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    The 6th Great Ninja War XXXVI

    The 6th Great Ninja War

    Chapter XXXVI: Dust and Rocks

    Fun Fact: Did you know that Nexus is actually my favorite character in my Fan Ficiton? After that, my next two favorite characters are Caliburn and Izuna. Just thought you all might enjoy that fun fact before the chapter begins. Anyway, commence the epic battle of the monsters!

    Bishamon and Nexus glared at one another intently, focusing their attention solely on the other. Nexus maintained his devilish grin, which kept Bishamon feeling uneasy. The remaining apprentices, upon Bishamon’s request, began to step backward, still facing Nexus as they could not bring themselves to turn their backs against the vile man that stood before them. They could not, however, leave Bishamon’s protection, for they felt there existed no path through which they could safely escape Nexus’ presence.

    Bishamon: *tentatively* What are you waiting for? Get out of here…before you all die…

    Nexus: *with intrigue* If the lackeys are a nuisance, then allow me to take care of them.

    Nexus quickly lifted his arm, aiming it at one of Bishamon’s apprentices, and within an instant, a mass of blood erupted from the apprentice’s torso as what seemed to be a completely invisible but powerful force struck him. Bishamon and the other apprentices were immediately taken aback, and Nexus proceeded to repeat the same action on another apprentices, resulting in the latter’s swift death. Bishamon frantically flung a wave of shuriken and kunai at Nexus, but as the weapons came close to striking their target, Nexus vanished, resulting in black smoke dispersing from where he stood. When Nexus reappeared next to another apprentice, his fingers sliced through the unfortunate shinobi’s neck, killing him. Bishamon, in panic, yelled for Nexus to stop, but the former Tsuchikage’s spree continued as he rapidly disappeared and reappeared in a characteristic burst of black misty smoke, preventing the apprentices from being able to react. At last, only one apprentice remained and Nexus appeared beside him with his arm in position to sink his fingers into the apprentice’s neck when suddenly, a very strong arm met Nexus’ face and sent the black-haired shinobi crashing into the wall on the other side of the room at least 100 meters away. The last apprentice was surprised to see Bishamon standing next to him, protecting him, having sent Nexus flying into the wall with his incredible raw strength.

    Bishamon: Stay alert!

    Apprentice: *flinches* Yes, Master!

    Nexus, still in the hole made in the wall by the force of his impact, sat quietly, thinking to himself.

    Nexus: (What a hit. He’s got impressive strength, that’s for sure…but his speed isn’t very impressive…that will be my advantage in this battle. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, anyway)

    In that instant, Nexus charged out of the hole in the wall, flying toward Bishamon and the lone apprentice, and again he attempted the same invisible attack that had killed several of the newly deceased apprentices on Bishamon, but as Bishamon entered a defense position with his arms blocking in an X-shape as the force hit him, Bishamon remained on his feet and relatively uninjured. The resulting force shattered much of the rock beneath Bishamon and made a small crater—around 2 feet deep. Nexus was shocked and slightly amused at this sight.

    Nexus: Incredible. That same attack split your apprentices in two. You are the first to ever withstand it to such extent.

    Bishamon ignored Nexus’s words and promptly flung several shuriken at him before forming several hand seals rapidly.

    Bishamon: Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique

    Just as Bishamon completed the technique, the shuriken he had thrown multiplied into an endless barrage of at least a thousand shuriken, and before Nexus reacted, Bishamon followed up by placing his hands on the ground for another technique.

    Bishamon: Earth Release: Hidden Wall Traps.

    As Bishamon performed this technique, several large shards of earth came out of the walls and flew toward Nexus, who had now been surrounded by incoming projectiles. Because he could not change direction in midair, Nexus quickly curled into a ball and an opaque white sphere covered him, deflecting every projectile sent at him, as he intentionally crashed into the ground below. Bishamon and his apprentice leaped backwards to put distance between themselves and Nexus. After a few moments, Nexus stepped out of the small crater and rubble, created amidst hundreds of ninja tools and broken rock fragments, completely unscathed. He was brushing the dust off of his clothing, paying little attention to Bishamon as he did.

    Nexus: *sigh* I probably had that coming, huh? *pauses* You know, you’re pretty rude. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that it is common courtesy to answer back when someone addresses you? My mother did…of course, that was before I strangled her for not listening to me when I told her she was a harlot.

