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    A Clash of Swords

    Griffith was walking in a grassy plane, admiring nature when he saw a figure standing in the distance up ahead, wondering who it was he walked to the individual in a attempt to introduce himself and get to know the person. Griffith slightly felt there was something strange about the person but a small chat couldn't hurt he thought. He stopped in about five meter distance between him and the stranger that he noticed was carrying a sword.
    "Hi, nice weather today huh? My name is Griffith, what is your name?

    Ps: Post your bio only if you're gonna commit to finishing this fight and having fun, also you must be able to roleplay.

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    Re: A Clash of Swords

    Hiruzen, who was watching the playful tussle between two rabbits, noticed a shadow begin to approach him. He turned around and noticed a tall white haired man. Hiruzen could sense something strange about this man, so he made sure his guard was on. The white haired man asked for his name, but Hiruzen knew he must of noticed the Hokage hat place on his head. But why ask such as question? Hiruzen was far from rude, so he answered the mans question.

    My name is Hiruzen Sarutobi of the Hidden Leaf Village. The warm weather has forced me to take a moment with nature, and respect the world. But may I ask what your business is Griffith?

    - Third Hokage in sig-

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