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    Awards Showcase

    Naruto chapter 630 Prediction

    "Long-last, reunion"

    The scene starts with Kakashi and Obito in kamui's dimension.

    Obito: So as you can see Kakashi my heart is empty and no matter what you say or do, it won't reach me.
    Kakashi depressed and shocked: Obito please! we have passed so many things together and still you're saying that you don't feel anything?!
    Obito: It seems that you're still indecisive. Very well, let me tell you about who I actually am. I'm the man who is responsible for the death of our sensei, his wife, the destruction of Konoha and now of so many others in this war. You know ( he turns into mangekyo mode) all the things I've done, taught me something important. To become strong you have to be ruthless ( he is about to use a fire techinque but Kakashi stops him the last second by attacking at him once again with chidori without however giving the final hit).
    Obito smirks: a quality you lack of and which is going to lead you to your grave! Wood style cutting technique! (Because Kakashi is so close to him, he only manages to barely avoid the death but he is left heavily injured). Since you are the only one that connects me to my past, killing you will actually prove once and for all how much I really have changed. But first, in commemoration of our friendship, I'll honour you with my true reasons for starting this war.

    Scene changes to Madara and the others

    Madara's thinking: Anytime now, soon...
    Juubi: Gwooooh! ( Juubi is starting to become more muscular and as it powers up itself, it looks again at Naruto. Again the same rinnegan eyes appeared behind him staring at Juubi. Juubi's having a flashback of the sage of six paths and his final moments as he's telling it that they they would encounter each other once again in the future). GWOOOOOH!!!! Juubi prepares now tailed beast ball aiming at Naruto.
    Sakura: Naruto hurry we have to leave from here now!
    Naruto makes an attempt to move but he can't because of his exhaustion.
    Naruto: I can't, guys leave now that there's still time, there is no need to die all just for my shake!
    Hinata: No Naruto we will protect you exactly like you did for us!
    Hinata runs away from Naruto attacking at Juubi with her Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists in order to take away its attention.
    Juubi: GWOOOH!!! (Juubi changes its aim and fires at Hinata.
    Naruto: Hinata NOOO!!!
    Hinata: (a tear falls on her cheek) Good bye...
    A second before the hit lands, a yellow flash takes Hinata and saves the day.
    Naruto incapable of believing his own eyes: D.a.d?
    Minato: It's ok my son. You did a lot and you deserve some rest. (He smiles) I'm happy to see you actually in flesh and blood. (He looks ahead). So you are the real madara uchiha.
    Madara: Boy you have some noteworthy speed but right now I have no interest in you.
    ???????: Is that so?
    Madara starts to laugh like a complete hysterical.
    The other 3 hokages jump from a hill beside Minato.
    Hashirama: So I guess I'm the one you' re looking for!
    Madara grins: Now that's more like it.


    Hope you liked it:D
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