    Bishamon: ………

    Nexus: *sigh* It’s okay to laugh. I find it hilarious……well, you don’t seem to have a knack for jokes. So serious...very well, then. Sen'ei Tajashu!!!

    As Nexus extended his hand, multiple black snakes came forth from his sleeve. Bishamon’s expression became more focused and stern, and he quickly turned around to jab his fingers into his apprentice’s gut, shocking him.

    Bishamon: There’s no need to keep you here any longer. Go home…

    Apprentice: Master! Wait, I…

    At that moment, Bishamon pushed his apprentice forward and the latter was thrust through a grey portal-like vortex that immediately closed once the apprentice disappeared. The snakes were still approaching fast, so Bishamon turned again with his right arm held out with a fist, multiple segments of rock gathering about his arm as he did to form what appeared to be an arm of earth, and smacked aside many of the snakes just as they reached him. To the rest, Bishamon grabbed a handful with his left hand and thrust his right palm, covered in earth, down on them, killing them. Just as suddenly, however, in a quick burst of black smoke, Nexus appeared behind Bishamon within a hundredth of a second and attempted to strike Bishamon with his fingers extended in a piercing motion. Bishamon, however, immediately reacted by grabbing Nexus’ wrist and throwing him forward a few feet, but was followed by Nexus’ immediate counterattack of the invisible force that he had used prior. Bishamon blocked successfully and leaped backward to create distance between himself and Nexus.

    Bishamon: You use some interesting techniques. And you’re exceptionally fast.

    Nexus: Impressive, isn’t it? It’s a form of teleportation that only I have been able to use. You see, I have very special chakra—a kind that is rarely ever seen over the course of several hundred years. But, I must say that I am rather impressed that you, the Earth Sage, were capable of using such a high-level space-time transfer technique. Who would’ve thought it so?

    Bishamon: There are a great many things you do not know about me.

    As Bishamon said this, he removed the top half of his robe, revealing his defined and strong physique, especially for a man of his supposed age.

    Nexus: Sorry, I’m not sure if I should be impressed or not. As it stands, you and I both recognize that you possess incredible physical strength. There's no need to remove your clothes. Even still, your speed is simply not up to par with my own. At this rate, I will end up outlasting you. After all, how can one such as yourself ever hope to catch me…

    Bishamon: You sure are talkative…Nexus

    In that instant, as Nexus blinked, Bishamon left foot stepped on the ground just inches in front of Nexus, and Bishamon, with his right hand in the shape of a paw, struck Nexus, casting him violently through the wall of the room and into the streets of the palace district, out of sight, while knocking over several buildings in the process.

    Bishamon: Monkey Paw Thrust.

    After taking a deep breath, Bishamon began to approach the hole made by his attack to confront Nexus. As he proceeded, he began to notice something, and as it became increasingly apparent what the approaching object was, he promptly leaped aside in evasion just as a large, transparent cylindrical shape with a sphere in the middle bolted through the line of sight from where Nexus was, reducing everything in its path to dust. Bishamon stared, awestruck, for several moments until Nexus came shambling through the hole and back into the room.

    Bishamon: Just now…that was…Jinton (Dust Release).

    Nexus: Right you are. *smirks*

    Bishamon: But how? The last Jinton user was Onoki, and its secrets died many years ago along with him. How do you possess the ability to use Jinton?!

    Nexus: Ironic, isn’t it? Even with your timeless age and wisdom, being older than the formation of the Five Great Nations themselves, there are still a great many things about me which you do not know.

    Bishamon: If you are truly a Jinton user…then I must kill you no matter what.

    Bishamon quickly formed a serpent seal, creating a prison of rocks around Nexus, but the latter, annoyed by the interruption, proceeded to immediately tear the rocks apart by scraping his fingers against the surface of the rocks, and as the prison crumbled, Bishamon could notice what seemed to be powerful strands of primarily red electricity stemming from Nexus’ fingertips.

    Nexus: *grimly* I’ve had enough of your Earth Style.

    In one swift, killing motion, Nexus thrust his fingers toward Bishamon, unleashing a devastating yet magnificent and somewhat ostentatious bolt of red lightning that pierced Bishamon on the right side of his chest while critically electrocuting him till he fell to his knees.

