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    Yakushi Kabuto

    Kabuto Yakushi

    Kabuto Yakushi (薬師カブト, Yakushi Kabuto) is one of the major antagonist of the cannon manga story, who was first introduced as a Konohagakure Genin. He was orphaned by war as a child and was found by Nonō Yakushi (a Root ANBU spy/ninja, considered exceptionally talented) and raised in the Konoha Orphanage. Eventually, he was recruited by Root, under Danzo and Orochimaru's supervision, where he served as a deep cover agent in different countries for several years before defecting. Orochimaru eventually found in him the potential to become a great asset to him so he lured him into joining his quest. During several years, Kabuto served as his personal medic, research assistant, and general right-hand-man. Becoming close to Orochimaru also awakened some dark urges and obsessions in Kabuto's self, becoming a much darker, sadistic man. When Orochimaru was apparently sealed away by Itachi, Kabuto became even more obsessed by his former master. Continuing the dark researches that Orochimaru spent his life completing, Kabuto ended up infusing his body with not only Orochimaru's DNA but also the DNA from Kimimaro Kaguya, Karin, Jugo, Sakon and Ukon, Suigetsu, Tayuya, Kidomaru and Jirobo. Using this new found power, he presented himself to Tobi and eventually persuaded him into joining his side in the Forth Shinobi War. The real reasons behind most of Kabuto's decisions and affiliations are shrouded in mystery, having in multiple occasions saved or killed people he was not ordered to do so. A man used by others his whole life, Kabuto is the representation of what a true Shinobi was designed to be: a military weapon of others.
    Standard Kabuto Bio:

    • Is a signer of the Snake Contract
    • Kabuto has access to his own unique medical technique

    Advanced Kabuto Bio:

    • Once one attains an Advanced Kabuto bio, one must undergo Surgery to transplant the DNA of the Sound 5, the group Taka (minus Sasuke), and Orochimaru, allowing the use of their special techniques as well as techniques exclusive to Kidomaru, Tayuya, Kimimaro, and Jirobo whilst in Sage Mode (including Cursed Seal Lvl 2 Restricted techniques without requiring Cursed Seals )
    • Advanced Kabuto bios gain a navel snake after having the various DNAs infused into his body, which acts as an additional limb for Kabuto, with a linked nervous system allowing Kabuto to draw sensory information from its heat perception and acute sense of smell, increasing his natural senses x2
    • Kabuto bios are chakra sensors once they have been infused with Karin's DNA, utilizing Karin's unique Mind's Eye of Divine Entertainment technique
    • Advanced Kabuto biographies passively absorb Natural Energy from the environment around them thanks to Juugo's DNA, allowing Kabuto to gain Juugo's immunity to C-rank and below genjutsu, as well as enter Sage Mode at will

    Restrictions for Standard Kabuto:

    • Must have achieved Jounin Ninja rank
    • Must be a member of at least 3 months.
    • Must have finished training in Regular Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and at least one Elemental Ninujutsu.

    Restrictions for Advanced Kabuto Yakushi Biography with access to Snake SM, Taka DNA, the Sound 5 DNA, and Orochimaru's DNA abilities:

    • Must have achieved S-Class rank and held the standard Kabuto bio for one month
    • Must have permission from 2 RP Mods to take a battle test provided by a Roleplay moderator in order to showcase their General skills and abilities, along with the character's abilities and Snake Sage Mode
    • If the test is passed, the user gains the ability to use Power of the White Snake. However, he follows the same restrictions applied to Orochimaru.
    • If one passes the test, his bio will then be infused with all required DNA material in NB's Hospital by a medical ninja
    • Kabuto may only access the abilities of the Sound 5 through a modified version of Sakon and Ukon's (Souma no Kou no Jutsu) - Twin Demons Technique while he is in Sage Mode, and their DNA may only be accessed one at a time
    • Switching of DNA becomes passive after having the bio for 1 month

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