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    Curosity & Wondering Why?

    WHy when someone post something

    people either correct their thread like madness or many mistake?

    ( at least you get the feeling what they saying )

    why these days people make threads

    other make a comment about something else or just offend the person who made the thread

    ( I mean why Do that for? )

    Aren't we all fan of Naruto the anime Shippuuden

    not drama correcting English grammer character anime freaks random... There's so much I can't say it all

    Just saying Okay and if you reply with anger or something in-appropriate I can see this little tiny thread made you go at it with temper or plain stupid Bad Human Behavior

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    Re: Curosity & Wondering Why?

    Well, if I understood correctly, you're talking about people who insult others, only because they made a grammar mistake. Some of these are called grammar nazis, and they will want to kill you if you make any mistake. For them, if you write something incorrectly, you are worse than hittler. But some people are not nazi, they're just correcting something that is wrong and "harmed" the comprehension. Your text for example, I could barely understand this. When the writing of the person makes the text hard to understand, I agree with correcting the person, but there is no reason for insulting. People should respect each other more.

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