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    629 prediction: Carnage

    This is my first prediction, so I hope I do it right.
    * = dialogue
    [ = battle sounds/ actions
    > = changes in setting/battle

    The chapter starts out showing Kakashi and Obito inside the alternate dimension.
    [Obito and Kakashi clash Kunai and then back away from each other. As they do,
    Kakashi starts Talk No Jutsu]
    *Obito, why are you doing this?! I had a good reason to kill Rin, I didn't want to, I had to!*
    *I don't care why you did it, I just want to bring her back!*
    [The two shinobi clash jutsu since they can read each others movements, the fight is
    a stalemate for quite a while, so Kakashi and Obito can talk.]
    *How could you do this Obito?! You were a fine man! It's never too late to forgive the past!*
    *As shinobi we don't forgive, we endure. That is why I'll change this world!*
    <Cuts to SA vs. Juubi >
    Everybody in the battlefield is hurt, people are dead, only the people who have strong defense remain unwounded, yet barely. Everybody is having trouble against Madara, and the Kages are getting close.
    Sakura and the medics are healing people while the front line is still fighting, even though their attempts are futile.
    Madara-*It's about time I ended this world.* [Madara starts a huge jutsu]
    The kage appear.
    Hashirama-*MADARA! BUDDY! Long time no see! * [Hashirama stops Madara from his jutsu and greets him]
    [Madara attack Hashirama and replies:]
    *Still as gung ho as ever, I see.*
    <Cuts to SA facing Taka + Orochimaru + Kage>
    *Naruto! You've grown so much since the last time I saw you! *
    *DAD! Dad what are you doing he---SASUKE?! (Naruto shrieks and gets pissed)
    <Cuts back to Kakashi and Obito since the Kage shouldn't get too much more time after all those chapters>
    [Obito and Kakashi aren't relenting, trading blows and both tiring. Obito has a small lead over Kakashi.]
    *Obito...You've gotten much stronger. It's amazing to see how you've grown.*
    *I don't want your praise, Kakashi. HYAH!*
    [Obito gets through with a fire jutsu, knocking Kakashi down.]
    *Wait, Obito. Before you end my life, allow me to justify murdering our teammate...*
    *....tsk....very well...*
    *Well it all started with... - (I obviously can't start off the story since I'm not Kishi.)

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    Re: 629 prediction: Carnage

    Is this all? Sounds unfinished.. Don't start what your not going to finish.. Everyone knows your not kishi but its your predicitons finish the job.. Lol! But ok job for your first! Do better next time

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    Re: 629 prediction: Carnage

    well, not bad for the first time i guess

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