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    Cj training

    *sits and waits*

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    Re: Cj training

    Lol, wassup with the Sylar Avy?
    Ototon: Anata No Komaku O Fukitobasu (Sound Release: Blowing Your Eardrum)
    Type: Supplementary/Defense
    Rank: Forbidden
    Range: Short
    Chakra: 50
    Damage: (Enough Pain to cause bleeding and get out of S Ranked Genjutsu)
    Description: The user, when placed under a Genjutsu, commits the ultimate sacrifice a sound user could and charges Sound Chakra into both of their eardrums. With a forceful push, they cause their eardrums to pop extremely loud, instantly releasing them from the Genjutsu. The pain caused by this leaves the user feeling rather unbalanced, however the constant residual pain in their ears allows them to become resistant to Genjutsu. The hearing of the opponent will be gone throughout the remainder of the battle, however the feeling of unbalance lessens as the battle draws on.
    Note: Can only be used once per battle.
    Note: Causes 50 damage user
    Note: No Sound jutsu above A Ranked for 3 turns.

    Not a difficult technique to perform, but one that causes extreme pain as a result. I basically made this technique as a failsafe against the Lili, Scorps, and Reborns. lol. Got tired of full body surges and handseals as a means to get out of Genjutsu and wanted to concentrate on preventing further genjutsu from being used on me by keeping me in constant pain, rendering all further genjutsu useless.

    Basically I want you to channel Sound chakra into your ears. Then I want you to explode the chakra, thus blowing your eardrums causing pain to snap you out of the genjtusu.

    Puts you in Bringer of Darkness Genjutsu.

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