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    COTC Chapter 2 Part 4: A Call for Help!

    What's up my peeps? Enjoying the story? I honestly hope you are, I enjoy writing it for you all. Anyway here's the next installment for Tiquan, I hope you all enjoy.

    Last Part in case you missed it: COTC Chapter 2 part 3: Getting out of Town

    Chapter 1

    Characters that have appeared

    Tiquan- One of two Sharingan/Byakugan Hybrid Children who has a lot to learn about the world and most importantly himself.
    T'Ziah- Tiquan's younger brother and the second Sharingan/Byakugan Child not much is known about him expect that he was kidnaped by Orochimaru and wants to kill Alton.
    Alton- Tiquan and T'Ziahs foster brother but hasn't been seen since the massacre.
    Darnell- Tiquan and T'Ziah's grandfather, Shara's the dad. He is also the head of the Brown family he are descendants of the legendary Uchiha clan.
    Sylvia- Darnell's wife and Tiquan and T'Ziah's grandmother, Shara's mom.
    Vera- Tiquan and T'Ziah's Grandmother, Larry's mom. She is the head of the Conley family who are descendants of the legendary Hyuga clan.
    Larry- Tiquan and T'Ziah's father he is set to be the next head of the Conley family.
    Shara- Tiquan and T'Ziah's mother. She is currently taking care of Tiquan and T'Ziah.
    Jermane- Larry's cousin, he is a Collins who are descendants of the Nara clan.
    Jeremy- Larry's cousin, has implanted Sharingan from Wayne Brown, his brother in law.
    Wayne- Tiquan's deceased cousin he's 10 older than Tiquan, he was killed by Alton during the massacre but was resurrected by Kabuto.
    Orochimaru and Kabuto- The only two known "sages" they survived through tout the years by using Obitos and Madara Uchiha's DNA after the 4th great ninja war.
    Stanton- Tiquan's friend who specializes in the wind style jutsu.
    Lorimar- Young girl who was killed by Tiquan accidentally.
    Dominic- A Friend of Tiquan's who's was hospitalized by Lorimar.
    Casey- Lorimars boyfriend who became very jealous of her friendship with Tiquan.
    Larry B. - Profound swordsman, he's his very good friends with Casey and Lorimar.
    Mr. Diaz- Lorimars dad who wants Tiquan's head.
    Angie- Lorimars older sister who doesn't see him as a monster and has faith in the things Tiquan can do.
    The J.P.A.- An organization created to wage war against Jinchuriki's

    Chroncles of Tiquan Conley Chapter 2 Part 4 : A Call for Help!

    After a long and quiet two hour drive Tiquan and his family finally arrived back into Bradenton, Florida. It remained quiet as the family unpacked there things( They moved back into Darnell's house and as the head of the Brown family it's pretty big), it wasn't until they were done when the silence was broken.

    " So Tiquan, what are you going to do?" Asked his mom.

    " About what? Mr. Diaz?" Tiquan asked her. His mom nodded in response.

    " I'm going to do exactly what Angie believes I can do and that's control this thing and then we're gonna give Mr. Diaz exactly what he wants and that's war however you and me both know we can't do this alone we'll need help from the other Jinchuriki. Does anybody know where the other's are?" Tiquan asked loudly.

    Tiquan's grandfather then stood up and spoke. " I only know of two others and only know the location of one of them. The eight tailed Jinchuriki Marcus Jackson, he's rumored to have full control over the beast he lives in Detroit the only problem with that is, he doesn't like to be bothered by anyone for anything. As for the other Jinchuriki the one tailed well he hasn't been seen since he left Florida."

    " Well that's great one doesn't want to be bothered while the other can't be found. Well do we risk the trip to Detroit?" Tiquan asked.

    " No!" His grandfather replied quickly and loudly. " Look Tiquan, we simply wait till someone calls us, I've turned on the beacon and it translates a message only Jinchuriki should be able to understand.....check it out please all I hear is clicks." Darnell said as he walked away, motioning Tiquan to follow him.

    " Ok then, ill check it." He said as he followed his grandfather.

    " Ok listen as you can see its just clicks kinda like a teleg..." Was all Darnell was able to say before Tiquan shushed him. Tiquan quietly listened to the clicks as he nodded and wrote down what it meant. He listened for about five minutes before he felt he had the full message. " Ok I got it." Tiquan said as he looked down at the piece of paper he had written on. " It says: This is an emergency any Jinchuriki who can hear this and his willing to help please respond, I repeat this is an emergency help is needed!"

    " Ok then Tiquan thanks we needed that, all we do now is wait I guess. " Darnell said.

    " Yeah, we'll I'm going to get some rest come wake me up if I'm needed." He said.

    " Alright Tiquan, ill stay here listing for a response, now that ill think about how will I know we have a response?"

    " Well I'm personally expecting a call, but of its the clicks then wait for a different frequency and expect them to be quicker you know like a telegram." Tiquan said with a smile and then walked out of the communication room towards his own. He then laid down onto his bed and escaped into his own thoughts

    Should I have lied to them about what the beacon said? What it really was a response not a cry for help on our end what it really said was.....

    Darnell then bursted into Tiquan's room with some surprising news. " Tiquan! We have a young girl on with a response her signal isn't so strong so please hurry!"

    Tiquan sat up quickly and gave his grandfather a look of surprise and shock before he finally made his way to the communication room.

    " Somebody get a lock on her location quick!" Tiquan yelled loudly. " Hello! Hello! Can you hear me? Little girl? Can you hear me?"

    " Help're after're my.....only me.....please...."

    "Who's after you? Little girl? Who's after you?" Tiquan continues to yell." The girl said.

    " Who?" Tiquan asked once more?

    " The Akatsuki!" The young girl said before her signal died out.

    The room was dead silent everyone was looking at each other with worried looks on their face.

    " Grandpa who's the Akatsuki?" Tiquan asked softly knowing whoever they are they are feared.

    " We, We need to go to Atlanta immediately." Was all Darnell said before walking out of the room, leaving Tiquan there to wonder and worry about this new threat.

    Author's Note
    I hope you all enjoyed. Please leave feedback negative or positive it helps me and you. Me as a writer to get better and You as the reader to have a better product to read.

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    Re: COTC Chapter 2 Part 4: A Call for Help!

    well made fan fic

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