    Nexus: You must kill me no matter what? Your talk is cheap. Let me ask you, Bishamon Sarutobi, did you remember to factor in the Edo Tensei? Though Izuna may be dead, the technique still lives on.

    Bishamon: *shocked*

    Nexus: *laughs* Rest easy. Izuna made sure not to give me indefinite regeneration capabilities. I suppose he felt I was too dangerous to allow to live eternally. Such a shame, really.

    Bishamon: That’s a relief. *pant* So I can kill you after all.

    Nexus: Enough talk. *lifts hand up* It’s time I put this bolt through your skull.

    In response, Bishamon threw his hands up, and with him a large amount of dust and debris rose up, forming somewhat of a smokescreen around the room, allowing him to barely avoid Nexus’ next strike. Nexus charged his lightning in the fingertips of his index and middle fingers on both hands and carefully searched for Bishamon. However, he could not sense his chakra any longer, as Bishamon was carefully masking it. Quietly but quickly, a large slab of earth flew towards Nexus, but he was able to notice the threat and shatter the slab of rock just as it was about to strike him from behind. As Nexus completely vaporized the rock, bolts of lightning were emitted from his fingertips, prompting him to recharge his attack. Nexus then noticed Bishamon’s chakra and turned his attention to his left, above his line of sight by approximately 60 degrees. As he charged his attack, he noticed a luminous reddish color advancing toward him, but regardless, he fired his massive bolt of lightning, his entire body teeming with the energy of the electricity he produced in such a large capacity that the entire dust screen was blown away. Nexus’ lightning bolt clashed with a stream of lava, but neither attack seemed to overpower the other until Nexus’ bolt finally ripped through Bishamon’s lava and headed toward him while the rest of the lava splashed upon the ground around Nexus, prompting the latter to roll to the side. Bishamon, too, easily avoided Nexus’ lightning attack by tilting his head and part of his body to the side. Bishamon then continued to form a few hand seals as Nexus stood up, prepared to charge his next attack; Nexus was quickly interrupted by a searing burning sensation his feet that caused him to nearly fall over until he jumped up long enough to form a platform of earth for him to safely land on. Nexus instantly noticed the ground turning to what appeared to be lava.

    Bishamon: Magma Release: Rock to Lava.

    Nexus: So, this is Magma Release, huh? Impressive. Had I been a second late in reacting, my feet would have been reduced to charcoal. How long do you plan on staying on that wall up there, Bishamon?

    Bishamon: *forms one handseal* Earth Release: Compression

    As Bishamon said this, Nexus’ small platform of earth collapsed without warning, but Nexus managed to teleport himself onto the wall on the opposite side of the room from Bishamon before falling into the lava. Nexus looked up to sneer at Bishamon but was immediately tackled off the wall by an oncoming shadow clone. Despite this, Nexus managed to overpower the shadow clone and throw him into the lava, using him as a platform as he landed and cooled the area which he stood on with a stream of pressurized air from his mouth.

    Nexus: You’re beginning to bore me, Bishamon.

    Bishamon smirked and formed a single, one-handed seal with his right hand.

    Bishamon: You talk too much, Nexus…Yoton: Konohanasakuya-hime no Kyuushuu (Lava Release: Revenge of the Cherry Blossom Goddess)

    Nexus squinted, trying to figure out what Bishamon was planning, yet he suddenly turned his attention to the ground around him, and before he could react, all of the lava in the area violently erupted, discharging in an array of explosive waves of lava that converged upon Nexus, yielding a horrific scream from him, all while almost completely destroying the walls of the room along with nearly a third of the massive palace. The effects of the technique could be felt throughout the palace district, and Kirabi and the group also took notice of the technique. Nexus continued to flail around, lava still covering much of his body.

    Nexus: GAHHHHHHHH!!!! Great Water Trumpet!

    At last, Nexus spewed a significant amount of water from his mouth, aiming around him randomly in an attempt to cool the lava. The splashes from the water off the ground managed to soak his entire being and eventually cool the lava around him, resulting in a screen of steam surrounding Nexus. Nexus finally stood, panting and severely burned. Bishamon landed about 15 meters in front of Nexus and watched him carefully, smiling subtly as he did. Nexus spitefully berated him.

