I'd like someone to create a signature ispired on Emma's ability, a character from the Show "Heroes". Something like a person playing an instrument and rainbow waves coming out of it, or little doodles, or something.

Here's a clip

My idea is a black and white signature with the colourful waves as the only colour, and the light effects on the person aswel. But I leave it to you, as i said, it can be other things, not just rainbow waves. I just want something visible that represents what the music player is feeling or trying to get out.

Another thing could be a rock guitar player, with freakish hair and leather clothes and then little doodle skuls coming out of it.
Or an Hippie, playing the acustic guitar, and flower power symbols coming out of it, full of colours.
Or a jazz musician with a sax, and anything that represents jazz, well, you get the idea.

I would even like if you create different signatures in the same style, to make like a colection.

Good Luck. ^^