Some Possibilities in One Piece:
Durandel is one of the swords like mihawks?

Bartolomeo has a boundary type devil fruit? could he reflect all damage?
-If that is true then if he is the kings punch target then they are SCREWED

If bellamy is the kings target then he can use a reject dial

Bartolomeo could be related to Gekko Moria , maybe his son or nephew?

Garp the fist got his epithet "the fist" from denting Chinjao's head when he was an upcoming marine around luffy's age?
-If this is true is this forshadowing of luffy severely injuring Chinjao later?

The fairies may come from Fairy Vearth! If this is true Eneru could be around!(maybe on the ship)

Monet could also be a candidate for the character on the ship

Two people may join the crew at the end of this arc:
Monet(if she is on the ship)
Thunderous Soldier of rage(one legged soldier)

and lastly:
Kinemon,Momonosuke and Kanjuro could join the heart pirates (seeing as three of them would add to more than 11 members of the strawhats)

just some possibilities , all have quite high probability of happening from what we have seen so far!