    Nexus: Damn you!!! Damn you!!!! Mark my words! I will tear off your head and spit on your corpse!!!! I swear……I—

    Nexus’ look became blank and his vision rapidly blurred. In an instant, he collapsed to his knees before falling flat on his face. Bishamon waved his hand and the smoke screen around Nexus cleared and Bishamon calmly approached him.

    Bishamon: You see, Nexus, my magma release is particularly special. When it is rapidly cooled, it releases a very potent toxin along with the vapor that penetrates the body rather quickly. Being exposed to those gases at such close proximity is…dangerous, to say the least. You can hardly understand what I’m saying right now, can you? I’d say you have maybe a few minutes to live……farewell Nexus. You were an interesting opponent.

    Bishamon looked solemnly at Nexus, saluting him before turning his back to the former Tsuchikage victoriously…

    Suddenly, however, Bishamon felt a piercing sensation, only to look down and see an elegant silver blade, covered in his blood, thrust through his chest. Bishamon’s eyes widened and he cringed in pain. Behind him was Nexus, who lay on the floor with his body halfway out of cast of skin that appeared to be very similar to Nexus’ own skin. Nexus’s mouth hung open, with a snake holding a blade in its mouth coming out of Nexus’ own mouth and into Bishamon’s chest. Nexus pulled himself back, drawing the blade from Bishamon’s chest before completely puking the blade out of his mouth and grabbing it tightly with his right hand. Bishamon turned frantically, preparing to retaliate, but was subsequently met with a slash across his chest, causing his blood to spew onto the ground. Bishamon fell to his knee, grasping his wounds. Nexus stood before him, completely unscathed.

    Bishamon: *pant* Oral Rebirth…that was dirty… *pant*

    Nexus: Looks like you’re in the know. It’s a shame I missed your heart by a mere few centimeters. Now I’ll have to make this a lot more painful for you.

    Nexus raised his sword above Bishamon, preparing to strike, yet before he could, Bishamon pressed his left palm to the ground, creating a cloud of white smoke from nowhere.

    Bishamon: Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summon Technique)!

    In an instant, Monkey King Enma appeared and struck Nexus violently with his fist, sending the latter crashing violently into the remnants of the wall of the room. Nexus, however, remained unharmed and stood slowly, dusting himself off.

    Enma: Bisha!! What’s going…*in shock* You’re injured!

    Bishamon: What gave it away?

    Enma: What happened?

    Bishamon: I don’t have time to explain. Just trap him for a moment. I’m going to prepare the summoning.

    Enma: Summoning? You don’t mean…*eyes widen*……… Then I won’t waste any time.

    Bishamon began to cover his thumb in blood and draw complex patterns with it. Enma threw himself at Nexus, transforming into a Vajra Nyoi as he did, and he also suddenly multiplied, creating a prison around Nexus before the latter could escape. Nexus looked around uneasily, but he quickly calmed and took a deep breath.

    Nexus: It would seem I’ve been caught. *rolls eyes*

    Enma: And you won’t soon be escaping from here, either. This prison is made of the toughest material known! Not even the Third Raikage was able pierce it.

    Nexus: *raises eyebrows* Really now? That’s quite a feat. What say we test the hardness of this prison, then? My sword of Kusanagi against this infernal prison.

    Enma gasped, shuddering at the mention of the word “Kusanagi.” Nexus approached the precipices of the prison, drawing his Kusanagi longsword from his mouth before swiping indifferently at the nyoi prison, much to Enma’s surprise, completely slicing through the bars of the prison as if it were mere child’s play. Within moments, Nexus had created an opening for him to escape, and he calmly approached Bishamon without another word. Then, just as quickly, the prison went up in smoke, and Enma returned to his normal state, charging at Nexus from behind.

    Nexus:*sigh* You should have stayed back.

    Nexus, in a brief, graceful spinning motion, cleaved his sword through Enma’s torso before the latter could strike. As a surplus amount of blood dripped to the ground Nexus punched Enma and the monkey king fell on his back. Nexus focused his attention on the monkey king, pointing his blade at his heart and shallowly piercing it, causing Enma to cringe in pain and fear.

    Nexus: Why so gloomy? You know what they say: Roll with the punches.

    Bishamon: Enma!!! I am finished.

