Ice" counts as on of the 3 jutsus used per turn.
    Note: Only one of the Yuki clan can wear this sword (especially Wesobi).

    水 Water Mastery:
    Over the many years of training, Kano has developed a passion for Suiton. As time progressed, he became a well known water user, thus allowing him to use water techniques with one handseal and also creating his own.

    風 Wind Mastery:

    After time passed, due to the intensive training the the windy terrain of the Konoha/Suna borders, Kano has become a Wind specialist. This allows him to use Wind techniques with greater speed.

    (Suiton: Mizu Assaku Katana) Water Release: Water Compression Blades*
    Type: Supplamentary
    Rank: A - rank
    Range: Mid- Long*
    Description:The user performs the Rat,Boar,dragon and ram handseals and release several bullets (limit 8). After the bullets are release the user then claps their hands together while focusing their chakra turning the bullets into spiralling Disk like blades. These blades travel at the speed of common water projectile techniques and are very sharp . They can cut through C rank and lower Earth. The blades are so sharp that they are able to carve lines through the ground below. -Can only be taught by light
    -Needs Mastery Over Water
    - Has to be S-class ninja or higher
    -Can only be used 2 times

    ( Sution: Makishimamu Ba-suto )| Water Release: Maximum Burst*
    Type: Attack
    Rank: S
    Chakra: 40
    Damage: 80
    Description: For this technique, the user focuses a large mass of suiton chakra into their hands. The user will then place their hands together as if they were performing ' Storm release: Laser Circus', channeling the chakra allowing it to surround their hand. After this step has been done, the user will then yell 'Go!' releasing this bird shaped wave. The wave spreads out to about 3 meters in diameter, still leaving a trace on the users hand, however it doesn't mean that the user is able to redirect the bird shaped wave after the initial trajectory it takes.

    -No Fire techniques the turn this is used
    -Usable 2x
    -Can only be taught by Ĺight

    (Suiton: Kiri Kawarimi) - Mist replacement
    Rank: S rank
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 20
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: The user can freely transform his body into mist like that of the hidden mist jutsu. This form allows him to avoid taking direct damage from many physical attacks but can not attack while in this form. The user can reform into there normal body at any time, but in this form the are vulnerable to lightning and fire attacks.

    Note: Lasts for up to 2 turns
    Note: Must know hidden mist jutsu
    Note: Cant attack in the form
    Note: useable Once.

    Suiton: Heisha Sattou | Water Style: Chariot Rush
    Rank: A
    Type: Attack
    Range: Short - Long
    Chakra cost: 30
    Damage Points: 60
    Description: The user preforms the *Snake* seal then releases a large amount of water from their mouth. The water forms into several chariots that rush towards the target. The chariots are able to hit all at once or one at a time this causing the target to move around the constant battering of chariot. If a chariot hits the target, the target is hit with such force that they are pushed back and have several injuries.

    - No water source required
    - Usable once per battle
    - Unable to use another "Water Style" in same turn
    - Only trainable/usable by Dexter..

    Suiton: Sono ichi izure denka Mizu | Water Style: The ones who charge on Water
    Type: Offensive/Defensive
    Rank: A
    Range: Short - Mid
    Chakra: 30
    Damage: 60
    If the user or the intended target is on the water or on a wet area (i.e. after a strong water technique was used) then this technique can be done. The user will preform one handseal and then release their water chakra in the water or damp ground, they will mold the chakra in the water to rise up 4 watery-type warriors. As the water rises up they begin to move to where the user wishes. These warriors are the same size as the average person, they move as fast as the user but they're unable to preform any jutsu. These warriors carry swords, hammers, spears, and shields (up to the user). These weapons are very concentrated and can be used to slice, cut, stab, block. When a warrior is destroyed they blow up and spray water everywhere in about a 10 foot radius, normally this would do nothing but get the target wet but if the warriors are infused with lightning from a separate technique then if they blow up and if they get water on them then the target will be paralyzed for a few seconds.

    - Can only move up to mid-range from the user
    - Warriors can attack all together/in a formation/ in all directions separately
    - Must have mastered Suiton training and be at least Sannin rank
    - Only usable/trainable by Coyote
    - Usable 3 times

    Theme Song and Background Music:

    戦い | Battles:
    Won: 1 - 10, you decide
    Lost: 1 - 10, you decide

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