This is my first prediction, so I'll do my best in presenting what i want to see in the next chapter. Hope you'll like it.

Kakashi: "You sure aren't Obito I once knew..."
Obito: "So you're starting to realise it, Kakashi. This pathetic world made me who I am now, made me heartless, made me painless... But soon, everything will be erased by the Infinite Tsukuyomi."
Kakashi: "It can't be helped, I must stop you and protect my friends and the whole world."
Obito: "First you must let all that guiltiness go away, and then try to kill me... Let's see if you're capable of doing this."
Kakashi: "It's settled then... here I come, Obito!"

(Kakashi prepares to charge his Raikiri at Obito. The battlefield is then shown with Madara getting rid of the Alliance members who were protecting Naruto, as Sakura heals him.)

Naruto: "Damn it..."
Madara: "This is just the beginning, kid. The world you once knew will be lost forever as soon as the Infinite Tsukuyomi is activated."
Naruto: "I won't let this happen. I have my comrades at my side, they're all I need to defeat you!"
Madara: "Your comrades will just keep on dying in front of your eyes, if you continue to opposite me and the Juubi."
Naruto: "No matter what it takes, I won't let you sever the bonds I made with my comrades, I'll stop you at any cost!"
???: "These are big words, but look at you, you are a way too beaten, scaredy cat."
Sakura: "No way, you are..."

(Naruto turns back to see his dad and his best friend, alongside the remainder of Taka, Orochimaru and the other 3 Hokages standing behind him and Sakura, who continues in healing him.)

Naruto: "Sa... Sasuke?"
Sasuke: "Hmph..." (smiles)
Minato: "You've turned into a great shinobi, Naruto. Just as I and your mother wanted to."
Naruto: "Dad? How is this possible..." (with a tear on his eye)
Orochimaru: "You didn't forgot me, didn't you, Naruto?"
Naruto: "Orochimaru, what the hell are you doing here?"
Orochimaru: "Stay calm, I'm on your side now. You see, I revived the former Hokages to tell Sasuke what he wanted to know, and now I'm following his side."
Naruto: "Then... Sasuke, you..."
Sasuke: "Stand up, Naruto. We have to protect what Itachi gave his life for."

(Naruto is shown standing up alongside Sasuke and Sakura.)

Minato: "Naruto, I have a present for you, I think you can handle it now."
Kurama: "Fourth Hokage, could this be... Yeah, it is my Yin chakra."

(Naruto activates new Bijuu Mode, with Kurama's full chakra.)

Hashirama: "Yo, Madara! Old friend, I'm sorry to say this, but I have to defeat you yet again!"
Madara: "I'm a bit stronger than the last time, HASHIRAMA!"
Naruto: "Madara, it's time to end this, you'll pay for everything you did!"

(Team 7, Taka, Orochimaru, Edo Hokages and the remainder of the Ninja Alliance prepare to face Madara and Juubi, which is about to reach it's final form.)