    Nexus ignored Bishamon and quickly pierced Enma’s heart, or so he thought, for Enma had disappeared, leaving Nexus’ blade in the ground over a small splatter of blood. He then turned to his main adversary, Bishamon, noticing that Bishamon now had several lined markings in blood on his arms and face. Bishamon stared directly at Nexus and spoke with intensity.

    Bishamon: Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Jutsu)


    In an alternate section of the palace, a significant portion of the walls had been removed and a green fire burned throughout patches of the battlefield with bone protrusions rising from underground. On one of the protrusions was the Kazekage, who was being impaled by a large bone fern through his chest. The Mizukage was hanging from part of the dome-shaped ceiling by a plot of bone spikes protruding from the stone and marble ceiling, several bone spikes lodged in his torso and pelvic area. There was relative silence, aside from the restrained breathing of the heavily weakened Kages.

    Naruto..: Dammit…you missed that last time…

    TenzoX: I told you to…rework the plan. Idiot…

    Suddenly, from the ground, Goro rose up, merged partially with the floor, and gazed at the Kages with a less-than-impressed visage. He had a few bruises, a small cut on his cheek which had stopped bleeding several minutes ago, and some dirt on his face and hands. He promptly patted himself to get rid of the debris clinging to his body.

    Goro: Yo. How many times is that now? 7? 8? 15? I’ve lost count. I was never too good with math, you see.

    TenzoX: What the hell is this guy? Why does he keep smiling…is he not taking this seriously?

    Goro: Alright then. I suppose I’ll let you choose how you guys would like to *makes quotations with fingers* “die” next. It’s only fair. I’d like to suggest atomization again. That’s always fun.

    Naruto..: Edo Tensei…what a horrible technique…a fate worse than death. I can’t believe…I got caught in the middle of this…crap.

    Goro snapped his fingers as an idea struck him. He quickly ran down the corridor into one of the other rooms in the palace and returned just as promptly with a teapot in hand.

    TenzoX: What is that?

    Goro immediately weaved a chain of hand seals, keeping the teapot handle carefully between his teeth as he did.

    Goro: I can’t kill you permanently. With Izuna dead, none of you Edo Tensei ninja can be killed. So, I figure I’ll just seal you in this little pot. I’ll admit, I’m not as good at this sealing stuff as Hiruzen, but I get by. I hope you two enjoy each other’s company…because you two will be seeing a lot of each other in the coming centuries.

    Naruto..: What’re you…don’t!!

    Goro: Fuuinjutsu: Tīpotto Fūin (Sealing Jutsu: Teapot Seal)

    A circular seal appeared on the undead Kages and the teapot simultaneously, and just as quickly their spirits and bodies were sucked into the teapot and promptly covered by Goro. A thin, purple barrier formed around the teapot as well, solidifying the seal, and Goro set the pot down before bidding the Kages farewell. Goro walked off in the direction of the center of the palace, whistling as he did.

    Goro: What a bunch scrubs. I guess they’ll make anyone a Kage these days.


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    Re: The 6th Great Ninja War XXXVI

    ..... *cries* Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Nexus and Bisha fight man... so nice.
    *waits for a return part in the Manga for me. *

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    Re: The 6th Great Ninja War XXXVI

    Goro with the teacup xD

    You made nexus too strong lol. Dust + Kinjutsu and shiz

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    Re: The 6th Great Ninja War XXXVI

    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
    ..... *cries* Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Nexus and Bisha fight man... so nice.
    *waits for a return part in the Manga for me. *
    *hands you a handkerchief*

    Thanks Daemon

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord of Kaos View Post
    Goro with the teacup xD

    You made nexus too strong lol. Dust + Kinjutsu and shiz
    Nexus is special, of course. That's been hinted at since his appearance (hence why...wait a minute...I almost gave out a spoiler).

    No such thing as "too strong" >_>'

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    Re: The 6th Great Ninja War XXXVI

    Amazing job!
    Beautiful work^^


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    Re: The 6th Great Ninja War XXXVI

    My god ROKU this is awesome I want to be in one of these

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    Re: The 6th Great Ninja War XXXVI

    I must say this is very well written, despite the "wally" I didnt get bored, I was rather entertained. I wish i could read the previous chapters, but school prevents me >.<

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    Re: The 6th Great Ninja War XXXVI

    i really hope you have something special for me and not just be a supporting badass xD

    but on a serious note, good chapter once again

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